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Bliss - Goodbye

Started by Russell, April 25, 2007, 02:54:50 PM

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Althought I'm not a frequent poster, I was a happy lurker of this MD :)

I'll miss bliss...



Russell WoW a blast of the final update!!! Sad to see you go but I thank you and applaud you for all the best and happy times Ive exprienced in Bliss.... Take it easy and hope to see you still around - pat a happy bliss visitor

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nova vesfalo

I will bliss Miss , errrr no I will miss bliss....

Your MD was so unique and crazy,but coherent ! (the view of cities where impressive !) and the last updates where amazing ! I have to admit that when I've seen the first updates , I was quite confuze ! but I've learn to like and love Bliss !!

See you around !


To bad - I will miss this unique MD and the unique pictures shown Russell. Thanks anyhow for your updates and ... hopefully we'll see something from your hands again - some blessed day  :thumbsup: 
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That's too bad, that this was the last update. I will also miss your MD! And that's a wonderful last update there, Russell! ;)


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The end of a great show, it's always been a pleasure to drop by and see the latest goings on in Bliss, and of course I will miss the explosions  ;)

Russell, this MD has been truely original, and will always be remembered by anyone who has visited.

We can only hope for an encore one day.




I'm truly going to miss your work here, my friend! Bliss was one of a kind! I do hope that you'll have a new project for us in the future, too!



knowing ive lurked and sed hi here and there, its unfortunate this had to be your last update....too bad the rebellion could not overthrow the gods and make bliss the way it shouldve been  :thumbsup:
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