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Started by Haljackey, May 04, 2008, 06:58:07 PM

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Wow, these are great but there's one question: How did you get the NAM puzzle pieces to cross water??

!!!Welcome To Page 2!!! :thumbsup:


So many good ideas, and about a same number that failed.  ()sad()

I like that you are digging up the archives. Great work, Hal! :thumbsup:
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Hal a most great short collection there!!! BTW where is that about the Raised NAM Puzzle Pieces or do you remember???

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I love seeing all the old ideas and it is unfortunate that so many of them have not been completed.

I still the the Road/Avenue Intersection/Turning Lanes on your first post. I hope they can be made eventually

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I bet in a long shot of time, alot of stuff will be done to suprise us, I think alot of it is a matter of figuring out. There is a complicated way to mess around with puzzle pieces in the current NAM to get Road TURN LANES to Avenues, but I didn't like how the traffic lights were in the wrong lanes and blocking the center. In fact, the current road-avenue intersections still do. That is a good reason to not have road-avenue left turn lanes right now. The one thing archived that did not make sense to me, was this concept art.

You would be turning down the wrong direction! That is unless they meant the yellow line to be the for the outer sides, but then again, why would you have the double yellow line on that road? Its unfortunate that the Mave needs to take 2 tiles, because the developers didn't make the roads wide enough like in City Life. Otherwise there is no room for a sidewalk. Here, the sidewalk has to be drawn seperately and take up another tile, kind of like how the shoulder in the RHW has to be drawn.

Either way, two tiles have to be taken up, even in this picture. The game developers did make the Mave possible with some of the bridges in this game pathed already.


Haljacky, how did u get the tall light pole masts, is that from RHW NAM?


Quote from: UrbanPlanner on June 17, 2008, 06:19:02 AM
Haljacky, how did u get the tall light pole masts, is that from RHW NAM?

Those are highway light towers that were released on the STEX. Unfortunately I cannot provide a link because the STEX is offline atm. Once it is back, i'll give you a link ;)

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Thanks for the feedback everyone!  I am glad you are all enjoying this!

To answer some questions posed:

un1:  You can get overpasses to cross water by simply plopping them in water.  You can make a underwater bridge if you want to!

Pat:  What about the raised NAM roads?  I believe there were found somewhere in the NAM general discussion thread @ ST.

j-dub:  True, the lines are backwards.  You will see a fixed version in this update.  The 4 lane road you posted only takes up one tile.  You would need 2 tiles if you wanted a sidewalk though.

UrbanPlanner:  The lights I use?  Those are called highway light towers, found on the STEX.  Here is the link:

"Update" 5:  RHW.
(part 2)

I present to you part 2 of my RHW update.  Its amazing what this project started out to be.

Before I begin, let me link you to two interesting things:

1.  The First RHW Tutorial

2.  The first version of the RHW (Version 0.12 Alpha).  For this to work, you need to remove the current version of the RHW.

So lets get started with this update!

The first image showing the RHW with a median:

One of the first RHW images I posted: 

The first RHW ramp concept.  Since the beginning of the project, everyone wanted to make a ramp to connect to the RHW.
-Later, this was connected to a RL photo.  Behold, the birth of the MIS!

And the design for the first RHW interchange:

The first textures for the RHW-2:

Textures/images of wider RHWs.  Some even included HOV lanes!

I really like this one:

A RHW rest stop:

This photo, one of the first to show the RHW-2 texture, demonstrates how the side-by-side drag method turned two parallel ANT networks into the RHW.

The fixed intersection j-dub was talking about:

RHW ramp connections:


One of the first pictures of the MIS.  Note how it elevates itself to connect with a raised road.  (I believe Tarkus made this one.)

Multi-RHW/RHW connections.  There have been so many different textures for this its just crazy.  Let me post a few here:

RHW/Big Dig Concepts.  I believe these were made by blahdy.

(One of my favorites!)

Road/RHW intersection.  At this point, only streets could connect to the RHW.

RHW overpasses, something brand new!

RHW props, made by Swamper77 I think.  Although they were based on RL sizes, the signs appeared way too small for you to see them very well in-game.  If they were just a bit larger for SC4 to render....

Early RHW interchanges (made by Tarkus):

(these were props, and were non-functional)

RHW-2 in-game:

Some early interchange I made in absence of the MIS.

(The construction seen here was me saving room to make a avenue overpass, something that didn't exist yet.)

Me having some trouble making the RHW-6 in version 21.

Other RHW textures, also including the RHW 6C and 8C!

The first Euro/asphalt textures made by SA:

Whew!  That was a lot of content!  I hope you enjoyed looking at these!



Brilliant content there Hal, very very nice

thankyou so much

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Heh, I remember that first prototype I did for the Euro textures. Don't forget the next incarnation, the ones with cats eyes. :P
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Nice pictures! Well done, Hal
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QuoteYou would need 2 tiles if you wanted a sidewalk though.
You know, I have an idea, based off this picture I saw of how a street formed in my community. I mean, it would result with narrow lanes on the sides, but if this was pathed as a four lane street, its still one tile, and with a sidewalk. See how there is a middle line, and you can see the sidelines, busses and trucks would need to use the center lanes, but more importantly the sidewalk is there. Maybe this is something to be looked over for the NAM. Because in real life there is a 4 lane road that is so narrow that the lanes were paved over the existing curbs, a dog can't safely stick its head out the window, nor can you have 2 trucks side by side, depending what lane your in, your mirror will hang over the lines, and there are some spots were the speed limit is too high for its own good. Anyway, maybe you have had streets form like this in you cities/towns.


Well, the size of the lanes is not a problem. If a tile (16m wide) is used 3/4, then is the used surface 12m wide. That's 3m per lane. In RL, there are roads in the Netherlands with middle lanes of only 2m wide. I think Maxis overscaled the networks.

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Oh!  I forgot a very important photo that was supposed to be part of the RHW updates. 

So I will make this a mini-Update, mainly a archive for the Multi-RHW.

The first Multi-RHW guide (Version 12 and 13) can be found here.  It was the very first guide I have ever made, and I am proud of it because it turned something unheard of at the time into reality!

The second Multi-RHW guide (Version 21) can be found here.  The latest version of the RHW makes it much easier to set up a Multi-RHW network, mainly because the network evolved from a side-by-side drag method to puzzle-piece overrides.

This was something Frankie_Grove and I were working on during the early days of the Multi-RHW.  Unfortunately, it was never finished.  Neat, eh?

The Multi-RHW has really changed since version 12.  Today, this concept is widely used with many RHW networks for both the roadways themselves and for the interchanges.  A lot of concepts I never thought of have been showcased by many creative members.  Some have just blew my mind!

Anyways, until next time,



Oh yeah, I think I remember that. Did the lights ever work?


Hello Haljackey! Are there anyway I can get this for my SC4? I would like it: