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Cascadia: A Light in the Pacific (Mar. 1, 2012)

Started by canyonjumper, December 12, 2009, 02:33:35 PM

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Awesome work canyonjumper! And congrats on 500 comments!  &dance


Awesome update. I love how the roads work with the terrain so beautifully. And those fact cards look really awesome.



Another great update, CanyonJumper! Abbotsford looks nice and realistic. You obviously spent a lot of time on detail in this update and it definitely shows. Awesome job! &apls I'd also like to compliment you on your fact cards. They came out looking great! :thumbsup: And about your map, I think that the mistake is that you made Libya and Cascadia the same color green. Other than that, though, your map came out really good! :) Can't wait for your next update!

Sorry for your loss. I hope that the month of May treats you well and things get better soon.

Edit: And congratulations on 500+ Replies! For you, a dancing pink elephant &dance and an exploding green guy? &hlp


WOW canyonJumper you did a great job, Keep up with this great MD  &apls &apls

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You have done a lot of work with your world map en the cards. It looks great, and congratulations on reaching the classics section.


Congratulations my friend. 
All of your hard work has finally paid off and it gives me great pleasre to move your MD to The Classics section.

Congrats from myself and The SC4D Staff!! &apls
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Some of the stuff I will be writing about is real, and most of it isn't. In order to properly convey the feelings and the emotions of the characters, some coarse language will be used, and graphic scenes described, but not shown. Some details will offend some readers, and I just want to say now that I don't mean to be offensive, and I apologize in advance if you are.

There are some days that you can't forget, you know? Something so devastating, so horrific that everyone remembers where they were when they heard about it. December 7th, 1941. January 28th, 1986. September 11th, 2001. Now, everyone remembers May 5th, 2005.

Chapter One: Kendrick Martins
Chapter Two: 3:02 PM
Chapter Three

0300 (PST) Friday, January 7, 2005.
Seattle, Pacifica, Cascadia.
A warehouse in the Waterfront district.

"Hurry up you idiot, my hands are freezing!" The first man rubbed his hands together in an effort to evade the cold, biting wind.
"Almost done, you impatient ass." The second man pulled his hands away from a device on the door handle.
"Be nice, be nice, we don't want to screw this up, not like last time, now do we?" The third man, stood back, watching the second man at work. The first man pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, but before he could light up, the third man took them and shoved them back in his pockets.
"Not now! We could be seen!"
"Sorry, sorry, I wasn't think-"
"That was obvious. Now shut up, let Jodie finish his work." Mark took his hands out of his companions pockets and pulled out a cellphone.
"I thought we weren't allowed to bring anything trackable? You said-" Jack was cut off as Mark covered his mouth. A muffled banging was coming from a side door a few metres down the outside of the wall. Mark stared at it, and slowly removed his hands from Jack's mouth after a silent glare to stay quiet. The banging stopped, and Mark relaxed.
"Done." Jodie whispered.
"Good, now we can get in the warmth." Jack stepped forward, and tentatively opened the door. No alarm sounded. They were in.

A long hallway stretched out before them. A barred door stood at the end, black and yellow stripes marked the door. Mark edged forward, and pulled out a penlight and aimed it at the closest door.
Jack whispered, "Stefan told me it was the seventh door on the left."
All three men slowly walked forward, peering inside the doors as the passed. They passed a few offices, a lab of sorts, and storage units. When they reached the seventh door, they found that the window had been blocked from the inside.
"Bingo! Now, Jodie, work your magic! Jack, keep going, see what else you can find."

Jack crept forward, slowly peering into the windows as he went by. The last door in the corridor was unlocked. Jack slowly opened it, and peered into the room-.
"Jack! Get over here! I think I found it!" Mark called. Jack spun around, and quickly walked into the room. Mark and Jodie were staring at a pile of papers, all stamped with the Seal of the Office of the President of the United States. Jack picked them up, ruffled through the stack.
"Nah, this isn't it. Keep looking, I think I saw something interesting in this other room." Jack strode out of the room, and walked cautiously into the last room in the hall. The room was filled with explosives, all wired to a central device. And all Jack could see was the flashing red timer saying he had 19 seconds to live.
"Guys, run! Go, go, go! Screw the paper! Run! BOMB!"
All three men sprinted to the exit, and Jack just kept running, and running. He was so focussed on outrunning the blast wave, that he hardly noticed as it knocked him off his feet and  threw him head first into Puget Sound. The last thing he thought was, "That bastard betrayed us."

3:00 PM (PST) Tuesday, September 11, 2001.
Vancouver, Fraser District, Cascadia
Gladstone Secondary School

The news of the attacks in the States had spread quickly. All my friends were huddled around a TV in the student lounge, and many were stone-faced, staring straight ahead. I myself was horrified at the damage the planes had inflicted on a well-known landmark of what many of us thought to be the most famous city on the world. Most of the girls were grouped around each other, tears staining their faces, sobbing loudly at the footage that was being replayed. I stayed towards the back of the room, not wanting to see the destruction that was happening. My best friend, Kendrick Martins walked in the room, and I talked with him a bit. He had a grim look on his face, and his fists were clenched when the entire time we spoke.

