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Mas'71 works mini pamphlet.

Started by MAS71, November 08, 2007, 06:09:04 PM

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 Last Update -  27 , Nov , 2015
Hi everyone  :)
It's been a long time, How are you?
I'm sorry, I could not have any works, post to thread and no greeting too for long times. :-[
A lot of players and creators already left from this great game the Simcity4, as well as in japan too.
My creations for Simcity4, it might be the end.
I have to say again "Big Thanks from one's heart" for all good frineds of the World who gave me words in this thread  &cry2
and Thank you for using my works too, It's really honored for me, for my life ;)
I could have sooo wonderful time thanks to you, so enjoyed, so happy times, so glad to talk with you long time.

I wish to talk again with you and have good time together too in sometime, someday.  ;)

My Best Regard
-Kazunari Masuda from JPN

Quote最新情報 : JRP - Core Lot PackJRP PROP Pack Vol01 を更新しました。
Zoom 1と2の時のPROPが消えてしまう不具合を修正しました。

-- Mini Pamphlet Thread of Mas'71 --

Welcome to my works little thread. :)
This is little show case and support thread of works made by Mas'71 in Japan.

I got SimCity4 at January,2005. My friend did gift to me (in real life).
and I started a making BAT since Jun, 2006.
Many good friends of the world helped to me lot of times.
I want to say again "Thank you very much !!" for you everyone. ;)
I hope to you like my little works !! Please enjoy with them !! :)
Especially, Thanks so much for SC4Devotion and all of Devotion's and BSC team's good members !! :)
You are gave to me this wonderful place that talking with many good friends of the world I can. ;)
Thank you all.
Quote皆さんこんにちは :)

その間、様々な国の素晴らしいSC4仲間の助力と応援をたくさん頂きました。本当にありがとうございます ;)

皆さんが私の作品を少しでも気にってくれ、楽しんで頂ければ何よりです。 :)

### Attention and Request ###
I don't speak English well and I don't have enogh knowledge for English. :-[
If you find my mistake, misunderstanding and I use bad words,
Please hit me a hard !! and teach me better English without reservation. ;)

Thank you for understanding. ;)

My Best Regards
- Mas'71 in Japan (11, Nov, 2007)

- Mas'71 Works -
# Click a Name to jump to a post of details.

- Space Battleship YAMATO -

- JPN Walls Set -

- JPN Triangle Parks -

- JPN Sunken Parks -

- NAM Roundabouts Stations -

- Port Tower V2.0 -

- JPN Tetrapod -

- JPN Rice Fields -

- MML of the JPN-Walls Set -

- Walls Pack 2 -

- Texture's Addon Pack 1 -

-Ave. TurningLane and Cross MOD-

- WP2 Addon Highwalls-

- JRP Core Lot Pack -

- JRP Addon Lot Pack 01 -

- JRP AddonLotPack 2-

- Mas'71 Water MODs-

- JRP Suburban Canal -

- Sidewalk Texture Mod -

- SOGO Cs$$$ -

- JRP Max(Gmax) Models -

- JRP UnderBridge Patch -

- Optional files and Others -
Some Otionals and Others are in this page.
--> Mas'71 Download Page

--> Mas'71 Download Page

- Associated Work -

- Fixed for MAC by Zelgadis -

- Mas71 Prop Packs -
1. MAS71 Props Pack Vol01
2. MAS71 Props Pack Vol02 (parks)
3. MAS71 Props Pack Vol03 (Details --> HERE)

-Code Test-

[tabular type=1]
[row][head]Name 1[/head][head]Name 2[/head][/row]
[row][data]Text 1[/data][data]Text 2[/data][/row]
[row][data]Text 3[/data][data]Text 4[/data][/row]
[row][data]Text 5[/data][data]Text 6[/data][/row]
[row][data]Text 7[/data][data]Text 8[/data][/row]


- Space Battleship YAMATO -

- MAS71 Yamato Ship IHT Naval Station -
( Ploppable I$hi-tech )
  ---> DownLoad from SC4D-LEX  (Last Updated 15, October, 2007)

- MAS71 Yamato Ship LM -
(Flying at altitude of 300 meters in the Air and On the Water)
  ---> DownLoad from SC4D-LEX

- MAS71 Yamato Ship IHT Naval Station -  ( Ploppable I$hi-tech )

The Security-Fencing added on latest version. (Thank you for good prop Deadwoods !!)

