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The Land Of No Where 2: The adventure continues Part 3 and 4

Started by dioangel, April 16, 2007, 04:54:09 PM

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The First CJ is close but you can still read it if you like linkie

   Part 1

   We all know Gorlock was quite being selfish knowing he had. was gone. Leaving them in tottal curiousity! Ronnie James Dio, and Dio Angel are in the tavern on the rampage with Gorlock. Dani Filth opens the door quite pissed about the blackmailing the treaty. Even than that.. they throw him in the dungeon for life. The 6 days later, Ronnie is feeling terribly sick due to the last night's blizzard. He opens the door landed on the knees shaking, Misty dropped the bucket of clothes shocked calling all the girls, and Sarah. Dani wakes up listen to the noise. "Now what??" Said he jumping out of bed taking the robe with him. Dani runs down the hall spotting Cheri holding a bucket of wet clothes with claims to be his.

"What's going on... where is he?"
"Sarah is in the bathroom trying to warm your friend."
"Don't tell me."
"Yes, caught in the deadly snow storm."
"I told him don't go out there!"
"Can't win them all can we?"

   She drops the bucket giving him a hug in tears. Dani felt a smile hugging her back kneld down. "Don't worry Cheri, he's going to be alright." Cheri shakes her head,

"No he not.."
"Why saying that?"

   Cheri holds the bucket continues to cry with no answer. Dani had a feeling she's hidding a dark secret. He quickly catches Cheri for a minute down the stairs.

"Please tell me what happen??"
"I just can't. You won't believe me."

   She walks down the stairs crying.. Dani made his way down the bottom floor catching up with Sarah.

"Is he ok?"
"No not really."

   Suddenly, Cheri comes down the hall in tears handing sarah the bucket.. Sarah gives dani a mean look.

"What did you do this time?"
"I swore I've didn't say anything to her.."
"I'll talk to you later smartty."

   Sarah takes Cheri back to the bedroom chamber while Misty scratches her head wondering what's wrong with her. Dani made his way down the hall to the library taking out the book of records.. finding more inforomation on Cheri's family. He lights the candle close to the table skimming through the pages, and found something. "Oh god... No wonder she didn't want to tell me this." He closed the book feeling sad for her. Sarah opens the door, "Ok.. Give me a good reason?" "Ok Mommy!" Said Dani giving her an eye back. She laughs out loud to him. "Never heard you saying that before. Come on tell me?" Dani told her what happen watching her sitting at the table. She felt a sad gult continue with the story. "I understand.. whats with the book??" He flips the pages and hands her the book and said.. "This is why she didn't tell me." Dani walks out heading upstairs to the bedroom chamber, The girls went back to sleep, but no sign of cheri until he found her sitting on the stairs between the lower chambers. "Hey... Come with me." Cheri looks up watching him helding out his hand. She held on walking back up the stairs to his bedroom. They sat on the bed together talking, Dani breaks out the silence to her.

"I belive you.."
"I can tell from your heart you lost your true family. I lost mine when I was your age."
"You too?"

   He nods in a sad way. "Yes." She hugs him tightly and said, "I'm sorry." He smiled to her hugging back, "Don't worry, Were not going to loose my friend." The following morning Cheri rubs her eyes pulling the blanket away sitting up. She giggles at Dani seeing him still asleep. Cheri gives him a morning hug with a kiss on the cheek. Dani smiled opening the eyes.. "Little Angel you!" She giggles out loud at him. "You too!" Dani's eyes shoot up smiling at her. Angel opens the door wearing her night gown, "Awww how cute!" He sits up blushing.. Angel starts to laugh at him. Sarah comes in terrified asking him to walk out. They quickly walked down the hall to the private room at the top floor. Dani breaks out the silence locking the door.

"This is got to be good news.."
"No.. He's not waking up or responding at all."

