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Japan Recreation(日本作成日時) - Teaser(ティーザー)

Started by ユミーちゃん, June 23, 2014, 04:37:39 PM

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Thanks for the comments!
vester: the reason why you didn't see the trains in the shot is because all the trains were making trips around in the main city. And I did download one of your trains.
Anyway, this shows some more rural snapshots. Enjoy.

These are the first buildings you see before entering Niigata. The people on this small town all go to Niigata to work since it's mostly houses out here.

Niigata's outskirts. Greenhouses and farms thrive out here.

This is the country road, leading from this small town, to the almost complete wilderness.

As you can see, this part has a pond. a few shops, and houses, and some rice farms.

A closer view of the pond. A small meadow with wildflowers is near the pond. The creek from before feeds into this pond.

More of the pond and trees.

A very large rice set of rice fields.

This is another part of the rural area, a small part, but I felt like putting something else there. Anyway, comment, like, and feel free to ask about where I got the mods from!


This is the second to last update of the city of Niigata. After these last two updates, I will work on a different city. ;) Enjoy these photos.

This is another suburban snapshot. Most of the people in this area prefer to walk, due to how close everything is. There are not many cars on the road, but there are many people out walking.

More apartments here. Many houses, and once again low car traffic.

More apartments and a hospital. Some shops and homes.

This is the last large commercial patch you see before exiting Niigata. There's even a rice field nearby!

I hope you enjoyed this update. Comment, like, and feel free to ask where I got the mods from!


I like how the railways circulate through the city. :) Would look even better if you use the wide curves. :)

What are these apartments blocks? I've never seen them before..

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Great Update.  Looks realistic!!


A beautiful, modern city! What bothers me is that the railroad has many road crossings. For me the atmosphere like very much!


Yet another great update.  :thumbsup:

Still no trains (and only a few cars)   :(  That brings it a bit down in my book.

Maybe change NAM automata plug-ins.
I use a plugin called: NetworkAddonMod_Automata_Plugin_Radical_Automata24.dat
That gives me a lot more traffic including trains.

Dante: You don't need to go far away from the city center before you see a lot grade crossing like that.


Hello! Another update. A HUGE one at that. The city of Niigata is all done! I will show it to you after I reply to the comments:

vester: With the new downtown area, the traffic has drastically increased, including trains. You can see more info below.

art128: If you're wondering where I got them from, here is the link: http://simcityedit.com/simedit/lev-bbs.cgi?bid=SC4=2-4&skin=skin/config/=/simedit/skin/config/&style=1&page=0&ppid=1247331899960803#1247331899960803

dante: If you've ever been to Tokyo, or any big city for that matter, it won't take long to see a lot of road crossings. I'm sorry if you don't like them.

On to the pictures.

The city of Niigata, finally finished. It is completely developed.

This is Niigata's true downtown area. It has some  tall buildings. Due to this new area, a lot more cars and trains have been driving around the city. Over 1000 people use the train (maybe even over 3000!) and there are more apartments and high rises.

This is the city's largest train station. Since it is next to the Mall, and near the apartments, it gets a LOT of business. 3000 people each day commute here!

Now this is what's REALLY a downtown!

More of the downtown's resedential area. Very cluttered with apartments and hi rises.

More resedential.

Otomo Systems (The round building) has opened up here. The commuters on the train are riding there.

The department store Poppo has also opened up!

The town hall.

And here's something you thought I wouldn't do; Night shots!

The downtown resedential area at night.

The suburban area at night.

The suburban area at night near a commercial patch.

This area is where Niigata started.

This castle is where the Mayor lives.

The whole city at at night.

Alright, so Niigata is done! That was the biggest update I've had so far. Whenever I finish a city, I will do a huge update like this, for future reference. I really hoped you enjoyed watching the city of Niigata evolve, and I hope that you will continue to stay with my until the end of this MD.

Since we are done with this let me tell you some basic information about this city:

Population: 59,141
Density: 7,885 people per square km (12,857 people per square mile)
Land area: 7.5km (4.6mi)

Please comment, like, and feel free to ask about where I got the mods from!


Fantastic pictures once again !! I like so much how the region looks right now !! Keep uo the good work  :thumbsup:

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I am sorry that I have been gone for a long while. ()sad() I was on a vacation to America. It was a very good chance to use my English skills. ;D I was also with some of my friends. We went to New York. During the time I was there, I got little to no computer time. I arrived back in Hiroshima a few days ago, so I got some time to use my computer. So now, I will continue updating regularly again! :thumbsup: Now, onto the new update!

This is what the area looks like now. As you can see, there has been some expansion. We will be looking through all of these new areas.

This is part of the town we will be looking at; Kawasaki. It is to the left of Niigata. It is completely surrounded by mountains. A 1 lane road leads here. There is not a huge number of people leaving the city because of all the jobs here. More and more people are moving here, so the city may have to expand the road.

