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September 25, 2022, 09:51:32 AM

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Haljackey's SimCity 4 Archives

Started by Haljackey, May 04, 2008, 06:58:07 PM

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nice stuff hal, dont particularly like the train ups and downs... but hey there ya go...

Copperminds and Cuddleswarms


Remember the old RHW? It used to have triangular right turn only markings on it instead. The new texture has somewhat of a right in, right out on it now for certain intersections, but I don't think this is an option now. 


Hey Hal, I noticed on one of your pics at an airport that it said Airport/Halkackey. When were you ever Halkackey? lol, otherwise,  &apls for the archives.


Again, thanks for the feedback everyone!

j-dub, of course I remember it!  Your concept looks interesting!

futurama2506:  You can tell how old those pics are eh?  I didn't quite learn how to spell then :P.

"Update" 11:  Random Highway/ave pics.

Kind of a smaller update, these pics resemble the pipe dream of many SC4 players a few years ago.  I remember every day on ST back in 05 someone was requesting wider roads and highways.  This update will show the farthest they got.

Of course nowadays we have the RHW and NWM projects... :P

A 6 lane, 2 tile avenue.  The median and sidewalks had to be removed to fit it in.
-Small PNG image, beware:P

Other wider avenue visuals.  Sadly, these never made it to the game.

Fitting in another lane in the ground highway, and possibly a HOV lane?   ()what()

Squeezing in yet another lane into two tiles.

And the corresponding interchange:

On-slope highway puzzle pieces provide a lot of connectivity, but we can't yet make a setup like this embarkment:

...Or sunken.

I also have a few older threads that you might find interesting:

Rocheforts Interchange Showcase

Sunken Highway and Avenue Interchange

8-lane Highways with hov or carpool lanes!

And that's all I have for now.  Hope you enjoyed it!



Some of those textures remind me whats going on now. I wouldn't say that 6 lane avenue is canceled. I don't think they canceled that idea for the MAVE, its just tricky modding. Again, I wouldn't cross the bigger avenues off the list just yet. Those highways remind me of the second version of the HRS with realistic texture work in the center, the shoulders could be improved better like the better looking ones in the first version.


Quote from: Haljackey on May 04, 2008, 06:58:07 PM
One lane OWRs:

Is it possible to release these in the near future? I have been needing something like this forever to make a right turn lane type thing for my cities. Or do you have the plugin for it on hand but have a "WARNING: It may not function." notice?

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Interesting finds here as always, Hal.  It's always fascinating to look back at some of the old attempts/suggestions.

Those HOV-laned Maxis Highway pics look like clear cases of Photoshop or MS Paint manipulation. ::)

CCFC, as far as those Single-Lane One-Way pieces, I don't believe anyone has them anymore--that's a 4-year-old pic. 

-Alex (Tarkus)

Ryan B.

Alex, check with Teirusu, if you can get hold of him . . . I think he developed those single lane one-way roads.


I tried contacting Teirusu with regards to the Rain Mod awhile ago, to no avail.  It'd be awesome if he came back at some point--much of what I've been able to do modding-wise wouldn't have been possible without his pioneering work with Override RULs.

Of course, it would be relatively easy for me to make a draggable OWR-1 setup as part of the NWM . . . though those would technically be a narrowing of a network. ::) 

-Alex (Tarkus)


Actually, GoaSkin made the single-lane OWRs. The file got lost in the upgrades at ST, though. It was in a private development thread. &mmm

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Quote from: Haljackey on May 24, 2008, 07:16:29 PM

"Update" 4:  RHW.
(part 1)

A modeled look at the sunken RHW/avenue interchange.

Will this ever be finished because it is a great idea and a huge space saver.


This whole custom content history of SC4RH is practically book-worthy. Anybody got a Lulu account? Great work Hal!  &apls
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where can i find all this, your are no doubt one of the greats &apls


Quote from: JDOG4545 on December 05, 2009, 09:53:01 AM
where can i find all this, your are no doubt one of the greats &apls

Well like I have said before, most of the content displayed here is not available for download or has not been completed, so there is no place where you can find them.

Anyways, a small announcement:

As many of you know, I haven't been very active in the SC4 community lately, and I'll probably never be as active as I once was. I'm contemplating as to what I will be doing in the future. I haven't updated this page or my CJ/MD in a long time, not to mention some of the other tasks I'm associated with.

I've been thinking about turning this archives page into a MD or something similar, just not sure how to go about it.  So watch this space over the next little bit to see what happens. I hope to have a new update posted soon!



good to hear from you old friend XD
NAM + CAM + RAM + SAM, that's how I roll....


Hello Dethsrow Here I just  have a few requests..........I was wondering if it is possible for you to make elevated rail centenaries that look like these.


Mightygoose: Thanks!  Nice to hear from you!