   Dani felt a bad feeling in the stomach, "We have to get him back! I don't want to see no one dead in my palace again!" Sarah begins to scream at him actting not herself at all. Dani hold her left hand an said, "He's not leaving us... trust me." She hugs him tightly shedding tears, "Help me please..."  Moment later Dani heads down with Cheri in the bottom chamber. Her eyes moved around the dark room..

"Wow.... I never seen anything like it."
"Now you seen it."

   She sats up the table watching him taking the a couple of bottles from the shelf placing it on the table. He smiles to her and said "You know Magic? Your father would love you for this.." Cheri's eyes went wide open, "How do you know my father was a Mage?" "Good guess.. I can tell you are, but you haven't learn it." She giggles with pleasure helping him out.

To Be Continued......

Part 2

   A moment later the potion was done completely heading back upstairs.. towards the bedroom. Dani whispers his name over through mind message. Ronnie's eyes were open, taking a look at the bottle an drinks it. Dani felt an odd feeling he's going to be back to normal. Yes it worked! The next day later... Ronnie started the food fight in the kitchen! lol Sarah screamed loud stopping the fight, Dani and Ronnie Ignorred her. He picks up the peacan pie aiming it towards Dani. He missed Aiming it towards Sarah's face! The next six days.. the storm turn even bad from worse! Not a single person outside. So Johnson, and Dani decided to have the villagers to come in the barn. A special barn made for campire stories because of the huge circle in the ceiling, and grey stone circle full of carved wood brightning up the place. Most villages stayed while others join the party. The elven vampire named Marcy approaches to Angel wrapped a huge scarf. She smiled to Marcy giving her a cup of coffee.

"When are we going to have warm hot weather?"
"Don't know.. yes it feels like it's been forever."

   At least they all got there wish.. The queen of the witches named Amanda stood outside in the balcony hearing the conversations from the bar barn. About Amanda, she's no mean evil person who wants to pick on somebody their own size. She's somewhat a real friend to have forever. She walks back in the bedroom up towards the tower giving herself a good smile. The next morning the snow melted in seconds! Tempature rises bringing up the heat! Everybody headed to nearby canals in Cradle of Filth town to celebrate! Angel made her way laying on the huge floating tube. The canals are 4 feet deep so it's easy to dunk someone underwater. Dani made his way floating on the wooden raft spotting her.. "My 4th victim today hehehe!"  Suddenly, Marius flipped his raft watching him fell in the water head first. Angel laughed an said, "Don't even think about it!" The others laugh as well while Dani grumbles, "Yeah yeah laugh all you want!" Out of no where he smell a strong scent of perfume. "Amanda.. my old friend." He smiled sweetly watching Johnny swim by.

"Did see Amanda anywhere? I smell her perfume.."
"Haven't seen her.."
"Don't look far.. she's right here."

   Dani turns his find watching Amanda smiled.. "It's been centuries we come again!" They both give a friendship hug together. She gives him a wink.

"Soo what bring you here creating a new region?"
"Just something I had in minnd, what brings you here?"
"My towns are being destroyed by barbarians.."

   Dani nods to her until Angel reconized her face.. "Amanda?? Is that you?" His eyes went open "You know her??" They both laughed out loud. "Oh yes I know since she used to own a book shop with her father 80 years ago!" Dani rolled his eyes.. "Don't tell me anything next! You probably mention about the Gothic Romance novel set!" They continue to laugh at him While Amanda stole his raft. "Women!" Said He grumbled to himself. The next night, Angel and Dani spend the day with Amanda along with the other witches. They head to the coffee house until midnight. The next morning Amanda woke up screaming! Her house keeper Sasha opens the door seeing Amanda's face strange.

"Who's in your room?"
"No one... Someone's coming."
"What your ex husband?"

