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May 16, 2022, 02:02:57 AM

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Mas'71 works mini pamphlet.

Started by MAS71, November 08, 2007, 06:09:04 PM

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I was a sick last friday. My body temperature was over 39.0 suddenly !! Oh no... $%Grinno$%
My family was carry a "Influenza" into my house. It was atacked to me a hard !!  ()sad()
I could not get up two days and nights in my bed. ()sad()
However, a God of capsule "Tamiful75" was safe me a quickly !!
I'm already very fine today !  ;D

Please be carful your health you too friends !!  $%Grinno$%

@Relics8801 san
hahaha...Yes, ;D
A stair-Lot you alredy have is latest one. ;)
I re-made their all PROPs and Lot after took a pics uped on details page. ;)
sorry to make you a confused a little. :-[
and I'm glad to you like my one.  :)

@Sithlrd98 san and Star.torturer san.
Wow! Thank you for your quick responses ;D, good comments !!  ;)
This time, I could get verrrry big cooperations from two kind of bigest BATer !! :D
and I know well that thier walls works are used by many much user in Japan, and most famous !!
(Of course, as well as "walls"  ;))
so I'm very horned to I could work to be engaged in them. ()stsfd() Yes !!  :D

@Zelgadis san
Zelgadisさん、こんばんは。 初めましてMas'71です。 :)

Hello Zelgadis san, and Nice to meet you !!
Your Japanese is really good !! I'm surprised it now , yes.  :o
Welcome to my little thread !! (with lot of bad English  :-[)

I know your updated in STEX few days ago. ;) (I have seem it)
About "For Mac users".
Oh, Sorry about it. I don't have enough knowledge about LOTing for "Mac". &mmm
so big gratitude for your this helps. ;)

If you possible, Would you make them and up to STEX instead with me ??

Of course, Please use my any files and pics and more for freely, You need nothing my any permissions too!!
I have busy days while may be, so I would not start a new one immediately. &mmm
but When you need any some my help, I'll do it as I can. :)
(Plase post here or send PM, you choose it you like. ;))

Thanks again Zelgadis san for your big helps. :thumbsup:



マ〜スちゃん! :P  (<--sorry, I wanted to say that. ;) )

日本に3年かんすんでいた。渥美で英語を教えていた。渥美って、知っている? たぶん、聞いたことがないと思うけど。 :P 

地下鉄駅もう修理した。今日アップロードするつもり。 ;D

I did both the right-hand and left-hand versions too. 

In the future, if you would like to fix it yourself, it's not too difficult.

1)  Open iLive Reader
2)  Open the SC4lot file of the BAT
3)  Go to the Exemplar Files and find these two entries
     Transit switch entry cost
     Transit switch traffic capacity
4)  double click on them one by one and change the rep counts to zero.
5)  save (of course!) and you're done!

It is my theory that stations will work on Windows with the rep counts as zero as well, but I need a tester to confirm that.  I will present more information when it becomes available.  :)

Thanks for your pretty BATs and for letting me upload the Mac fix.  ;D

(Ian Shuichi Fox)


Sorry to hear about your sickness Mas san, and I am glad you are feeling better

You indeed did get with two talented people, and you did them justice :thumbsup:

Anything else planed with the Big Cheese ? :D

Copperminds and Cuddleswarms


Mac Fixをアップロードしました!

*Translation:  I uploaded the Mac fix.  :P

Sub/Bus station
Subway station
Any Mac users reading this can go get them now.  :) 



What you want testing Zel? just that they plop right with the right stuff and act properly?

will dl them now... (me = wondoze user)

Copperminds and Cuddleswarms


Yeah, just to see how they behave.  Especially if the capacity is correct.  I wonder if the Mac way will work on the Windows way.  I suspect it will, but I don't know that for sure.



Yes the capacities are correct (well not really small, in the 1000's)... Hears a pic of the 4 lots...

and are you sposed to release the whole files... I thought that wasnt allowed, just release the modified Lot file and link to the original for the Model file and other things...

Copperminds and Cuddleswarms


The small MBS station should have a capacity of 8000.  The others should all be 10,000.  Is that what you're getting?

As for permission, I will basically follow the parameters given to me by the creator.  If they wish it, I shall be happy to upload the SC4lot file only.  But what I'm doing is not unprecedented.  When Goaskin released his nightlight Mac fix lots, he also uploaded the entire folders with the creators' permissions.

Again, if I made any kind of mistake and any creator wishes me to upload it in a different way than I did, I will change it.



Restarts SC4...  :D

Yep, like you said except the ElRail station is only 1000...  ??? and both directions work

Copperminds and Cuddleswarms


@Zelgadis san (Shuichi san!!)   :)

Please stop calling me with "chan" !! $%Grinno$% I was very lough when I saw your this comment. :D
You know very wall Japanese. ;)
Oh, You were English teacher don't you ? It's good ! Very good !! :thumbsup:
Please teach me better English when you have free time. ;) (but I can't pay to your teaching,,,, $%Grinno$%(lol)

Thanks so much for your update about my Roundabout-Stations!! Your work so quickly !! :o
Now, I tested your all of LOTs in my city.
They are worked with correct capacities in my PC as well !! (Windows XP) :thumbsup:

Yeh! Yeh!! It's good Zelgadis san !! &apls

And Thanks for your polite tutrial of LOTing for MAC too.  :)
I understand it very well and I know it very easy as well.

