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-=TRISTANIA=- (Update 4.1 - Historic Village Park Brochure)

Started by guurgkud, April 17, 2007, 08:14:54 PM

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Welcome to my new MD, Tristania, an island in the tropics with so much to offer. From beautiful scenic areas, to blooming downtowns, to the quiet small towns.

To begin our tour of Tristania, we start with the oldest town in the island, Coral Gables, the town were the Spanish Conquistadors landed, and where the Spanish tradition is still fully alive.

The City of Coral Gables is divided into different sections (which we will go further in depth in a future update), all providing a different scenery.


Come discover its mysteries...
Tristania // Revisited


Wow! Great start, guurgkud! Tristania looks great so far. Your downtown looks good and I love your suburban areas, too. I can't wait to see more of the development!


wow thats relly nice!  :thumbsup: &apls like those suburbs and the tropical theme  ;)

Emperor Stormont

that looks very impressive indeed, fantastic work  &apls

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Wow, very nice MD  :thumbsup:

Very green, a nice place to live in !

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 :thumbsup: This is looking really great! You've made all that custom content work for you! I love your choices in making it feel 'tropical', and it was very successful, in my opinion.

I also love the CBD, and would like to know where I can get that horrible building next to the Buffalo City Hall? I must have it! :P Looks like its also in the Art Deco Style? (I Love Art Deco)

Yeah, that's definitely a good start, a great start even!  &apls
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Wow that's one nice work of Art!!!  &apls &apls &apls Very outstanding work!  :thumbsup: &apls

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lovely MD..... i love the colors.... great use of custom content....  :thumbsup:
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 &apls Excellent start. Very nice surburbs . Very good layout. Looking forward  :thumbsup:


good looking start! I really like the university layout and the historic village park.


A more then promising start and definately one MD to follow. Keep it up!  :thumbsup:


A lot of nice development. Very high level of detail. Looking forward to more updates. :thumbsup:

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Tristania looks really nice and tropical. the pictures simply look 'warm' very nice. No wonder the conquistadors stayed here.  :thumbsup:

perhaps Stropon can acquire a nice villa on Old Gibraltar Road for Diplomatic purposes? ;D



A fresh and colorful start to this new MD. I like the combination of bats you are using and the layout of your city with lots of green between the different sections.


Awesome MD with a green and mediterranean look! The low residential density zones are very interesting, so green... that the inhabitants may forget that they are in suburbs! There is a good choice of Art Deco and modern buildings and the mediterranean quarters are so nice!
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In a remote and desolate part of Salamanca lived a man by the name of Juan Salvador de Salamanca. He was a very slim, almost under-nourished looking, college student that often found himself dreaming of adventures and far away lands.

Unfortunately, he lived in a period of war and hatred. Salamanca was in the midst of what became known as the Peninsula War, that lasted from 1808 to 1811. This period of war made Juan feel uneasy, forcing him to stay within the safety of the University walls; however, his mind wandered to the farthest depths of the imagination.

One day, as Juan walked by from the town market, he saw 3 very large ships at the port that hasn't been used since the war began. Being overtaken by curiosity, he went down to investigate, finding out that the ships were minutes away from leaving to the New World. It was cargo ships, taking exotic foods, golds, and new immigrants to a new world. Little naive Juan snuck on board and away he went.

The trip was going very smooth. Everything was in order, and everything was going on schedule. On the seventh night a surprise storm came. The spirits of those aboard were brought down, as their fears and sadness took over them.  The ships were rocking through the ocean, and no one thought that they were going to survive the storm. Juan thought he made the biggest mistake ever.

The ships finally came to rest as the night faded away. They hit an island, and no one knew where they were. This was...

Everyone came out of the ship, including Juan, to quickly discover what seemed to be a deserted island.

Their ship was badly damaged, and everyone thought they were doomed. Their supplies were very limited, and they wouldn't last very long. Fortunately, this island was full of all the resources they needed, and it wasn't very long until they were settled and started their new life in this island.