   She sat on her bed smiling, "Why that?" Amanda gulpped stairing at her eyes and said, "Anderson.." Sasha's eyes burst up, "Mr. Nonsense??" Amanda nods jumping out of bed, "Yes!! He's coming to Haunt me and Dani!" She quickly grabs her robe going to the royal palace taking a carriage arriving quickly. Sasha calls out the other witches to prepare for another battle just in case. Amanda bangs on the door. Ronnie opens the door eyes open.

"Hellloooooooo NURSE!"
"Don't make me punch you idiot.."
"Well excuse me tough woman wannabe I thought you such a hotty."

   She gives him a evil eye cracking her knuckles, "You wouldn't say that to a queen will you? I'm ready to knock your lights out." "WHAT....YOUR A QUEEN?!" Ronnie felt embarressed for the first time in his life. Sarah pushes him out of the way, "Sorry for what happen Amanda, please come in!" Amanda steps right in looking up the ceiling having her eyes move.

"Wow.. very close to my place."
"Make your self at home my friend."
"I sure will."

   They both gave each other a hug smiling, Sarah rolls her eyes at him and looks back to her.

"So what brings you here so early?"
"Have you heard of Anderson??"

   Sarah stopped feeling silent, "Yes." Ronnie scratches his head wondering what there talking about.. "Who's He?" Amanda looks back at him shouting the name. Sarah takes Amanda to the kitchen seriously, Amanda continues on..

"You meet him?"
"Yes.. 10 centuries ago."
"Oh god.."
"Blame it on my grandmother, who forced to be his slave!"
"He's a slave owner??"

   Sarah nods, "let me get this straight... your here because the idiot is after our two men." Amanda nods while Sarah sends a mind message to all.. "Prepare for battle, Get ready quick!" Dani who's in the bedroom chamber laughing sending her a message back.

"What battle??"
"Does this ring a bell... Mr. Nonsense!"

   Dani stops laughing hearing the echo of the name. The guards ran out. Misty and the rest brought out there weapons, and armour approaching the main room along the others. Suddenly, a Vampire claimed himself a king of the Goths... Anderson known as Mr. Nonsense LOL! Anderson is some what a cheater to all people pretending to act Like Ann Rice Vampires Lestat. He's know for playing the most dangerious tricks no one ever dare to step forward. Every women of all race hated his guts so bad for being stupid, and having no brain. Anderson smiled dressed in all black copy catting Dani's style. "So... the little brats wants to fight huh? How cute!" "Eat dirt you looser!" Cried Misty. Dani gives a devilish snear.. "Yeah like what she says. Don't like the welcome huh?" Anderson pulls out a dagger using a weird english accent, "I don't care!" Dani takes out his special whip tightning up the grip on his left hand. Everybody moves away.. Anderson aims the dagger an misses it by the whip fell in the fire place. "Holly cow!" whispered Amanda letting her eyes move every second. Anderson takes off everything he has on.. "Screw this. I'll challange you a soul travel. Angel gasp in horror "Don't do it!" Sarah looks at her an said, "What's that?" "It's where two or more challange in the another deminsion, against each other. If the challenger is server wounded.. they're soul can't come back." Said Angel whispered in her right ear.. Timmy, and the rest knew this is one of the most deadly tricks. Angel pushed aside the others, Ronnie pulls her back.. "let him do this.." "NOOOO!" Said Angel trying to let go. Dani drops everything he has on placing it on the marble floor heading to the dinning room with him.  Sarah, Ronnie, Johson and his group take everything out of the way from the two tables. The two laid on the table sepreate.

   Dani and Anderson's soul appear in some other deminsion. Dani looks around seeing things knowing this is a trick! "You picked the tropical beach as a battle field?" Anderson laugh at him spitting out whats inside. "Good enough to buried you alive sucker!" A sword appears on Dani's left hand, but he has the wooden Axe!" Dani's eyes went into rage.. "#$%# CHEATER! THE RULE IS YOU HAVE TO USE THE SAME TYPE OF WEAPON!" "Aww too bad!" Said Anderson taking the first strike and misses. The humidity along with the deadly heat scortched the island. Mean while in the castle, Angel is in the library with Ronnie. Her expression gave her a scary thought to him. Ronnie rolled his eye.

