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March 21, 2023, 12:55:58 PM

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The " Did You Know.......?" Game

Started by JeeKTan, October 05, 2010, 04:03:04 AM

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This game is fairly simple. All you need to do is make a sentence that starts with " Did You Know.......?".

I'll start:
Do you know that Simcity 4 improves my Geography exam marks? ;D

Believe it or not, Haruhi Suzumiya is actually autistic :P
Simcity 4 Multiplayer Mode is now live :
Visit Northport :
Take part in BlueHope The New Interactive Journal :


Did you know that there are lots of smileys you can post in the SC4D forums?


Did you know I have 13,430 models in my plugin storage folder?


Did you know that bacon can cure hangovers?


Did you know that I had to download the SFBT Euro Textures five times before it worked?


Did you know that fire usually moves faster uphill than downhill   "$Deal"$

Mike Machine

Did you know about the Oklahoma City Bombing?


Did you know, in Germany, northern sea, on the small isle of Norderney there are mounted 800 colourfull plates of 25 x 30 cm in a row.

What looks like a piece of art instead is a test field for traffic signs. They are exposed to the harsh climate of the northern sea and only if for 3 years they don't loose their reflection capacities and colour they get certified.


Did you know ...

... :-[


Dr. Leo Stanley, chief surgeon of San Quentin State Prison from 1913 to 1951, implanted the testicles of young executed prisoners into the body of elderly men expecting some kind of refreshment of the male body by giving it young/fresh testicles?


Did you know that I come here at least twice a week since the week the site was created?

....Uploading the MFP 1.... (.........Finishing the MFP1)


Did you know ...

... when temperature rises in early spring in germany, toads become active and want to have sex and move to their spawning grounds. This causes several hundreds of nature conservation organisation to call many thousands of members to become active too - so to carry the toads from one side of germany's streets to the other, otherwise very mortal for toads.
This causes frequent radio announcements about local toad migration. So if you visit germany these days with your cars and you hear warnings in radio - those warnings about toads migrations aren't ment for you to focus on the road close in front of you in the late evening hours, if there might toads suddenly appearing out of the dark - but instead to watch out for people in camouflage outfit carring plastic buckets across the streets at very unexpected places in the country side. Please don't run over them.


Did you know ...

... the olive tree is one of the oldest known symbols for eternal life. It is evergreen, can become at least 4000 years old (maybe more), and if it's burned by bushfire and seems completely dead after some years it can open shoot again. Oil from the fruits was used for lamps, giving light, body and hair care, giving beauty, and for meals, giving nutriment - so by this times covering a broad range of human needs.
In ancient greece an olive branch was handed over not only to athletes of the olympic games but on many occations. A symbol of showing respect or reverence. The meaning of this was roundabout: "May be peace with you, may you live forever."
There is a well known variation of this symbol also in the Holy Bible, when a dove brings an olive branch to Noah as a sign from God with a similar meaning. "You made it through deluge, may you find peace and a blessed life from now on." According to the Bible Noah became more than 950 years old.
In modern times the (white) dove took over the meaning of peace, which isn't entirely correct as the dove (until peace-movement messed it up) represented the spirit, the soul - in case of the Bible, the holy spirit. You may have seen on festivities, they open cages and let hundreds of doves fly up in the sky. Now you may alread guess what the meaning of this is: to set the spirit free (deliberate it from boundaries). 


Did you know ...

... in 1900 one farmer could feed 4 people. Today, in western world, one farmer feeds 150 people.


Did you know ...

... in 2007 a diving robot discovered a breeding octopus 1400 meters deep before the coast of california. When the scientists got back two month later, they were suprprised the octopus was still there at the very same place still covering her eggs. So they became interested and came back again and again - in total 18 times in 52 month. And the
octopus always was there breeding since one fine day he was gone and the eggs were all empty. This - more than 4 years seems to be the overall world record in breeding time.

Also impressive is the breeding time of the TUATARA from New Zeeland

which has not only an average breeding time of 16 month but also needs 35 years until it's fully grown.

The average breeding time of a chicken (barn fowl) is 25 days.

The worlds fastest breeder instead should be the WHITE-EYE (bird) with an average breeding time of 10 days.


Quote from: fantozzi on May 12, 2018, 05:14:04 AM
Also impressive is the breeding time of the TUATARA from New Zeeland
Did you know the Tuatara isn't really a reptile but a sphenodont.
Tuataras haven't changed for over 200 million years.
And while new fancy species like reptiles, birds and eventually mamals evolved from sphenodonts, Tuatara stayed the same.

The Tuatara is the only sphenodont still alive after >200 million years and should by all rights be extinct / evolved into something else by now.
No wonder they have a long breeding time, they're still living by Mesozoic time  :D
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Did you know ...

... since 2016 the FBI and Swiss Authorities investigate a financial scandal about the 1Malayan Development Berhard, a fund run by the malayan gouvernement for economic development of poor regions.
By then the fund had debts of 11 billion dollars and it was revealed almost 4 billion dollars were removed illegally for personal gain of gouvernement members and transfered to many bank accounts in Switzerland, France and
the United States. F.e. it is known that, with the help of Goldman Sachs, 155 million $ were given to Leonardo Di Caprio and Red Granite to fund the movie "Wolf of Wall Street" – which is a movie about how people get corrupted by money.
However, except of a luxury yacht here and a hollywood movie there - in great parts the money laundering couldn't be resolved until today.


Let them steal the money. Worry about the birds!
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                                                                                                    — Thomas Henry Huxley


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Did you know ...

... in his latest exhibition french artists Philippe Parreno is only the architect but the main artist is barm. With measuring  different parameters of the barm like temperature, pH, oxygen content, concentration of the barm cells it is indicated the mood of the barm. And with the help of a computer the barm drives light and sounds, the form and movement of all sculptures and even the window blinds (how much daylight to add to the rooms). So basically the whole exhibition is an expression of the mood of the barm - if it feels good today or bad.