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Mas'71 works mini pamphlet.

Started by MAS71, November 08, 2007, 06:09:04 PM

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cant wait MAS san, Thanks again

Copperminds and Cuddleswarms


Quote from: MAS71 on January 23, 2008, 11:58:11 PM
It's not good Lots.
I'll try to make a good one when I remake them !!

I beg to differ Mas san....You walls are very nice and a great addition to any city!


Quote from: sithlrd98 on January 27, 2008, 07:29:48 AM
I beg to differ Mas san....You walls are very nice and a great addition to any city!

Agreed.  The walls are very nicely done and I use them quite a bit in my cities.


- Mas'71 PROP PACK Vol03 -
Updated : 08,Aug,2008
1. Correcterd Property of all prop : "Orient Slope" to "False" (0x00)
2. Mas71_GuideArrows_v100.dat added. This is optional file for my each Walls Lot.

Latest File Name : Mas71 PROPs Vol03_080808.dat
Please remove(delete) old files with Cleanitol-Text included in a zip.

- MAS71 PropPack Vol03 -
 ---> DownLoad from SC4D-LEX

All of PROPs

3 of FAMILY-PROP and 8 of SEASONAL-PROP included.

-about FAMILY-PROP -
 F7100010 : Small Tree 1 - 5.
 F7100011 : Flower Pot(plant) 4m (orange, pink, purple, yellow)
 F7100012 : Flower Pot(tree) 1 - 4.

Park item06 - Wisteria trellis
Tree01 (small)
Tree02 (small)
Tree03 (medium)
These are divided into four season about one PROP : 1/March, 1/June, 1/September, 1/December.
You need to plop four props about one at LE.

I don't have a lot of small PROPs.
I'm remaked some PROPs newly that extracted from an existing some my works. :)
If you like some props, please use it freely. ;) (no need my permission!)

Thank you. :)

< Dependencies >
No external dependencies.


@Sithlrd98 san and Shark7 san

Oh! Thanks so much for your warmest comments.  &cry2

I'll repot a passage of production about next walls somewhere when I begin to do it ;)
Please give me your various opinions and impressions without reservation at that time !! ;D

Thanks again!!

I want more my free times  :-[


Mas-san, wonderful props here! These make me want to learn how to lot. I especially love the large fountain. Thank you!


Mas-san WOW wonderful works you have made, Im slapping myself silly that I havent found this thread sooner...  I love that name tag you have page 1 here and your parks are just stunning... If I understand this right that after you plop the park and you have to wait, they will appear after the first of the year and stay showing after that?

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The parks are seasonal, and renew with each Spring.


@xxdita san
Hello and nice to meet you xxdita san !  :)
and welcome to my thread too !  :)

Thank you for your reply about my worthless question on "NAM Traffic Simulator Help" thread  ;)
I have to learn English more and words of the world.  :-[
Thank so much for your comment a good for me about my works.
I'm glad to hear voices like it very much !!

If you have a chance to make a LOT, Please challenge it by all means.  :thumbsup:

@PAT san
Hi Pat san !!  :)
I'm glad to you like my works and thread.  :D

They(parks) made by Seasonal-Props, so you could see a blank space at only jsut after plop them.
but If they reach the displayed time, they keep being displayed for correctly.  ;)
and they never have disappearing.

The Displayed Times : 1/March & 1/June & 1/September & 1/December

Is my answer suitable for your question ??  :-[

Thanks again xxdita san and PAT san.


Mas-san most defintly that answers my question again thank you!!!

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@PAT san
Good  :thumbsup:
Please ask me anytime when you have other problem or question about my works. ;)

I started re-make a my Walls Lots.
I'm just testing some PROP and LOTs.
(These Lot and PROP are temporary all models for the test.  ;) )

- About Lots -

I will make(remake) about 8 LOTs and more.
1.  1x1 - Wall(only wall)
2.  1x1 - Wall for flat and slope
3.  1x1 - Stair
4.  1x1 - Corner Top (Diagonal Flat or Inner Corner)
5.  1x1 - Corner Bottom (Outer Corner)
6.  1x1 - Diagonale Slope
7.  1x1 - Under Bridge - Right
8.  1x1 - Under Bridge - Left
and more....

- About Base Texture -
Thease are Base-Texure of my existing walls set.