"Look, Your hero will win this trust me. I played it before!"
"Does someone you love gets killed huh?"
"No.. are you ok?"

   She stand up in rage showing the red eyes..

"I DID! His name was Dark Angel.. A Carpathian in heart. We been very good friends since I was a little girl."
"He died in a battle like this?"

   She cried nodding her head..  He ran to Angel hugging her tightly whisper softly. Amanda runs in handing her a cup of coffee to calm down. Sarah kept her eyes at dani's body. Deeps cuts open up all over. Anderson had a few bad ones only in the arm. Johnson noticed something is wrong, "Use the chant quickly.. he's getting killed!!" Ronnie runs down the hall like a madman screaming... "HELL NO! I'M COMING IN!" "ARE YOU INSANE??!" Screamed Sarah trying to stop him. Ronnie takes everything off of him and said to Sarah.. "I have to stop him no choice. Suddenly shows up in another deminson. Just before Anderson throws the last strike, he stops him using the fire ball. Anderson turn back, "YOU!" "Yes me! You have a problem with that cheater!!?" Anderson dissapears coming back to his body sitting up all furiously angry walking out the door. The villagers threw rotten eggs at Anderson cursing at him. Ronnie picked him up off the sand coming back. Dani open his eyes can't even moved.. Angel, and Johnson quickly grabs everything off the counter in the bottom chambers staying with him. Ronnie sat up giving sarah a good kiss. She catches her breath smiling..

"Did you kicked his butt."
"Was going to until he left!"

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oh my holy diver! thats a tremendous start :)  :thumbsup:

looking forward to more  :D

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Hey , hey! This is looking very nice!!  I like that first picture the best...  &apls  You're the first known person to use NHP FLOG in an MD.  Thank you so much for the honor to be in this lovely MD!
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jplumbley - really I'm the first one to use it on MD?? Wow sweet!  ;D When I seen it in LEX.. I have to have it. You are very welcome!  ;D I'm glad you enjoy it.  :thumbsup:

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Dioangel im glad to see you post your MD great start and awsome story.  I love to read storys then see pics
later great work man - pat

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Pat: I'm glad you enjoy it! There's more to come!  ;D

Now one with the MD!


Part 3

"What place did you found him?"
"A tropical island.."

   "A Island for a battlefield???" Interrupted Johnson taking out the spounge. "Your telling me.. also founding out he's using an axe instead of the same weapon!" Timmy shrugged at them quickly taking out the bandages. Everybody stood together helping Dani to clean him up trying to keep him a wake. The villagers were shocked like a wild fire spread in every town hearing the news. Angel stood by Dani's side in the bedroom staying up all night. The next morning the crowd gathered calling his name at the front door. Angel opens her eyes seeing Dani still asleep. She rushed to the balcony stunned "Oh god..." The Palace was packed full of all races gathered throwing out the horns.. She gives them the horns back with a smile. A female drawf shouted out to her.

"Is the king alright my lady?"
"Not really, but he's getting there folks."
"Were all sorry what happen.. We'll do anything to stand guard."
"Thank you all"

   Suddenly, Dani taps her on the shoulder seeing the whole crowd. They all gave him the horns watching dani smiling back. Ronnie opens the bedroom door listen to the crowd. Johnson shows up down the hall.

"How is he?"
"still not the same."
"It just really ticks me off how someone would cheat.."

   Angel walks out of the room closing the door, Ronnie continues with johnson.

"Your telling me. He was with us when we needed help."
"Oh yes.."
"Speaking of that... I don't think he's not going to stop forgetting about it."

   Angel jumps in the conversation upset.. "He's been having nightmares on an off. Most of the hour he won't go to sleep because he'll haunt him down!" Ronnie an johnson shook there heads. He looks up to Ronnie very serious..

