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Saitama Prefecture - The Port of Japan

Started by kelis, December 08, 2011, 03:25:53 AM

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The area around the train station is fantastic.  &apls
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Wow, stunning update Kelis!  &apls &apls &apls

Beautiful job with the station, lotting, canals, church, and blend of buildings!


Hello, the square in front of the church looks very nice.  :thumbsup: I love your pictures.  &ops They exude a great heat, and are really perfect.  &apls  &apls  &apls


Well, it seems I sort of missed the first update. I've always enjoyed your other MD's as well and was already looking forward to your new MD. What you've showed us is really nice (as always) and looks very Dutch. :) I like the grachtenpanden at those grachten. I'm not sure if sailboats are common in these canals, but I think they are too large to pass the bridge, or am I mistaken? Your lotting work is outstanding, great work.
Those pictures of the Montelbaanstoren aren't taken at the same time, two in the spring and two in the autumn. :D
What else could I say? Keep up the great work and I'm already looking forward to more!



WOW! That's outstanding!  &apls &apls &apls

You really succeeded in composing pictures which transport the atmosphere of the region!

Great work!

Angels can fly because they don't take themselves too serious!


Well , firstly , as I love to go back and dawdle on someone's work , I would have prefered a continuity instead of a new MD ... the more there's trees , the more the forest is hidden ...  :P

In my opinion , you're the author of the most beautiful and realistic European urban scene ever made about recreations ... this is surely why , I'm more contemplative than talkative in front of this work of art . I love your sense of aesthetic , surely a bit too much for those considering SC4 wasn't made for that , the same who are just forgetting  that if SC4 was made for something particular , we would have all the same kind of pictures to offer , the « particular » would have turned to « deadly dull » and SC4 would be dead and forgotten since ... 2004 .

Not only beautiful and/or realistic so , but essential .

&apls &apls &apls


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Incredible  :o
You're exceptionally gifted with the LE, this recreation of Bassen is totally awesome,
this is no more a game, this is pure art  &apls &apls


Quote from: kelis on December 14, 2011, 05:24:51 PM
Kergelen - in the future sure you will see another Japanese region and also is possible another Berlin recreation, more good and more realistic than the other. Thanks !!

I imagine that this will be your response. I don't know how you will improve your Berlin, but I'm sure you'll do it. Your Berlin is a region that I love and still occasionally look at your pictures and I see amazing things for my own inspiration and knowledge. It's a pleasure and is the recreation of a city that  impressed me most :)

I can be a long time watching and enjoying these pictures. Apart from building selection, LE and details the pictures had something special and artistic.
The central station picture is outstanding!!

&apls &apls &apls

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Great work. I like the details like the leaves on the street and grass. &apls


Yet another superbe update, Jonathan! I quite like the lotting job you did with the station.
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What a great atmosphere. It really feels like the old Netherlands. The picture from the church resembles me at a street in Den Bosch behind the St. Jan Curch  :D



# Third update  ~ Windmills Van Volem ||

• Located in the small town of Volem, in the northwest part of Bassen, we can found two old windmills typical of This part of Holland.These mills have been built in the Nineteenth Century •

• The mills are used to grind grain, some are used as homes, anyway, all are a great treasure of Holland •

• The Tulips are an important thing of Netherlands •

• In these two shots you can see a NS train (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) passing close to the mills •

• finally, a pretty picture for you all. Good trip •


|#| R E P L I E S |#|

Katacus -
Thanks for the comment  :thumbsup:

peter007 - Bedankt. As always, glad you like it my friend.

RickD - This part of the city got a lot of work, for that reason I'm glad for your kind comment.

noahclem - Thanks my friend.  :)

Dantes - Thanks my friend !! I like your new signature  ;)

MrMAvE94 - I really appreciate your comment. The grachtenpanden are a great addition for the game and a great addition for the Dutch cities, as you said the bridges are a little bit low for those boats but in this moment I have not others, in the future I want to create some boats more realistic for the Dutch channels, some houseboats, you know ? Really thanks for your comment my teammate  :)

rambuckel - Thanks for your kind comment.

Badsim - Thanks for the re-welcome  ;D your words are an honor to me. For us, you are the best player of this game, you are responsible for the evolution of this game and I think that in every city exist
a little part of your regions, for that reason your comment it is very importante to me, so really thanks,
Cedrid  :)

clemenclm2001 - Thanks for your comment clemen !

Yan077 - Your corsica region is art  :) Thanks a lot my friend !

Kergelen - Thanks my dear friend, glad to heard that. I'm waiting to see the new part of your region  :)

nbvc - Thanks my friend, and yes, the leaves are a great addition on the pictures.

art128 - Gracias amigo  :)

Paul 999 - Thanks my friend !


# Thanks for the comments my friends, You are very kind  :thumbsup:

# Jonathan.

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The tulip fields look great.  &apls The windmills are actually still water pumps in the Netherlands, right? The appropriate trenches to look great and you have really great atmosphere in the pictures. :thumbsup:  I get the same on my Dutch bike and cycle around the country.  :P

And thank you for my new signature  $%#Ninj2


Very detailed, I like it (again.)! I got the dutch feeling. :)
Of course I know what houseboats are, sounds interesting.
I don't want to nitpick, but there's a cow near my caravan. I can't sleep now ...  $%Grinno$%
Otherwise, I like the details you've put in the pictures.



Very, very nice Kelis  &apls &apls

I love that you've incorporated stuff I don't see very often now like SPAM, peg's ploppable water, and chrisadams' flora alongside the newer more commonly seen (and awesome :) ) stuff from the VIP. The result is unique and impressive and is another tribute to your skill with a variety of styles. Keep it coming  :thumbsup:



# Fourth update  ~ Stormy day in Bassen ||

• The storm has installed over the city. Since a few days ago the rain and wind live almost 24 hours with the citizens of Bassen. After the beginning of the month with suitable temperatures, the storm has erupted in the city•

• One of the most spectacular moments of the storm, was when a lightning impacted against the famous Montelbaanstoren. The tower has suffered no harm but remains closed to the public and workers •

• When the day ends and night is over the city, the storm continues, still lashing the city with its rays, with its wind and rain, but the citizens of Bassen are already well accustomed to these storms and they know that the best way to fight is go home and guard in front of their fireplace with a hot coffee •


Dantes -
Hi friend. Well, the windmills have got various uses in Holland. Dutch bike ? ohh, sounds good,
when I am in Spain, I really miss the Dutch Bike, I love walking with my bike for Holland  :) Thanks friend !

MrMAvE94 .  Well, maybe it is a great dog  $%Grinno$%, Thanks for your great comment my friend !
PD: Great avatar  :thumbsup:

noahclem - Hi noah, yes, the water is from peg, but this is a lot created by Franku, You can find it in the STEX. Really thanks for your kind commen.

peter007 -  $%Grinno$% Thanks my friend !


# Thanks for the comments my friends,  :thumbsup:

# Jonathan.

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Bravo!!You are a true artist my friend!! Wish i could have you LE skills and the patience and time required.
I'm going to keep following this wonderful MD and feast my eyes...


Great job my friend!
Combination of of good taste, amzing job with LE and photoshoping.
&apls &apls &apls

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