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Bipin's BAT Boutique

Started by Bipin, November 20, 2011, 01:24:35 PM

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What do highways and houses have in common?

Our little treehouse under the highway is really starting to take shape.

This will extend under the length of ERHW L3 as a T21, with different pieces for the non-pillar sections obviously. I hope you enjoy the progress!


will that not become very noisy? Otherwise it's a great thing in my opinion, keep that up!


Quote from: Flatron on May 20, 2013, 12:39:15 AM
will that not become very noisy? Otherwise it's a great thing in my opinion, keep that up!

There will be a mullion between the road deck and the houses. Think of it as a sound wall arrangement turned 90 degrees onto its side.


Very nice. I hope you'll release a separate version without the highway  :)


I'm planning on doing so Magneto.  :) Now, as for new stuff:

I guess I had not posted these guardrails here earlier, although I was sure I had.

Either way, these guardrails will be T21'ed onto RHW for the inner shoulder.



Sorry for the double post, but I thought this update would be necessary. Due to a friend needing a lift and some roadside help nearly an hour away, I had to miss my deadline of releasing some highway-related items. Please forgive me, but keep in mind that I've been working on the roundabouts, tidying them up for release, as well as some more personal projects for other members. You know who you are. ;)

In any event, the above 3x3 roundbout will be released tomorrow. Also, it will not be released on Simtropolis but rather Simmania, among other sites possibly. I'd like to help get the other smaller websites more well-known, and I hope my content can help with that.


Surprise, a new BAT has suddenly appeared!


I noticed a current art project had some aspects that would fit quite well with SC4. I decided to surprise you all with a nice little upload! Here's a teaser as to what you may expect:


The other day, I saw one of these in my neighborhood. It fascinated me so much that I wanted it for SC. For a split second, I played with the absurd idea of BATting it myself. Fortunately, you safed me from this undertaking. Great work.


That scene looks amazing Bipin! The chimney will be perfect in my cities. :D


Great work Bipin! I love the smokestack.


Thanks from me too for saving memo a lot of time ;D   Looks great!


Aaron Graham

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Thanks for the kind words Aaron, Swordmaster, Shroud, RepublicMaster and memo. Your comments mean a lot and really help fuel the Bipin BATing machine.  :D

Aaron Graham

No problem, I expect the same for my batting machine too. :D
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As a thank you of sorts to the support members here have given me, I've got a gift just for you:


Enjoy!  &apls


this reminds of that couple in China (I believe) who refused to sell their house to make way for a new highway, so the developers built the highway around there house. http://www.thehindu.com/news/international/chinas-houseonthehighway-demolished/article4153696.ece


Thanks, there aren't many buoys so these will prove useful for sure!  :thumbsup:
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Remember those houses from way back?

Well, those houses from way back are making a comeback!

I'll be doing them in HD since the details really come out at that level and furthermore, some major (e.g. brick and shingles) textures look to smooth and frankly, just textureless, when in SD at zoom 5.



Glad to see them making a comeback! On the night shots, are the light beams photoshopped in? If they're not, they seem like they might be a bit distracting in the game. Other than that, looking forward to seeing them done.


The glare is included in the BAT4MAX render, inside 3dsMax. I expect to tone it down anyways.  ;)