"By far curious.. Is there any way the idiot moved in?"
"No one knows where Anderson lives!"
"I know.."

   Amanda comes down the hall seriously at the three. They all head at the kitchen coming out a secret plan which it might work. 100 miles off of Royal palace... Anderson's or I should say Mr. Nonsense town is known for no trees in sight, just an open plain field nothing but factories, small parks, and few houses. The houses weren't that much due to the high tax. Anderson is in the library taking out the book of records.. yes his library is the same ones they had! He closed the book mumbled to himself, "Gorlock, and Kairin.. Ha! Such stupid crap they did! Turning to whole towns black destroying everything.." Jamie slams the open door. Anderson's eyes turn red standing up.

"You selfish brat leave me alone!"
"Self brat huh... YOU ARE!"
"Yes! You want to whole world to yourself isn't it?"

   Anderson threw the table pissed, "That is NONE of your business!" Jamie spits at his face looking in th eye. "Its now mine! You should of be burn in hell for cheating, and dissrespect!" "Excuse me??" He takes one step, and punch her right on the eye in one swing landing out of the library. She quickly stands up and said, "Looks like someone is going to kill you now!" "UP YOURS WITCH!" Anderson slams the door an continues to read.. or playing the next dangerous trick. Out in the dark fields Ronnie, Johnson, and the rest of his army marched down the forest seeing the open field.

   "What kind of a place is this? No trees?" Said Marius feeling strange for a moment. "Trees or no trees will kill the idiot!" Said Johnson laughing at him. Ronnie walks out of the forest first checking out the surroundings. Timmy smell a weird scent from the air. "Is something smell strange here? Smells like a corpse near by. Yes he was right! They found a corpse close to the log where Jackob was standing! "Do you think who I've seen? It can't be the carpathian Dark Angel right? Does anyone know what neckless is this?" Ronnie takes a look with the torch on his hand, "Wait.. it is him! The neckless angel was talking about.. the golden dragon Pendant! Hmmmm that strange, the same marks found in Dani's body!" "What do you mean by that?" Said Marius to Johnson and Ronnie. "An AXE! This kind of weapon is more lethal than a regular sword.. Especially very hard to control because of the weight on top." Said Johson kneld down with the lantern. Timmy shrugged having a feeling someone is coming! They quickly continue to hike down the open field enter the castle.. the door is open, an no guards or anyone around which was soo unusual.

   The palace looked more like modern victorian cheap furniture. Ronnie stopped seeing a coin on the black marble floor feeling suspicious. Johnson open the door and walked in side, "Holly....YIKEs!" The entire room filled more than 80 billion bags of coins reached to the ceiling!! "Dani would love to be in this room!" Said Timmy open up the bag of coins doing the evil laugh. "Put that back or I'll skin you alive!" Anderson shouted to everyone in the room cracking his knuckles. Ronnie and the gang turn there backs to him. Ronnie takes a step close to his face.

"You want a piece of us Dumb arse?"
"Don't you dare call me that!"
"Ok.. Where did you get the bag of coins?"
"My villagers of course! They give me the wealth so I could watch them rot."
"Like the king huh?.."

   Anderson steps back laughing, and said, "Your friends with this no good idiot?? How funny the way I beated him to death!" Ronnie punch him in the eye in full rage beating the living daylights! "YOU CHEATED!! YOU DIDN'T WIN NOTHING!! HE USED THE SWORD, BUT FOR YOU TO MAKE EASY... YOU DECIDED TO USE THE AXE TO WIN THIS! OF COURSE YOU CHOOSE THE WRONG BATTLE GROUND SO YOUR CAN BURIED YOUR CHALLANGER ALIVE IN THE HEAVY SAND!!" Johnson and the group joins in beating him hard on the floor. 12 minutes they finish him off taking a look at the rest of the palace. Marius walks up the top floor seriously shocked sending a mind messages to Ronnie.