- MAS71 Yamato Ship LM - (Flying at altitude of 300 meters in the Air and On the Water)

< Stats>
There are two lots included in this pack:
1. YAMATO Voyaged --- Plop on the Sea.
2. YAMATO Flying --- Plop on the Land. (YAMATO flying at altitude of 300 meters air)

This is my 2nd BAT work (G-Max).
I spent time of one month though I completed this.  :-[
My PC is very old and incompetent.
so I made it up separately for five parts(files).
I had a hard time in modeling covered with lot of curves very much.  :bomb:

Please look full image --> HERE.

and I made wall-papers of PC for my friend. If you like it, please get then freely.  ;)
1920 x 1600 --> HERE.
1600 x 1200 --> HERE.

Please enjoy with YAMATO.  :thumbsup:

< Dependencies >

MAS71 Yamato Ship IHT Naval Station
  1. BSC Texture Pack Vol 01
  2. BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01
  3. MAS71 Props Pack Vol01
  4. SNM Security Fences v2 --- SNM_SecurityFencingv2_props.dat

- MAS71 Yamato Ship LM -
  1. MAS71 Props Pack Vol01


- JPN Walls Set -
Update : 21,Jan,2008 - Added a MMLing lot.

  ---> DownLoad from STEX

There are two kind of LOTs-Set included in this pack :
1. JPN Walls - All Design
You can use all of LOTs.  (7 Lot  x 5texture + 7Lot = 42 LOTs)

2. JPN Walls - One Design
You can use LOTs about only one texture which you choice one texture out of five textures. (15 LOTs)

!! You must not use these two types at the same time.
!! Please let me do either PLUGIN only as for 1 type.

### I recommend the thing used to this work simultaneously with the following works please.
"Hole Digging Lots"  by Smoncrie
"Diagonal Jagged Edges Mod "  by pjot

- Basic Walls -

- High Walls -

RAMP and STAIR are able to pass by the Walk.

- Five of Textures -

### Attention ###
I had big mistake!! One of Lot have texture problem.  :(
Please do not use these walls with "Ploppable Water Rapids" by dedgren same time.  ()sad()

MMLing Lot added. (21,Jan,2008)

MMLing Lot included in a latest version. ;)
If you need only MMLing Lot, Please get it on this page HERE

This work is my first trying to make Base-Textures.
and I don't ever seen works of Jpanese-Walls, so I made them.
However, Thire had a problem with other works.... &mmm
I want to remake them without problem when I have free times.  ;)

< Dependencies >
No external dependencies.


- JPN Triangle Parks -

- MAS71_Seasonal_Diagonal_Parks -
  ---> DownLoad from SC4D-LEX

This park decorated by Pgss's good seasonal trees prop.
Please enjoy with his trees  Pgss's Seasonal Woods V206b on STEX.

The lots are seasonal.
!! Nothing is displayed down immediately after having Plopped. !!
!! Please advance time. !!
!! It will displayed correct in 1/March & 1/June & 1/September & 1/December. !!

- at Spring and Summer  ( 1/March to 31/August )

- at Fall and Winter ( 1/September to 30/March )

This is my 4th mini BAT work.
I was try to make the Natures ( Trees and Grasses ),
but It was very difficult to me that experience of modellings is immature.  :-[

A dark-green box in a park is the Japanese Telephone Box.

< Dependencies >
  1. MAS71 PropPack Vol02 (Parks)
  2. Pgss's Seasonal Woods V206b on STEX.


- JPN Sunken Parks -

- Mas71_JPN_Seasonal_Sunken_Parks -
  ---> DownLoad from SC4D-LEX

There are two lots included in this pack:
1.  JPN Sunken Park - Kiddy Park -
Japanese some an old, popular play equipment are here.
Children forget time passes and are playing.

2.  JPN Suneke Park - Modern -
A lot of people visit seeing beautiful Japanese cherry blossoms "SAKURA"
that bloom all over here in spring.

This is seasonal tree LOT 1x1.

The lots are seasonal.
!! Nothing is displayed down immediately after having Plopped. !!
!! Please advance time. !!
!! It will display correct at 1/March & 1/June & 1/September & 1/December. !!

- in Spring and Summer  ( 1/March to 31/August )

- in Autumn and Winter ( 1/September to 30/March )


Base texture is transparent. Please plop with other some trees LOTs.