My girlfriend came in a few minutes after Kendrick did, and I held her close, and after a few minutes, we both left the room. Walking the few blocks to our SkyTrain station, she stayed silent, until we passed an electronics store, which was playing the newscast on several screens. She burst into tears, and I comforted her as we got on the train. A few minutes later, and with a teary kiss goodbye, I left her, and continued my walk home.

Thoughts fought in my head, some of hatred for the hijackers who had so carelessly killed hundreds just to get a point across, some for the people on board who knew they weren't going home. Other thoughts went to the faces of people in the offices in the Trade Center who faced the planes as they flew towards them. When I got home, I went into my room and locked the door, grabbed my music and just lay on my bed, listening, trying to clear my head of everything.


10:00 PM (PST) Wednesday, September 12, 2001.
Vancouver, Fraser District, Cascadia

I spent the day downtown, walking around aimlessly, no destination in mind. School was closed, I guess the district didn't want to send the wrong message. I ended up in Gastown around ten o'clock, so I took a seat at a small café overlooking Water Street. The street was quiet, until around eleven, when a large group of people appeared on the Abbot Street intersection, and proceeded in my direction. I got up from my table, and watched the group coming closer. I started to hear yelling, and raucous laughter, and I saw someone grab a cobblestone from the street and throw it into a store window.

The blaring alarm seemed to halt the crowd, which I gathered was over a hundred people, but they promptly started moving again. I could see that some of them had baseball bats, some planks of wood. Some, like the other guy, were holding cobblestones, which I guessed had been torn up from the street too. I started to back away, as I didn't want to be anywhere nearby when the mob started getting violent. I went into the nearest building, and I took the stairs to the third floor. The end of the hallway overlooked the street, and I could see what was happening. At first the mob was calmer, but a few of them, the drunk ones I thought, had this fevered look in their eyes. When the police arrived, at least 3 dozen all in full riot gear, the mob yelled, and demanded that the cops move out of the way. The police responded by forming a 2 person thick line across Water Street, riot shields held in front of them.

A shot rang out. A scream. A suspenseful silence. Then the yells, the sound of footsteps echoing off the buildings, the screams, the cries of pain. I turned away, and I heard a second gunshot. Then a third and a fourth. Screams, yells of shock and bewilderment. I turned around, and saw that two cops lay on the ground, and several of the mob were motionless. A ring of people stood around a sixth figure on the ground. It was Kendrick.

Holy... Wow guys, thanks for all the comments! I guess you all liked Abbotsford ;D


sepen77: The lots you're looking at aren't actually FLuPs. They're a set by buddybud that converts road traffic to subway. And thanks for saying I'm awe-inspiring, I try really hard to make my updates interesting to read and look at ;D

Greg (Towncrafter / greckman): Actually, the trash is part of the game, and the only reason it's still there is because I was lazy :P So I made up a reason for the trash and for the lack of automata. Two birds with one stone :)

Josh (Cheeseguy 93): Thanks Josh, glad you like it!

Marshall (marsh): Thanks marsh, hope Gansbaai makes it to the Classics soon, it only needs 4 posts ;D

Kristian (AcoG000):


Alex (Exla357): Thanks Alex, I'm glad you liked the update. I've already answered your questions in this post :thumbsup:

Kevin (Kevin1a): Thanks for trying to answer Alex's question. I'm glad people are still enjoying the FLuPs, and it's a good thing too, 'cause I still have FLuP fever :P

Matt (MattyFo):Thanks Matt. I've already replied to your question and the alleged fail in this post :thumbsup:

Noah (noahclem): Thanks Noah. I hadn't actually intended the SimFox buildings to be like that, my mouse spazzed when I plopped the first one and plopped the second one too, and I just decided to leave it :P

Raphael (RickD): Thanks Rick, glad you think so ;D

Battlecat: Thanks Battlecat, I could do a card for Adara if you like :) And I don't think I congratulated you on your N.U.T.s membership ;D

Ernst (peter007):Thanks Ernst, I'm happy you liked it!

i_love_lamp: lol, I didn't even notice, sneaky little 'h' :P Thanks for mentioning it.

Jordan (canyonjumper): Look, it's me ;D

Ricardo (ricardomiranda): Thanks Ricardo, I'm glad you liked it :)

bat: Thanks bat, always glad to impress a legend :P

Greg (greckman / Towncrafter): Actually, the trash is part of the game, and the only reason it's still there is because I was lazy :P So I made up a reason for the trash and for the lack of automata. Two birds with one stone :)

supremec: Thanks for the comment ;D

Alex (Exla357) [2]: Hello again :) Your welcome, enjoy!

Tomas (Tomas Neto): Thanks my friend! Always awesome to have the mosaic master comment ;D

Utvaw: Thanks for the compliment, I'm glad you liked it! :)

Felix (riiga): Thanks for pushing me over the edge into the Classics!