"The shelf of records?? What the...? He copied of you guys!"
"Say what?"
"I'm serious come up here!"

   Ronnie approaches to the top floor and opens the last door to the left.. Marius hands him the book. "Can't beleive this.. he probably know every detail about us." Ronnie closed the book checking out the others from the shelf looking very serious. "We have to burn these books or Sarah and Dani go crazy." Marius sends out a mind message quickly to others destroying the place. Everyone runs to the top floor taking every book out of the shelf. Especially the suspicious items too. "Wait.. instead of taken them out, why don't we burn the place into an inferno!!" Said Johnson laughing out loud! Ronnie and the rest of the group agreed. They take all the bag of coins first out of there while the villagers run taking it back the loss of money they had and left the rest to the gang. Ronnie, and Marius done the rest by setting it on fire! The two jumps out of the top window landing right on the top of the trees. The villagers grab the ladder helping them to climb back down. Jamie hugged Johnson and said, "Thank you for everything.. Mr. Nonsense is being a down right cheater, and I'm very sorry what happen to your friend." Timmy smiles to her and said, "Your very welcome.. Hey you want to join in with us in our towns? We are always looking for some more like you." Ronnie stares at the bag of coins feeling a strange itchy idea to johnson.

"What the matter?"
"Would you and Dani love to have to whole theater to yourselves?"
"What are you talking about?"
"You and your boys can perform nothing but heavy metal.. Or can I say, watching every music video on metal you dream of! Think of this!"

   Johnson felt a evil smile going on. "Oh YES!.. I'm curious about the Egypt song, and my favorite. I thought of an idea.. Why not have the Acient Egpytian pyrimad theater!" Ronnie throws a evil laugh in agreement. Four days later the project continues on day an night nonstop in Cradle of Filth Town.. Of course they decide it to change it to Cradle of Filth Palace instead! Don't ask me why LOL! Anderson wakes up with no single burn in his body looking at the rubble. "They are going to pay for this.." He said in a total rage. Mean while at the royal palace, Dani wakes up from the door knocked. Ronnie opens the door. Dani laughs out loud at him, "That was real good of what you did two days ago." Dani gives him a hug while ronnie pull a chair close to the bed throwing the horns.

"Thank you so much.. I owe you the rest of my life."
"You didn't owe me anything my dear friend. You help me, and Johnson."
"Hey that's what friends are for.. Soo what your doing?"
"All the villagers, and I are making you a special gift."

   Dani's went wide open seriously, "No way..!! Can I see it?" "It will be done in a few weeks." Said him giving a warm smile to Dani.

To Be continued....
Part 4

   Dani puts his pillow up close to the head board sitting up carefuly with a little help from Ronnie. He smiles back to Ronnie, and fades off. His eyes were turn to the window. "What's wrong? Did I upset you? Please tell me.. was it something I said in a past?" Said He giving Dani a strange look. Dani smiles back, but gave up.

"Nothing.. I'm not the same person as I was."
"Your still are my dear friend.."
"No I'm not.. Look at me I'm terrible! Take a look at me!!"

   Dani grabs a pillow covering the sad look. Sarah comes in quickly and said, "What's wrong?" Ronnie asked her quickly to leave. An so she did. He knew something was wrong with him, and doesn't sound like the man he knew. Ronnie scans everything from his mind carefully. Dani gives him an eye and said, "Not now please.. or other wize leave me alone." Ronnie walks out the bedroom walking inside the kitchen. "What's going on?" Said Sarah sitting at the table not too happy about it. Ronnie rolled his eyes taking out a coffee mug.

"I've didn't do nothing to him."
"Ok smarty pants give it up."
"Listen... We have to bring him back to normal."

   Sarah sigh for a moment pouring him a cup of coffee.

"Angel, Amanda and I done everything we can."
"Great! There has to be a way!"
"As Long as it's not nothing about swords.."