Would I add your these works to a list at top-page of this thread ?
I'll update your works in my works list later.  :thumbsup:

Thanks so much again Zelgadis san for your big helps.  ;)  ;)  ;)

@Star.torturer san
Thanks for your test them. ;)

I have to apologize to some MAC users that my careless works.  :-[

Thank you


Hi MAS san

you dont mind me correcting some of your English?

QuotePlease stop calling me with "chan" !! $%Grinno$% I was very laugh when I saw your this comment. :D
You know very well Japanese. ;)
Oh, You were English teacher don't you ? It's good ! Very good !! :thumbsup:
Please teach me better English when you have free time. ;) (but I can't pay to your teaching,,,, $%Grinno$%(lol)

Sorry, couldn't help it...

And you shouldn't apologise, your work isn't careless. You weren't to know about the problems...

WOW, I just realised, I have never these lots in my cities... I will make sure that I do in the future, as they are soo good.

Copperminds and Cuddleswarms


glad you are feeling better mas-san!  :thumbsup:  great job on these new walls!
Plaza Mall Project
Coming Soon to the LEX!

NAM Team
What can NAM do for you?


Gah, that El-rail station from Brenda_Xne has been giving me lots of trouble!  It's been trouble for her too, as she also admitted that the capacity for the original file should be 10,000 and not 1000.  She said she's going to fix the primary file too.  At least it works properly on Mac now...

Mas-san:  Sorry about the "chan."  I couldn't help myself.  :P  You do very good work and as star.torturer said, you needn't apologize.  Cogeo found the solution to the Mac capacity problem.  He did a great job on that.  I'm just putting his research to practical use.  There aren't many people left working on the Mac side of SC4.  I haven't seen kbooms1w in ages and Goaskin appears to have mostly moved on to Linux.

Now, these days, it seems that the default rep count for stations in iLive is "1."  That's fine for Windows, but it doesn't work on Mac.  It seems that both Windows and Mac do just fine when the rep count is "0." 

This wasn't an issue when people first started BATing stations.  But in recent years, and I think it started just before Deadwoods released his raised park set with matching monorail station, the default rep count came to be "1."  Does anyone know what changed around that time?  I'm very curious.

Mas-san (kun?  sama?  :P ), please feel free to put those files at the top of the thread, as you say.  This file can stay as the "Mac fix."  For now, I'm gathering more and more interesting information about this situation all the time.  :) 

And sorry, no hiragana this time.  :(  For some reason, the kotoeri on my computer is making a mess of system stability.  I don't know why.  I'll be back to the Japanese stuff as soon as I have a chance to get into the unix code and see what's wrong.

Anyway, keep practicing.  I won't nitpick all your grammar here (unless you want me to :P ).  But the fact that you're here and your practicing is very very good indeed.  You'll only get better.  :)  And you can call me "Shuichi" instead of "Zelgadis" if you like.  Most of my Japanese friends prefer to use my middle name.  I wonder why...   :D



@Filasimo san
Thank you always glad to your comments. ;)
I'm looking forward to update your MEGA-LOTs everyday too !! :)

@Zelgadis san
I was find a NOTE about making STATIONs Lot for MAC in RAG-TAROU san's site last night.  :-[
(His site is our Japanese's best of text-book for making BAT and MOD of the SC4 in Japan.)
This note is already wrote in that site....  I overlooked this important point for MAC user. &mmm

QuoteAnyway, keep practicing.  I won't nitpick all your grammar here (unless you want me to  ).  But the fact that you're here and your practicing is very very good indeed.  You'll only get better.
Yes, I understand it well. ;)
I want to keep learning English from them as far as there is a good friends of the world. ;D

Thanks again Shuichi san. ;)
"Shu-ichi" The name is one of general name to hear well in Japan. ;)


 :o  I am shocked!  Very shocked indeed that Rag-Tarou knows such an obscure Mac fact!  Mostly I'm impressed though.  He really does have all his information, doesn't he?  ;D

Anyway, keep on doing what you do.  I love your work.   :thumbsup:

Oh, and my mother did tell me that she got "Shuichi" from Japanese.  :)



I got a request "Diagonal Transparent Lots" of my WallsPack2 from some Japanese mayor. :)
I created some Lots for it and re-make a MMLing Lots included them.

Added five kind of Lots.

These have no PROPs.(no decorated) Do you interested in them?  ;)
Please check again a post of the "Walls Pack 2"  "$Deal"$
or You can get them directly from HERE. Click "" to download a zip. (zip 302KB)

Thank you.


always improving... so great... gets better

* star.torturer explodes with happiness

Copperminds and Cuddleswarms



Look for me at ... Becca At Bat


Mas-san wow I dont know what to say but I will get the newer version when it hits the release.... 

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie


Mas san,
I recently noticed that you had re-worked Ebina san Japanese ave.crosswalks and was wondering if you know if there was a right - hand version of his mod?
I have not been able to locate it if it does exist.