Three walls in upper row.  These are the most popular walls in Japan.
(Two of the the lowers are walls of fictitious. My original design  :P)
I will re-make a Base-Texture of some walls by them.
I don't know well about a design of walls other than Japan.  &mmm
so Would you show me a most popular walls in your country ??  ()what()
I want to add then my works. ;)
Do your country walls have any hedge(or Road Barrier) ? ()what()
A White Road Barrier is most popular in Japan. (included existing my walls)

Please give me your good idea or any pics !!

- Problems -
Please see these pics.

I using a MOD "Diagonal Jagged Edges Mod" by pjot basicaly.
but PROPs that turns in a specific direction is not displayed correctly.  ()sad()
I don't have this means for solving the problems now.
I think that this problem is the specification of SC4.

Does anyone know this means for solving the problems?  ()what()

Thank you for reading everyone !  :)
Should I post it on "Project Thread" ?? :-[



WOW... they are amazing, cant wait for them... WOW

Copperminds and Cuddleswarms


I have several observations:

1. I like the walls.. and I LOVE that you are "updating" them. They deserve the attention

2. I like that you have added "under road" and "under rail" props.. the walls and supports. BUT I would also just like a "texture extension" which has no special prop, simply an extention of the wall texture under the road or rail.. That is a pretty common look for modern rail and road  as modern materials do not need extensive supports

3. The "uneven behavior" of the diagonals just can't be helped. Even using the special jagged edge mod will not totally stop this.. I think you are right.. it's just a consequence of how the image planes are rendered.

I wish I had some examples of US walls.. I don't have pictures.. but they tend not to be fancy at all.. just concrete without built-in planters, etc. If you can get on the internet pictures of highways in Houston Texas that is pretty typical of the retainer walls that I am familiar with. Maybe people in other parts of the US will have different examples. I guess we aren't very creative.. :)

And there are no "rural walls" as most of the US is wide open and the only dividers are "wire fences" such as barbed or electric wires or just "bushes".. that have grown wild, not neatly planted.. they tend to grow in rows since the rest of the land is cultivated for crops. so they are grouped along the divisions in the land but not really specially made. In the northest you will find some stone walls that are made from stone gathered from the land. Those may look rather picturesque but aren't that numerous. Oh and I forgot to mention that where I grew up a "small farm" was 100+ acres and many were many hundreds or thousands of acres .. that's a lot of fencing for little neatly stacked handmade fences .. ;)

Sorry for the long message, but you asked.. haha  ;)


Mas'71 san

The under-bridge segments look very good, and will no doubt be usefull.   :thumbsup:  Segments such as those are in common use in my area.

I will attempt to describe some of the walls where I live.  I would post pictures, but I do not have a host for them.  If e-mail is an acceptable option, let me know.

For base textures:  We have simple smooth concrete and red brick as the most common.  Tan limestone is also in common use.  Some of these walls will have mosaic tile patterns for decoration as well as flowers or trees around the base.

We also tend to not have walking paths or fences along our walls, since they are almost always along highway overpasses.  We also have walls that are actually sunken into the ground along the road that act to drain rainwater out of town into the local streams.

Also, since our retaining walls tend to be along roads, they often have what is called a guard-rail to prevent vehicles from leaving the road.  These tend to be low level (no higher than the headlight of the average sedan).  These tend to not be painted, simply seen in their natural aluminum finish.  Ones that are painted are usually bright yellow.

I hope I have been helpfull with my descriptions.


Mas-san those are looking real great and Im soo happy your updating the walls...

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Shark, you can sign up for a free account at http://www.photobucket.com to post your pictures.
Mas san, the walls look even better already. I don't have pictures, but a lot of walls in my area are covered completely with grass and wildflowers, to make it look more natural.


Thank you for a detailed immediate giving information !!  :D
I'll read them very well with traslation-site from now  :thumbsup:

If you have any pics and you want to upload and show them
I recommend to you use this uploader site : Image Shaack too.  ;)
Thank you for your helps so much xxdita san !!  :)


### Edited ###
Corrected link to "ImageShack"


MAS, your picture host site should automatically link in your picture posts. Does it work differently in Japan? I ask this because of your last request to use Imageshack.. There are several image hosting sites available to Europe and the USA and they all should automatically link to your posts whereever you post them. Maybe I am not understanding your question.


I think he meant you COULD use Image Shack, as another option. No "?" to indicate it was a question.


Oh no,,,, :-[
Sorry SC4BOY san and xxdita san.

I wanted to say that "I recommend htat you use ImageShack". ;)