   Ronnie jumps out of his seat giving Sarah a good smack on the lips! "Thank you for the idea!!" Three weeks gone by slowly in a bad start. Dani is back on its feet once again.... well in a terrible start. Ronnie tried everything to bring him back to normal, but things turn worse during a friendly sword fight. Dani's mind played tricks imagining Ronnie as Anderson!! He suddenly goes in a complete rage striking every move with that sword trying to kill him!! Angel, and Amanda quickly pull him away from Ronnie. Dani continues to scream bloody murder at him! Johnson quickly runs in the barn, "What the hell is going on!!?" "Ronnie had to open his damn mouth saying.. pretending I'm the same idiot that almost killed you!" Said Angel to Johnson. "NO I DID NOT SAY THAT!!!" Said Ronnie protested furiously. Angel jumps back eye to eye.

"if you didn't open the mouth, Dani wouldn't be this way!"
"No it's not my fault and, quit saying crap out of my mouth!!"
"Oh yes it is you stupid Monkey Fart!"

   Dani gives him an evil eye still on the floor. Angel laughs out loud.. "He's back to normal!!" Johnson runs to Dani giving a great big hug kissing him on the cheek! "Oh yes your back!!" Dani laughs out loud moving away and said to Ronnie, "At least you still open that mouth of yours, thank you all for the help."

   A week later.. Dani's Special suprise gift is finished in Cradle Of Filth Palace (Yeah I bet you want to see the pictures after this). The whole palace is completely too quiet.. Dani closed the book of spells hearing the door open. At least it was only Ronnie giving a smile and said, "The suprise present I've told you about?" Dani nods. "Well I have to blind fold your eyes first." He rolled his eyes and said, "Ok.. I'm ready." Angel comes placed the black cloth around his head covering the eyes. They quickly held him on the hand taking to the carriage down the trail to Cradle Of Filth Palace. Johnson opens the door and unwraps the cloth leaving Dani so speechless "....This can't be serious!!??" The villagers shouted helding up the horns real high, "SUPRISE TO THE GREAT KING!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU!!" Dani's face turn red tottaly suprised, "Can't believe you build an Acient Egyptian Pyrimad for me?! Thank you all! I'm going to love this for the rest of my life!!" "You haven't seen nothing yet!" Said Ronnie leading him the way in the inside.. the enterence seems bright with the torches showing the exact replica of the real one. The carving of the letters and pictures leading to the huge rock like door. Ronnie lets Dani doing the honors. Dani opens the door seeing a huge like theater inside the pyrimad! Dani gasp so good watching the music video of Black Sabbath/Dio era Neon Knight! The seats were in fine goth victorian look.. the eile were bright black matching the beautiful seats along with the gargolye statues on top of each ceiling, and the curtains hooked on a stage! Dani explore the place full of wonder and smiles to Ronnie.

"Let me tell you one thing....... Oh god you rock!!!"
"No.. YOU ROCK! You deserve this reward for being there with us."

   Dani gives him a good big hug while Ronnie does the same.. Dani runs out to the door screaming to everyone. "HEY GUYS COME ON IN!!! IT'S TIME FOR HEAVY METAL MARATHON!!!!" Everyone got excitied runing inside along with Dani going crazy!! The whole crowd went nuts watching the music videos they know by heart!! The next night they headed to Jacky's Kabin to Celebrate some more. A group of monks walked slowly to the night. The leader was also dressed in a monks robe just incase no one would know who it is. Mean while Dani runs to the watch tower with the guard next to him. The guard hands him the telescope paying attention to the chant.

"Hmmmm... The monks sound odd."
"What did you see majesty?"
"Just paying attention to the leader.."

   Dani tries to pull far to the telescope for a close up.. The guard gives a strange eye looking at the window. "Can you hand that please?" Dani passed it to him.

"Wait!!! Can that be the high class wizzard of all time?!"
"Yes... Professor Snape!"
"HELL NO!!!"

