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September 30, 2022, 09:39:14 PM

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Mas'71 works mini pamphlet.

Started by MAS71, November 08, 2007, 06:09:04 PM

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Hi Sithled98 san  :)

Ebina san's mod the "Japanese Style Crossing Mod" (change all of zebra-marking to Japanese style) is here !!
---> SimCityForce : Old Log Page 11 - No.886
(English readme file included.)

When you want to use a Right-Hand-Version, You should get a zip attached on 3rd post in this page. ;)
Zip name : (158KB)

His works is perfect !! :thumbsup:
but my works(Avenue-Cross-Line MOD) is not included a Right-Hnad-Version. :-[
I thought that it have a demand only in Japan.
(I don't know well about a style of cross(zebra lines) in except Japan. ;D)

Thank you


Mas-san I would love to have a right handed version as well for the Cross Line Mod...

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Thank you for replying Mas san!
SimCity force is not exactly the easiest site for non japanese users(even using a translator browser plugin) , so I probably skimmed right past it!
Quote from: Pat on March 16, 2008, 11:48:33 AM
Mas-san I would love to have a right handed version as well for the Cross Line Mod...
Oh yeah , if it's not too difficult I also would like that!

Thanks again!

I actually Do have that file....
I am sorry Mas san , but what I was autually looking for was the red avenue texture that is in the picture
??? I totally must have mis-understood what modifications you had done ()what()

O.k I am a total idiot....Yes I would very much like Yours  in a right hand version...I just looked at the files and definately see what you have changed! &apls
I am very sorry for the confusion that I have caused  :thumbsup:


@PAT san
Sorry :-[, I think that you was read my post before Edited maybe. ;D
This is unfinished work. I'm just started to analysis about Road-textures in SC4. ;D
I need more times to study it  $%Grinno$%
Thank you.

@Sithlrd98 san
No, No, Please do not worry, take it easy Sithlrd98 san.  ;)
I forgot text "Before / After" in this my pic. I think that it was cause. :P
Before, Thank you always you gave me your voices for my works. I'm gladdest of it !!  :)


Mas-san its all good and take your time with the textures, no harm no foul...

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie


こんばんは、MASさん。上のMASさんの投稿を編集していただけますか?フォースにあった日本風横断歩道MODは、STEXにCPM Zebra Crossings Modulesというタイトルで更新版をアップロードしてあります。ログに移行した作品は更新できない(ネットワークタイルのIIDが変更された場合に互換性問題を修正できない)ため、昨日フォースの管理人さんと連絡を取り、ファイルを削除していただきました。


Hi, MAS san. Could you edit your post above? My zebra crossing mod is not available at SimCity Force anymore. Newer version is on the STEX as CPM Zebra Crossings Modules. Yesterday I have talked with Admin of SimCity Force. Since files that was moved to log section can't be updated, it means compatibility issue can't be fixed if the IIDs of network tile were changed, I asked him to delete old version.

STEX edition(V2.50) is a modularlized version of SimCity Force edition(V2.1). If you'd add some more textures to your file for ATL plugin, it can be replaceable with a CPM Module(No.231 is corresponding module in this case). If you'd like to reduce a cause of complicated loading order, take it into account.


Hello Ebina san. :)
Thank you for indication and guidance with your good Mod.  ;)
This time, I though that It could open to only Japanese users.
so I did not think about STEX verison, It was be a cause to confused a little. :-[
Ok, I see.
I'm stop it and update when I re-make them again. ;)

and Can I use your existing CPM's file(No.231) and open to public this file this case ??

Thanks again Ebina san !!

Ebinaさん、こんばんは :)
逆に混乱を招く結果になってしまいますね。(既にそうなっているかもしれませんが :-[


わざわざの丁寧なご報告とアドバイスを本当にありがとうございます!  ;)


どうぞ :) 231番に含めるタイルは少なくとも5F433800, 5F433E00, 5F433F00, 5F438500, 5F438600, 5F438700, 5F438800, 5F438900です。

CPM_No231_***_NAM_TurningLanes_Avenue_***.datは、それに加えて5F433400, 5F433500, 5F433600, 5F433700, 5F433900が入っています。この5つのタイルは必ずしも含める必要はありません。SFBT Euro Road Textures Modとあわせてお使いの方がzzz1_NAM_Euro_Textures_Turning_Lanes_Avenues.datを削除して、IIDの重複を減らすことができるように入れてあります。


Yes, please do :) At least module 231 should contain 5F433800, 5F433E00, 5F433F00, 5F438500, 5F438600, 5F438700, 5F438800 and 5F438900.

Additionally CPM_No231_***_NAM_TurningLanes_Avenue_***.dat includes 5F433400, 5F433500, 5F433600, 5F433700 and 5F433900. Actually last 5 tiles are optional, not necessarily needed. I've included these to reduce duplicated IIDs for those who are using my zebra crossing mod with SFBT's Euro Road Textures Mod. He can delete zzz1_NAM_Euro_Textures_Turning_Lanes_Avenues.dat.

BTW, here's a screenshot taken in testing. This may help you if you'll edit textures which appear at the side that has no right turn lane as well. IIDs on textures are part of FSHs, it shows how textures are displayed in game. Up side of IIDs is the up side of textures in Reader or SC4Tool.



Another good question concerning the textures is are they/will they be NAM compatible?  And is the existing STEX version so?

I do like them, though I would need the right handed versions as well.  Don't feel a need to rush to get them out or even do them at all, just letting you know there would be an interest in them outside of Japan.   ;D


@Ebina san
Wow !! What a useful pic and polite guidance for me Ebina san !!  :)
Thanks so much always for your big cooperations !!
Yes, I'd not make textures except Ave-main-cross. :-[
I'll try to make them too, Thanks for you Ebina san.  ;)

これ以上無いほどの分かりやすい資料SS、本当にありがとうございます!! :)
と憂鬱さを感じていただけに、まさに神の手の様なヘルプです。 ありがた~く参考にさせて頂きますね。
いつもいつも本当にありがとうございます!  &cry2

@Shark7 san
I'd not yet make textures for right-hand-versions. :P
I re-maked these texture for only "Japanese"(Turnning Lane in a cross, Arrow size, etc).
and I watched some real US-Avenue-Cross in maps by the Googl-MAP.
and I think that do not need new texture for right-hand-version.(NAM's existing textures are good I think so) ;)

If I'll get a request voices about it, I'll make them for compatible with NAM's texture. :)


Quote from: MAS71 on March 20, 2008, 02:16:07 AM
If I'll get a request voices about it, I'll make them for compatible with NAM's texture. :)

How loud do we need to be? :D

Just kidding :) seriously , I would love these!


MAS'71 san where can I download of your Japan crossings (left is fine)?


@Fatsuhono san
You can get it from Edit-BBS in SimCityForce.
Get a zip ""(218KB) in this post please.
and this mod needs latest NAM-2008 and as "Left Hand Version Plugin" as well. ;)

I'm glad to if you like my works !! :)
Thank you.

日本のシムシティフォースさんの Edit-BBS よりダウンロードできます。
それと、このMODは最新のNAMと、左側通行のプラグイン 「Left Hand Version Plugin」 の導入もお忘れなく! ;)

気に入ってもらえれば光栄です! :)


Thank you very much MAS71 san!


@Fatsuhono san
Oh my....Did I misreading to your comment ??(a left and a right) :-[
where can I download of your Japan crossings (left is fine)?
A Image on left in pic, It's standard NAM's left-hand-version's Ave-Cross, so please use NAM and option-file about it.
A Cross on right in pic, this is my mod.
sorry again my mistake. $%Grinno$%

Fatsuhonoさん、すみません。 読み間違えてしまいました。 :-[



I love your work Mas san. The way the leading lines for the turning lanes bends.
Would love to see an right hand drive of it.


@Vester san

Thank you for your warm voice. :)
I already finished create each textures for Right-Hand-Version. ;)
The remaining works is a making ".dat" and test it in a game.  :)
so please wait for a while,  I'll open to public it and annouce here soon.

By the way,
Can you give me some your opinion or suggestion about a painting on a road.
Which cross do you like ?? (inside of cross) Do you think that you need a painting on road inside a cross ??

(This is a pic which reversed right and left by any aplication of picture. It's not real pic in a game.)

Thank you.


Great work Mas san!  &apls I'm very happy to see this! as far as your question , I'm not sure if it was only directed towards Vester  but  I think having the inside cross would probably be better.


@Sithlrd98 san
Thank you always check my thread and voices.  ;)
Off course, As well as your voice,  the voices of all friends is very important for me always !!  :)

I'm just making it.
but I found some problem in some "Mask-image". :-[
so I have to re-make some textures. Oh my......
I'm always a scatter-brain.  :P


I will divide it into two kind of dat. The are part of "turnning-lane" and part of "Inside-cross".  ;)
so Please choose you like when you would get it !!

Thanks again Sithlrd98 san