The Trying to make a TREEs again !! ;D
I'd love to TREEs of SC4 which made by BATers of the world.
I made lot of model of trees many times. But It was a my best work.  :-[
I could not see BATer's back in the world not yet.... /wrrd%&

< Dependencies >
  1. MAS71 PropPack Vol02 (Parks)


- NAM Roundabouts Stations -

- Avenue Roundabout Subway Station  -  ---> DownLoad from STEX
- For MAC Fixed by Zelgadis ---> DownLoad from STEX

- Avenue Roundabouts SUB And BUS -  ---> DownLoad from STEX
- For MAC Fixed by Zelgadis ---> DownLoad from STEX

Thank you so much Zelgadis san  ;) for your update for MAC-FIXed files on STEX. ;)
They are corrected a CAPACITIE numbers for MAC users.

- Avenue Roundabout Subway Station  -

- Avenue Roundabouts SUB And BUS -

Right-Hand versions  and  Left-Hand versions

This is my first trying to modelling with 3DSMax !!
I was very confused with many abundant functions by 3DSMax.  ??? ???
so I was not able to master the performance of the 3DSMax enough in this work.  :P
before, I had lot of times everyday that fight with lot of bug(error) with 3DSMax.  >:(
and The fight continues still today too.... (lol)

< Essentials >
  Network Addon Modd -June,2007-
  You need to installa plugins "Avenue Roundabout"


- Chiba Port Tower V2.0 -

- Port Tower Ver2.0 -
  ---> DownLoad from SC4D-LEX

Full Image : Day --> HERE
Full Image : Night --> HERE

- Day time -
Half-mirrar and water had the Reflection.

- Night time -
The iron frame seems to be transparent of the glass.

- Top of Roof -

- Comparison with previous version -

At left. This is my 1st BAT's work two years ago (by G-Max) ;D
Which design do you like ??  Don't say "Previous version !"  :bomb: (lol)
But, I hardly exchanged PROPs from previous version.

This previous version one, You could get from Ragtarou san's site now too.
DownLoadPage ---> HERE

- About Chiba Port Tower -
Quote from: Odainsaker san from Simtropolis Japanese forum.That is the Chiba Port Tower, an observation tower looking over the port of the city of Chiba, which borders Tokyo's east on the northeast corner of Tokyo Bay.
As the entire bay waterfront is heavily built-up with industries and docking facilities...it is hard to see where Tokyo ends and Chiba begins (or Saitama, or Kawasaki, or even Yokohama).
The map at the top of the base structure is of Chiba Prefecture, which makes up the eastern side of the bay including the Bozo Peninsula (I love that name!).
I think Nikken Sekkei and Takenaka Corporation, two gargantuan Japanese architectural engineering and construction firms (think big megaconglomerate from a James Bond movie), made this shiny reflective tower.
Thank you Odainsaker san ! for your best introduction post about it !!  ;)

< Dependencies >
  1. BSC Texture Pack Vol 01
  2. BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01
  3. MAS71 Props Pack Vol01


Hey! Great to have a thread dedicated to your work here, Mas'71! &apls

Great idea for how to organize it too - this will be very useful...
Have you ever had the Prop Pox? Join us to help find a vaccine or a cure.

Totuna e dac-ai murit flăcău ori moş îngârbovit;
Dar nu-i totuna leu să mori ori câine-nlănţuit.


Thanx MAS for thoses greats lots & bats !

New Horizons Productions
Berethor ♦ beskhu3epnm ♦ blade2k5 ♦ dmscopio ♦ dedgren ♦ emilin ♦ Ennedi ♦ Heblem ♦ jplumbley
M4346 ♦ moganite ♦ Papab2000 ♦ Shadow Assassin ♦ Tarkus ♦ wouanagaine
Divide wouanagaine by zero and you will in fact get one...one bad-ass that is - Alek King of SC4


Thank you for your warmest words Snorrelli san adn Wouanagaine san !!  :D

My works made from 5% of my effort and 95% of your helps, advices, and cooperations !!  :thumbsup:
Thank you verrrrrrry much for all of BSC team's friends and good friends on SC4Devotion !!

but I should fight against many English for several days for hits my thread. :bomb: (lol)


Yes!!!! I'm very happy that you have your own workshop here on devotion! I use most of your lots in all of my cities...The seasonal trees look beautiful when they bloom! Thank you for your works , and thank you for being so nice when you were helping me earlier this year!


- JPN Water Crash (Tetrapod) -
Updated 03/May/2009
- 3 LOTs added for Plop on a Land. (ZIP attached in this post)
- Revised a property : Item Order each LOTs.