   Said Ronnie shouted loud in the bottom of the watch tower pissed! "CAN'T YOU SHUT UP!" Said Dani screamed back heading towards the stairs with the guard. They both got outside, Ronnie wasn't too happy at him.

"Your telling me Snape is coming??!!"
"Yes he is!!"
"High class in my you know what! I'm the king of all Wizzards! He's nothing!!"

   Dani crossed his arms rolling the eyes and said started the conversation, but Ronnie backs off and said, "OK! IF YOU INVITE HIM TO DINNER.. FIND IT FOR YOURSELF DUMMY!" Dani steps close with the evil eye, "I'll bet you two bag of coins to proof Snape is a real Gentlemen like us... DEAL?" Ronnie shakes hands. The next morning Dani walks into the kitchen waken up wearing a robe. Johnson gives him a cup of coffee handing him a scroll of the treaty. Suddenly, Johnson starled dropped the two eggs on the floor... Dani found Professor Snape at the table!!! He spits out the coffee having the eye wide open!!

"How did you get in??"
"I'll come in as I pleased... Dani!"
"How did you know my name!?"
"None of your business.."
"It's mine now."

   Snape moved his long black hair away from the eyes placing the arms on the table calmed.

"You know.. I really begin to love this place don't you think?"
"It looks like you have no questions huh?"
"Yes want to join us for dinner perfaps?"

   Snape gives a weird grin and said.. "I would love too.." By the time Dani takes a sip out of the coffee, Snape dissapear in a split second which gave him a intense shock! Dani's head landed on the table banging it hard. Of course he knew Ronnie won the bet! "God help me." "Your telling me!" Said Johnson sitting at the table shaking his head. Ronnie opens the door laughing at Dani "Where's my Two bag of coins Danny boy?" Dani's head moved up and said, "Don't say that or I'm going to knock your teeth!" "Yeah you lost the bet.. come on now where's my coins?" Said Ronnie still laughing real hard. A moment later Snape done the same thing with Amanda, but this time he arrived at her door step. He couldn't help taking her grey eyes off of her! It was a strike of lightning in his mind! Amanda moved her red long hair away crossing the arms.

"This Queen ain't got all day to stand here so spit it out!"
"So your a queen.."
"Yes.. what do you want?"
"Nothing.. have a good day."

   She slams the door on his face and said, "Get lost!" Amanda's Villagers stopped what there doing giving him an evil eye. Snape laughs an walks away. Dani got a strange signal knowing Snape was in Amanda's town! "What's a matter with you now?" Said Ronnie who's at the table with him eyes rolled. "The weird guy just stopped by at Amandas.." Said Dani Answered quickly. Ronnie's eyes went open and said, "What is he doing in her place??!" Dani runs out of the kitchen teleporting to her town without scaring anyone.  Dani knocks at the front door. Amanda shouts out, "Go Away stalker!!" Dani burst out laughing an said.. "Do I look like a stalker to you Amanda?!" Amanda giggled and said "No, but I'll let you in." She opens the door while he follow her to the lounge. Sasha walks in placed a tray full of cookies, and a kettle filled with green tea. Amanda pours Dani a cup of tea started up the conversation. Dani thanks her for the cup and said, "The only thing I came here...have a strange thing coming to my mind." She smiled placing her cup on the coffee table.

"What strange feeling?"
"Professor Snape coming to your palace."
"Wait, you mean the strange man just appeared in my doorstep?'

"Beethoven is known for writting the most daring music has ever known to man...DioAngel is known for writting outragous stories has ever known to a lady."
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pretty cool linda reminds me of when ronni james dio was here in my city
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the story is getting better.. and the pictures to go with it are tremendous  :thumbsup:

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"Beethoven is known for writting the most daring music has ever known to man...DioAngel is known for writting outragous stories has ever known to a lady."
My new MD: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=6796.0