Dethsrow:  From what I recall, Buddybud was working on a replacement texture for the elevated rail network that looks similar to what you're requesting.  Here's the link if you want to check it out:

"Update" 12:  Return of the Archives

As stated above, I have been wanting to update the archives page for some time, just haven't had the time to do so.  In addition, I didn't have access to the computer with the files on it until the holidays came along.   :P

This update will focus on older photos of mine.  I'll get to NAM content and other stuff in a later update.

Let's start here.  This is an old multi-highway/highway interchange of mine.  It also features transfers between carriageways.

The purpose of elevated highways in real life is to be built over existing development.  In SC4, there can't be anything below them, so when the time came to build one, it had to contain a lot of snaky bends in order to fit.

Here's the "newest" airport of mine (I haven't built one in ages).  At the time, I thought it looked all right, but I can't stand to look at it today because of how unrealistic it is.  I've been planning to build a new airport for over a year now, but I keep procrastinating.  $%Grinno$%

Using the terrain to my advantage, it looks like there are only two bridges instead of three.  This fooled a lot of people back in the day showing 5 lanes of side-by-side traffic in one direction.
-With the wider RHW bridges in development, these concepts will be obsolete, especially when the RHW-10 bridge comes out.

Old CBD.  I was just installing plugins for the first time here, and there are signs of custom content.

First attempt at a properly graded road slope.  (Near the docks)

Dual avenue parclo interchange.  Although it looks like its full access, its not.  You need to be on the right avenue in order to access a particular direction of travel.

Construction of a space-constrained parlco interchange.

...Eyecandy and traffic added.

Closeup of a diagonal highway interchange.  I just hope drivers are focusing on the road instead of looking at the jumbo tv on the building.   ::)

A medley of networks that service the city.
-Interesting note: this was the first picture I ever posted in my old CJ/MD, the Greater Terran Region (GTR).

Anyways, that will do it for now.  If I don't get a chance to say it again, I wish you all a Happy New Year!   :party:


After looking at this thread, it made me realize, again, that some of the concepts here are still in development but will look nothing like how they did here. For example, we know single lane OWR and right turn lanes will be possible. The closest thing to the RHW underpass seems to be FLUPS in substitution, which allows you to build the MIS ramps on each sides of it. Not as space savy as that tight cutting it close on only 2 tiles concept, but its something.


j-dub: Yeah its amazing to see how things have progressed.  A lot of projects have been abandoned, whereas new projects may have been a rebirth of stale/inactive projects.

"Update" 13:  Happy Second Birthday, RHW 2.0!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Two years ago today, RHW 2.0 was released (known as version 20 at the time), and completely changed the project in ways many of us couldn't even imagine.  At long last we were able to make ramps and interchanges thanks to the brand new Modular Interchange System (MIS) which was the most major addition to the RHW in this release.

This update will show some developments up to its release as well as some pictures using the revolutionized network after release.

Preliminary picture of the RHW MIS ramp:

Early development picture of the RHW-6.  Note how it only takes up 3 tiles instead of 4.
-This concept would eventually be developed into the RHW-6C in version 3.0.

Transition from RHW-4 to RHW-6:
-Again, this was developed to create the RHW-4 to RHW-6C transition.

...And a further transition into a RHW-8.
-The RHW-6 was the widest RHW network in version 2.0.

RHW-26, the widest RHW network that had a texture.  Too bad it was never developed!   :P

3 tile RHW-4 to RHW-2 transition.  Requested by many, it still has not been integrated with the RHW as of version 3.2.

Dulal/Multi-RHW transfer puzzle piece.  This would be very useful in connecting two parallel RHWs and is still hoped to make its way into future releases in some form.

Early development picture of the Euro RHW mod for version 20 by Shadow Assassin.

Another RHW texture that was never finished.

The width of the RHW-6 compared to the Maxis highway.

Although ramps could be now be made diagonally from a RHW, it cannot connect diagonally to a road or avenue.  This is now possible in RHW 3.0, however proper texture has not yet been made.

RHW lane shift and RHW-2 transition in version 2.0:

Early parclo interchange made with RHW 2.0.  Note the MIS splitters:
-At this time, the MIS splitter only connected to a RHW-2 or road, unlike the RHW-4 puzzle piece included in RHW 3.0.

Another interchange with RHW 2.0.  Note the curves on the RHW.

RHW lane shifts used to create a grass median between the carrigeways:

The same area before RHW 2.0.  Note the sharpness of the curve compared to the picture above.

Various RHW diagonal off-ramp designs. 

Dual RHW curves.  Note the RHW-2 in the middle.  It was a major problem for players until a workaround was found.

Anyways, that will do it for now.  The next update will contain additional RHW content.

Goodbye 0's!  Welcome to the 10's!


Wow. It's amazing to see the progress of the RHW to this day. I like the texture in the eighth pic. And those unreleased pieces would be really handy to me, and others I imagine. Maybe they'll be released in RHW 4.0? Only the RHW team knows :D Nice work utilizing this network Haljackey. And happy 2010 to you too!

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