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Arlington Bay - Update:"Along Airport-Expressway"

Started by ManuelR, November 11, 2009, 02:26:06 PM

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"Arlington Bay" is a metropolitan area of many cities and smaller communities around the bay of Arlington. Arlington Bay is located on the north-western coast on the American continent. The cities are connected mostly by a dense highway-network, and the railroad-network is very poor developped. Only in very dense areas you will find some subway lines and a small bus-network. But even with extensive highway-network, Arlington Bay Area's mayors still face serious congestion problems, especially during the rush hour of weekdays. The "Arlington Bay International Airport", located in the suburbs of Arlington and Mesa, is furthermore a big traffic hub on the north-western coast.
Besides Arlington Bay is famous for it's beautiful white sand beaches and its multi-variant flora and fauna.


               Arms:                                        Terrain:   

Largest city:             Arlington
Official languages:      English
Governments:            parliamentary democracy (all communities)
Area:                       approximately 2500 square kilometer
Population:               1.521.000 (2009 census)
HDI:                        0.91 (2009)


Ok lets take a look at some first pictures now... :)

more coming soon...


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Great start! Can't wait to see more from your region, so far downtown is looking wonderful!
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Nice start, although ...

Quoteand the railroad-network is very poor developped

... makes me a bit sad even even though [provocation] this is a bit typical for countries outside the civilized world ... [/provocation]  :D

Take care my friend!

Bernhard  :thumbsup:


Good start, and I like that region terrain thumbnail picture.

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Good start, very different from your previous MD.  ::)
I am delighted to see the continuation.


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Adrian, I miss you man.

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I'll say more: very great start! &apls

Guillaume :thumbsup:
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A great start !!!  &apls

And it's fun to see those largest building in the region of "Bassin d'Arcachon"  :D (it's a very touristic french lagoon near Bordeaux, where I'm living  $%Grinno$%)


Love it! Very nice start!


Great start, your urban area is looking quite fantastic!


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Welcome back to the MD world, Manuel my friend ! Bon retour ici !  :D

I like very much what you're doing here. With first, an awesome start, but also, on the city you've shown there. Also the region you choose to develop on is very nice, and will fit perfectly with the general ambiance of the cities. But, is your region American styled or more European ?
The mix of modern skyscrapers and old art-deco styled building is really well done. The plazas around the city are well modeled and make the city good looking, and, make the city more alive and pleasant. Look like a city where we want to live in !
Take care,
-Arthur.  :thumbsup:
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A new city of ManuelR, is a good news. :thumbsup:
Your city is really nice, I like this American style.
The  second and third pictures are just splendid.



Bobbi, SeanSC4, io_bg, sumwonyuno, Delecto, joelyboy911, Driftmaster07, Tomas Neto, Sciurus, Glowbal, battlecat, warconstruct, Earth quake: Thank you all very much for the comment.
Nardo: Hehe you're right, I hope I didn't lose you as a reader already ;) :P.
Yan077: Thanks, I've been near Bassin d'Arcachon once some years ago, and it's a beautiful region. Funnily you can use this great map also as a map with metropolitan area. :)
art128: Thanks my friend. :) Arlington Bay is pretty much american style, but as you can see, they got a better taste in the street-texture. ;) :D


Some more pictures of downtown Arlington and it's poorer quarters also.


thanks for watching

Tomas Neto

Nice city, fantastic update again! :thumbsup:


Very nice work on your MD, Arlington is looking like a very densely populated city, also nice to have the map as a reference as a starter.