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Started by jahu, June 03, 2007, 10:15:49 AM

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Hmmmm.. misc transit menu...  vous iz dous?  I will look for it.. I will also mess around with the GLR tracks some more.

Two off topic questions: Do you know where simgoober posts? and why mayoral approval would drop and certain regions stay in the red...  no matter what you do?

Back to the topic: Do I need the GLR station patch as well?
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Quote from: sobol on June 24, 2007, 12:35:28 PM
Back to the topic: Do I need the GLR station patch as well?

Not for the stations I linked above, they were already updated for the draggable GLR.


well let AR explain the NAM stuff, your not going to get any better info anywhere.

as for the lowering of your mayor rating, you most likely be looking at a badly modded lot (could be a plop growable building, even civic or park). One with wacky stats thats are beyond the game stats (high garbage, air pollution,etc)  lowerring of the mayor rating beyond that might be you forgetting to deal with some sort of NIMBY effect in the game, the ussual culprit is garbage, double check th garbage graph see iof you gone beyond the cities capasity.

If it not that try using the disirability, landvalue, and air and water pollution views, see if you can identify and unusual red areas, centre in on the lots (and/or lots) see if you can identify the lots in question and check the stats.
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thanks...  here is what happened.. when I used the nam patch for the glr.. everything got hokie.. so I took it out..  when I use that specific station with the dragable GLR when I run a line through the stations.. CTD...  when I try to connect the subway to the glr.. CTD..

the SFBT causes a ctd as well as the NDEX..  ugh.


I haven't downloaded all that much....  I am gonna go and make sense out of all of the dependancy files, and organize the essentials and megapack files... but I really don't have too many...

I will check out the trash issue.. can ferry's move trash as well??  the place I am having issues with is island like...

only 2 parks I have added.. is a green tree park.. no special effects that I can tell, and a money park.. $250 per park/fountain that I don't use.. not yet at least...  that park is specifically for future MD/CJ's as well as the cousin vinnie ordinance, neither being used... 

I know there is a program that can really help me organize my plug in folder, and help me go through each file and check the dependancies...

Now, if I only remembered what it was ( I know I know it.. )
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plugin managaer is the program your looking for, I don't have a link to it personelly, sure AR (or someone else) will help you out with finding the whereabouts of the program.

if it's not a mod or a lot causing your problems, might be just the sims revolting at you not adding new services  (or they are underfunded) schools, hospitals, EMS, water, water treatment and adding parks and lowering air pollution amd tax rates(plus many more in combination or alone) so they are happy. As a city grows the sims will tend to demand more and more servies and parks  to keep them happy, if you ingnore these things, the sims get unhappy, which is what the mayor approval rating indicates.

might try the import sims into your city, they sometimes give you reasons why the aproval rating is down, I myself don't use this option in the game, but I'm informed by reliable ppl that it will help identify problems.

little bird told me your running into the blank lot syndrom as well with NDEX lots, this is a problem that resulted in using Ralphninja's custom blank lots to create the buildings, and you need to change the parent cohort (sp ?) to eliminate the problem

Ripplejet has 1 or posible a couple of threads on what the problem is, and how to fix it.  (sorry unable to link you to the threads, but won't get into that)
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Tax rates... that's right.....    damn.. I completely forgot....

bro...  you are on the money.  I will adjust tax rates.  I will look through some of the tutorials.. there is a tax rate breakdown there...  and i am adding parks...

I have sims.. I do not really know what the different ballons mean...  I know green is good, and red is bad....  and I know some of the balloons.. but when I send them to the area to check.. they always give me a happy sunny response...  not very helpfull.

Speaking of SIMS, I downloaded a modd/package of  bunch of SIMS, and I am trying to figure out where to stow them to make them usefull (alternate faces.. I am sick of the usual bunch)....  if you have a clue.

Yea.. several blank lots.. I just deleted them.. I thought I was missing some weird dependencies...  not sure how to fix it though...  I have very few lot/bat's...  very few.  I am waiting for the CAM to come out and the CAMelot's with it.  I have a whole bunch of automata.. and the like.

Hey, thanks for the help.
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The GLR stations shouldn't crash your game. The only known bug that will crash the game instantly is hovering with a puzzle piece over a transit enabled lot (that's why you should build the puzzle pieces first and then plop the stations. Dragging el-rail through the stations shouldn't harm, though.


Quote from: Andreas on June 24, 2007, 06:06:45 PM
The GLR stations shouldn't crash your game. The only known bug that will crash the game instantly is hovering with a puzzle piece over a transit enabled lot (that's why you should build the puzzle pieces first and then plop the stations. Dragging el-rail through the stations shouldn't harm, though.

Hmmmm, I wonder if that is what I did...  I will move the files back to the plugin folder... and see what happens.
I have to see what I am doing...  but I definately had crash to desktop...

I will test it some more....
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Hi guys,
I have a problem related to the NAM, I have the new avenue roundabouts installed, and they work fine. I have also downloaded a few sets of avenue roundabout fillers, but I find I can't plop these in the middle of my avenue roundabouts because the roundabouts are lots (of some kind?). Please help, because I've seen them used in people's MDs and so on. I must be missing something obvious  &ops.
Thanks in advance,



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Ah! Of course, I had no idea it was two separate pieces! Thanks woug!



Andreas....  when I try to plop the station you linked me to, I get a brown box...  It's weird.
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Check if the "BSC_SFBT_glr_light_rail_props.dat" is present - this file contains the station props.


Quote from: Andreas on June 25, 2007, 11:28:42 AM
Check if the "BSC_SFBT_glr_light_rail_props.dat" is present - this file contains the station props.

Yes, there are 11 things in that folder.
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Andreas, can you walk me through this?  I have the files you linked me to, and the NAM 6/07 and it's GLR patch.  That is where I am having trouble.  Can you give me a step  step process.  I am slow.

Thank you.
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Mayor Abe

I got the draggable GLR working, removed the patches for stations I don't haves, but sometimes the patched stations plop improperly and turn the surrounding track into EL rail, while the same station will plop somewhere else with no problem..
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it's to do with the amount of rail you have hanging over.   one option is to extend the track before replopping, or if you have room, loop some track around the station and join in to the otherside, that should recreate the glr.


i'm sorry for my english

i have download all the nam files
and i haven't the elevated avenue,i have at this place the begining of this elevated avenue and the end of this elevated avenue
i'dont have the rail under the avenue,i have at this place an avenue under another avenue
i'dont have the elevated rail
some things are worked like the rondpoint

i don't know if there is an order to install the nam files
if there is an order please explain me what is the good order

and if some french people see my reply please help me

thanks all i hope you have understand my problem


zoran make sure u install the Network addon mod first then the NAM essentials files, some of the features like the additional NAM bridges and GLR are seperate downloads. the ave puzzle pieces u have to hit the TAB button to toggle bw pieces as for the other NAM puzzle pieces. so here is the way to do it:
Install the June 07 NAM
then install the June 07 NAM essentials
then whatever plugins you want for the NAM whether it be the GLR capability and or the additional NAM bridges.
You can find all these in the LEX look under NAM in the category search and all the files u need are there.
Before reinstalling make sure u use the BSC cleanitol to erase any old NAM files bc if you have any old files it will conflict with the New NAM.
I hope this answers all your questions and good luck!
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So...I have Frogface's 4-track Modern Station installed, the GLR patch installed, and the draggable GLR installed as well. I get the "brown box" and the icon doesn't display in the Misc Transit Menu.

However, it does work when I plop it from the rail menu as a railroad station...

Anyone have any ideas?