Pedestrian Mall (PedMall) Features

PedMall Tiles are essentially just like real Pedestrian Malls [though with some differences of course] & even have a Y.I.M.B.Y impact on immediate surroundings, reducing pollution & boosting desirability. PedMall Tiles allows for Commercial and Industrial development to occur/sustain, while only allowing Sims to use the PedMall Tiles to Walk on. In other words; no other form of transport is possible on PedMall Tiles, other than walking.

PedMall Tiles can NOT be used as a replacement for Street/Road/OneWayRoad/Avenue access for direct access to Residential Zones. Sims can however access PedMall Tiles directly from their homes (from their backyard for example), just not in front of their Residential Zoning Arrow. Residential zones must still have Street/Road/OneWayRoad/Avenue (with ‘Car’ access) at the front of their zoning arrow in order to develop - This particular characteristic is effectively controlled by the games’ EXE & can not be changed. Also; if Sims do not use the PedMall Tiles [i.e. no usage], &/or buildings lining PedMall Tiles do not have any commuters, then it will have to do with the set-up & how they’re being used &/or other factors. The PedMall Tiles work just fine, & carry Pedestrians just fine. If in doubt, please experiment.

Using PedMall Tiles ‘in place of’ Street/Road/OneWayRoad/Avenue where there exist highly busy commercial areas may have an impact on the Customer rating [low/medium/high].

In addition to the paved PedMall tiles, there are also a series of Ped Overpass puzzle pieces, for crossing Maxis base networks and some older NAM override networks (such as GLR), plus a set of Mountain Trail pieces, which work similarly to the PedMalls, but have a more rural appearance.

NOTE:As a result of pathing changes made as part of the NAM 33 release of November 2015, PedMall Tiles no longer require a Mass Transit station to initiate access. The PedMalls can accept traffic simply by being placed adjacent to an orthogonal stretch of any base network found under the Roads menu, plus Network Widening Mod override networks and FLEX Turn Lanes, as well as some Dual-Networking items

 List of Menu Items

PedMall Button (Located on the Roads Menu

The following items can be found under the PedMall Button:

  1. 1x1 Tile Piece with a centre pole
  2. 1x1 Open Paved Area
  3. 1x1 Cobble Stone
  4. 1x1 Pavement/Brick
  5. 1x1 Sandstone
  6. 1x1 Grass
  7. Ped Footbridge - Start/End Piece (This is a 1x1 tile piece; which is supposed to be an Elevator.)
  8. Ped Footbridge - Blank Terrain - Straight Piece
  9. Ped Footbridge over Street
  10. Ped Footbridge over Road
  11. Ped Footbridge over Rail
  12. Ped Footbridge over OneWayRoad
  13. Ped Footbridge over Avenue
  14. Ped Footbridge over GroundHighway
  15. Ped OnSlope
  16. Mountain Trail - Straight
  17. Mountain Trail - Curved
  18. Mountain Trail - T Intersection
  19. Mountain Trail - Cross Intersection
  20. Ped Mall x Elevated Highway Puzzle Piece