This is the upper part of Kawasaki. It is mostly suburbs. Even though this isn't the town center, the tallest building in town is located here. It is a hotel, called "Hotel Kawasaki". The hotel is rated 3 stars. A good place to stay if you ever decide to come to this ocean town. You can get a view of the whole entire city from the top!

This is the town center. Plenty of places to shop! There is also some industry here, more than 2500 industrial jobs! Around here lies the city's 2 schools, the city's shrine, and the local supermarket, MaxValu. To walk down here from the surrounding houses and apartments north is about 6 minutes or less. To get there from the western part of town, it takes about 4 minutes or less. The reason for the short walking distances is that the city is smaller than 1 square kilometer. Very small town.

This is another suburban part of the city. The Kawachi drugstore is off to the East. There isn't much to see on this side, mostly just houses.

This update was somewhat wordy, and that will be how some of the newer updates will be. I really just want to explain more about the city itself, so this seems more interesting. Anyway, comment and like, and feel free to ask where I got the mods from!


If you press the G key disappears the grid. I like the atmosphere in your new update. Great work again!


Another update! We will be looking at Kawasaki once again. Now we are onto the other part of the city. Enjoy.

This is the other part of Kawasaki. The smaller part is over to the right.

This is Kawasaki's downtown area. There is a a mall here for your shopping needs. They serve the famous Kawasaki sushi there. It is very, very good! Hotel HH is also here.

This is directly on the other side of the downtown. It is again, a suburban area. This is the only place in town where you can go to a pool. During the Summer, the place is PACKED. The traffic isn't that good either, as people from the other part of the city commute here.

This is a close up of part of the downtown. I really love how this area turned out. I did this almost perfectly.

Another part of the downtown.

Hope you enjoy! Comment, like, and feel free to ask about where I got the mods from!

I would also appreciate negative criticism. If there is something you don't like, or something you think that I am doing wrong, please tell.


Really nice couple updates, Kawasaki is a really nice city.

I think you should change the color of the water. It might just be an opinion,  but the general consensus is that the default maxis water is... well kind of ugly. :) Look at Gobias' Seto Inland Sea, I quite like it.

Also one thing I would super love, try to work a bit the river beds and coast line. Make some parks, beach, use some seawalls (Uki's are nice, but there are of course several others. :) )
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Very nice cities!  &apls

Couple of pointers since you asked for it: turn off the grid when taking pictures (press 'g') and preferably turn on the shadows. Makes for prettier pictures imho. And as Arthur said the waterfronts could do with some embankments and/or ports. Other than that it's a very good region, I'm looking forward to see it develop!  :thumbsup:
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I bet this will be a huge surprise for you. I have decided... that I am starting over. I bet that you're asking, "Why are you starting over? What was wrong with your region?" I will answer that question. Unfortunately, the map was far too exaggerated. What I mean by, is that it was too small. It was so small, that I could only put a small town where Hiroshima is supposed to be.

Also, the cities. I need to improve on them a little. When the next update comes, you will see A TON of changes. This will be my second attempt at making Japan. Anyway, ユミーちゃん, signing off.



I always thought Hiroshima was bigger than you created.  Regardless, I love your Diary and your  details are spot on.  Hate to see you start over again and I do feel your pain as I am doing the same re-doing all my maps on a region I have been working on now for 13 years. 

Good luck to you and looking forward to more updates.



Thanks dyoungyn for your comment! It must've been really bad re‐doing 13 years of work... Mine was more like a month and a  1/2... But still...

This is my second attempt at my Japan recreation. Everything is a lot bigger, and more challenging now, just the way I like it! ;D This will be a very short update as I have been very busy this week. Anyway, this update is on Hiroshima! (広島「ひろしま」) Hope you enjoy.

Welcome to Hiroshima! As you can see, we are in a somewhat suburban area.

Where we are right here is just getting out of the main city. Still a lot of tall buildings around!

As I said, very, VERY, short update. I really didn't have anything to talk about in these areas, because there were no important landmarks or historic things yet. (AND I just started to build city too) I really hope you enjoyed, comment, like, and feel free to ask about where I got the mods from! Personally, I think these cities look a little bit better than the others. But what do YOU think about it?

I would also appreciate negative criticism. If there is something you don't like, or something you think that I am doing wrong, please tell.


I like your big city.
Do not give up!


Definitely better than the previous version of the city, though we saw only the suburban part for the moment. :)

Can't wait to see the atomic dome and the peace memorial. :)
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It looks better, so great improvement  :thumbsup: I can't wait to see the new region view :thumbsup:

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This isn't an update. Nor is this a another attempt.

This is about the Hiroshima Peace Memorial! This is my very first BAT that I have shown other people. I started to BAT stuff, since I couldn't find the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, or the Museum, or the Atomic Dome. Sorta blocky, but I'm satisfy. When I rendered it in GMAX it seemed just fine! I thought about releasing this on the LEX, but I can't, due to a glitch. Here it is.

From here I'm able to see it well. But when I zoom in...

THIS HAPPEN! :'( Is there any way to fix this?

If you have any idea why this is happening, or how this is triggered, please tell me! I really want to have this in Hiroshima! :'(