  ---> Down Load Page is HERE

- Tetrapod -

Size : 1x1 1x2 2x2
Cost : $2  $4
Nothing other costs. and Icon add to menu of "Marine-Transportation".

This is my very little LOTs set.  ;D
It has not ever open to public anywhere.  You can get it only here !  ;)
At first, I was try to make draggable one, but I didn't have enogh knowledge and my times well. $%Grinno$%
and I want to have made a sea-walls with them some time. :)

3 kind of LOTs added..
I make LOTs for Plop on a Land. "$Deal"$
If you want to use them, Please get a zip from this page -> HERE
and use them with existing Tetrapod(SC4Model files).


< Dependencies >
No external dependencies.


@Sithlrd98 san

Thank you Sithlrd98 san ! ;)  I'm gald to you like my trees !  :D
To tell the truth, the Cherry-blossoms tree is one of favorite LOT in me too.  ;D
However, I do not come still satisfactorily about it and some my works.
Please give me your advices and opinions when I begin to make next work in this thred.  ;)

Thanks again Sithlrd98 san !


MAS71, this is fantastic work.  Love the walls.  I'm MMLing again, would you like some done up?


Hello MAS ¡¡¡ I feel really happy and proud to see you opening this showcase here at SC4D  :thumbsup:

Impatiently waiting for your new wonders to come ...  ;)
I am currently not active - Please, contact Tarkus for any site related matter. Thanks for enjoying SC4D :D

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@Diggis san
Thank you for visit to my little room Diggis san !! :)
Wow!! You MMLing with my walls !? Really !? It's very honored to me !! :D
However, I have dissatisfaction about my walls, so I want to re-make walls SC4Devotion's version some time.  ;D
Thank you for your worm comments too Diggis san !  ;)

but, I don't have any project now (I'm not making anything now.). :P

@Jeronij san
Hola ! Mi maestro Jeornij san.
Yes, At last I could open my thread.  ;D
This is not lively showcase not yet because thire too little of wokrs.  :-[
I'm thanks to you for your lot of advice and helps always.

I don't have any new works now, but I want to make one again that loved by many friends !!
Thanks again Jeronij san !!  :)


I love the walls. Just looking at them, I have several ideas to work them into my cities ;D
Current project: Movies 14

You may have meant to search for Houdini. (result of searching for XiahouDun on SC4D)


Hi XiahouDun san  :)

Thank you for visited my little room ! and I'm glad to you like my walls !!  :D
I hope that my walls will be good items in your city  :D

By the way,
Can I ask something ? Who is your picture ?
Is his name is "kakouton" from old chinese ?? (Romance of the Three Kingdoms)
I like a old chinese story "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". :)


- JPN Rice Fields -
- Ploppable Seasonal eye-cnady puzzle pieces -
Update 17,Jan,2008 : Add the MMLing Lot

 ---> DownLoad from SC4D-LEX

If you want a no-installer version (for Mac users), Please get it here.
 ----> DownLoad Page is HERE.

You would see three of seasonal scene with Rice Fields. ;)

These LOTs are using a seasonal props.
!! Nothing is displayed down immediately after having Plopped. !!
!! Please advance time. !!
!! It will displayed correct in 1/March & 1/July & 1/November !!

There are two kind of LOTs-Set included in this pack :
1. Original texture LOTs  (Standard set)
LOTs have my original overlay textures. Please choose them basically.
(and delete a "BSC Texture LOTs")

2. BSC Texture LOTs  (Preliminary set)
When my LOTs have any problem, you should choose them.
(and delete a "Original Texture LOTs")

!!!! You must not use these two types at the same time !!!!

I was try to make mini works in the course of holydays of three. (in japan)
but The challenge was rash for me.  :P Time did not suffice for me at this works. $%Grinno$%
As I thought that very difficult to making a natures modeling. (glass and land and more....) :-[

and Special thanks for Ripplejet san. ;)
Thank you for your polite advice for how to making a guidance prop.
Thanks so much always Ripplejet san and all of SC4Devotion !!  :D

I hope to you like my works everyone !! Please enjoy with them !! :)

< Dependencies >
1. JPN Walls Set (on STEX)
You need a file only
in this pack.

If you want to use BSC Texture LOTs version, get thme please.
1. BSC Texture Pack Vol 01
2. BSC Texture Pack Vol 02


WOW Mas-san!

This will be very handy for my MD when I get to the rural areas  :thumbsup:    Great job with them and I cant wait to use this in my region  &apls
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Coming Soon to the LEX!

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