Marshall (marsh): Thanks marsh! Hard work does pay off ;D

Nego: Gah, the same colour, really? I didn't even notice... Thanks for the elephant and the exploding green guy, really lightened up my day ;D

kelis: Thanks! I sure plan on it ;D Good luck with your new one too, it looks great!

Gjermund (kwakelaar): Thanks Gjermund!

Robin (rooker1): Thanks! Just in time too, I was about to post when I saw you'd posted ;D


Look! A bonus map!


Hope you guys liked (or at least found interesting) the start of the narrative. If you have anything to say, just a comment on the writing, or the style, feel free to PM me about it. Thanks for reading this update, and I appreciate all your comments last update, I think you guys broke Cascadia's record :P Let's try and break it again shall we? ;D

                     Your friend,
                                      Jordan :thumbsup:
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Nice map you got there :thumbsup: You are a great storyteller, I am waiting eagerly for the next update.

All the best,

Tomas Neto


Drawing this map must've taken a lot of time! And congrats on making in to the Classics! &apls
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Kristian (AcoG000): Glad you liked it ;D You'll have to wait until the next update for a new chapter though, I've just been so busy lately.

sepen77: Thanks!


Ernst (peter007): Thanks Ernst!

Alex (Exla357):You'll have to wait a bit for the next chapter unfortunately :(

Tomas (Tomas Neto): Thanks Tomas, my friend!

Ioan (io_bg): Actually, not a whole lot of time was taken making the map, I've gotten rather quick at drawing North America ;D And thanks!

Well, hello again people! I know it's been a month since the last Cascadia update, and I had a long weekend, so I had some time to spare ;D I'm sorry for the long wait (again :P ) and I know you guys keep hearing it but I truly am sorry. My school year has entered the one month left line, so I'm in panic mode, trying to get all my assignments done so I don't get zeroes (though I'm standing at 90+% in all my classes ;D ) Plus, I haven't been home a whole lot, I've been avoiding my family as they seem to have gotten a lot touchier and sensitive to comments. Thank god my girlfriend has a lot of free time too or I'd be bored out of my mind :P

And I may as well tell you guys this now, but I don't expect to be able to post another update for awhile, mostly because school work is coming to a close, but also because my mom decided to book our family vacation directly after school finishes on the 21st.

And not, enough of my talking (or writing, whatever floats your boat :P ), you guys are here to see new pics aren't you? Course you are, and I will provide them, eventually.... :P Nah, just kidding, here you go! Remember, click for full res!

Oh NAM, how I love your networks! New canal set I found just sitting in my parks menu, forgot who made it though. The bike lanes are back! I used them as a canalwalk this time around ;D

Townhouses and apartments..... yay...... At least they have a view :P

More townhouses. I really like this set, it reminds me of the complex I live in.

W2W section of Anmore. Should've used TLA-3 there instead of AVE-2 to make it more realistic. Ah well, it still looks great ;D

The RHW-6C acts as a barrier between urban Anmore and the rural community of Popkum. SPAM in action ;D

Mosaic numero uno runs from the W2W section of Anmore to the suburban community on the edge of the tile. Do you guys like that interchange? I thought it was kinda cool ;D

Mosaic nombre deux follows the canal all the way to the Popkum side of the tile, showing almost everything again.

I hope you guys enjoyed this late edition of Cascadia, it was fun working on and I tried some new things with this one. Please don't forget to leave a comment, just a quick 'Pure awesomeness' will do :P Until whenever,

                             Your friend,
                                              Jordan :thumbsup:
I'm the one who jumped across the Grand Canyon... and lived.


'Pure awesomeness'  ;D
I see trees and stuff inside the Ave-2... where'd you get that at? I love those canals, they're so gritty. And what is that red crop at the bottom of the second mosaic? I have SPAM and zone alot of farms, but I've never seen that before.
Great update, as always. Even though it'd be great to see more pictures of your cities, RL comes first, so I'll see more canyon pics when I see them... whenever that shall be.  ;D
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Anmore is a great looking city! Wonderful work with the canals and SPAM!
Looking forward to more... :)


Welcome back!

I must say, you have returned with style, showing your prowess with NAM as well as your city building skills.

Any update on the story?


I love those Japanese canals, the TuLEPs, RHW, & underpass lots!  &apls  Pure awesomeness  ;)



Great canals and fantastic work with your roads! You use the NAM so well  &apls


Really nice update, everything very neat and on the right places &apls

That canal set, if anyone knows where or what is its name...  ;)


'Pure awesomeness' is correct, as this was an awesome update! ::) Anmore looks awesome. Your interchange is not only awesome, but cleaver too. :thumbsup: What you did with SPAM came out looking awesome. &apls This is what people mean when they talk about 'pure awesomeness'. :P Can't wait until your next update (though take your time. You obviously have a lot on your plate).

P.S. Sorry for the overuse of the word "awesome", but you started it. :D Nah. Just kidding. But seriously...  $%Grinno$%