Juan Salvador de Salamanca was still as adventurous as always. He loved going out and discovering every inch and every depth of the island, writing notes, drawing pictures, etc... . One day he went down to the river looking for a quiet place to draw, when he saw the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

It was a girl, a mysterious girl. She was not part of his group, and no one has even seen signs of civilization on this island. That did not matter, for her beauty was almost hypnotizing. Her name was Tristania.

It didn't take very long for Juan and Tristania to grow very fond of each other, and in a matter of months their union was celebrated.

It seemed as if life in this new island was one out of a fairytale.

Meanwhile, back in Spain the King learned about the failure of his group, and he was indeed very furious.

He quickly declared a war on them to take back what was his. He called upon the best warriors of Spain, and formed an army to travel to the island and destroy their fairytale lives.

On a breezy quiet night, the civilians of the island were celebrating the second anniversary of their town, when all of a sudden hatred and greed struck the town.

Many were being killed, and they did not have any weapons to defend themselves. Juan Salvador, who just became the new mayor of the town, was stabbed, and in the arms of his love, he took his last breaths. He felt as if he was dying at the feet of an angel.

Tristania, pouring an endless string of tears, quickly left behind everything and ran towards the highest hill. It seemed as she was climbing towards the moon, and when she reached the top, her naked body became dissolved and made an union with the light of the moon.

The town became filled with lights, many lights, and in the matter of seconds the town became filled with what many claimed to be creatures from the underworld. The more Tristania's body dissolved, the more creatures that came to life. Everyone thought it was the end of the world, but the creatures quickly vanished, and with them they took the evil Spaniards. The civilians that were left were stunned.

Those that were left decided to leave behind the ruins, and disappeared in the midst of the night. No one has been able to find any traces of them.

One hundred years have passed since that night, and a wealthy gentlemen by the name of George Alexander Winston came with his family seeking paradise away from his home of New York City.

Him and his family built a plantation, and quickly friends and family came for a piece of paradise.

They built their own homes, their own stores, their own everything. Winston was very fond of the Spanish inspired architecture, and the ruins that they found, and tried to mimic this as they built the first town, named Coral Gables. Very soon the Winston Tower was erected, serving as the first city hall of Coral Gables.

Coral Gables was just growing and growing, and people came in every week to settle in this new town.

Everything north of the river that divided the land was colonized by Coral Gables, and they built their famous entrances that still stand proud.

Coral Gables was paradise to those that lived there.

When asked what Winston should name the island, Winston quickly replied Tristania, not knowing why.


Thank you to everyone who came to explore my new MD!!! I was very happy by all the positive comments, which is what keeps me going :). I hope to see everyone back in my upcoming updates. Once again, Thanks!!

thundercrack83: Thanks! Very soon I will add more in-depth pictures of each of the sections. :)

HabLeUrG: Thank you! More to come soon.

belfastuniguy: Thank you! :)

wouanagaine: Thanks! Very nice to see the person who has been named the God of Simcity in my MD  ;D! Hehe...  that's what I was going for, a very green, "paradise" like suburban area.

M4346: Hehe thanks! It actually took a long time and a lot of patience to achieve the effect that I wanted. It's actually modeled after the town I live in: Coral Gables, hehe.  Oh BTW, which building are you talking about? That way I can let you know :) Once again, thanks!

dioangel: Hey there! Glad to see you around here :). Thanks!

oyd: Thank you! :)

kimcar: Thank you! Glad you like it :)

Yoder7652: Thank you! Very soon I will have updates further exploring each area. Hope you like them as well :)

Serkanner: Thank you! Hope to see you again, and I will promise not to disappoint.. hehe  :D

emilin: Thank you! I've actually been planning this city for quite a while. It's modeled after the city I live in, Coral Gables. Glad you appreciated the details :)

Strechnitz: Hey there! Thanks for the comment! I will soon update with more in-depth pictures of each section, that way you can appreciate the nice Villas along Old Gibraltar. I'm still working on the "Government" part of the city, but soon we can talk business.. hehe  :)

kwakelaar: Thank you! Glad you appreciate the detail and patience i put into it.. hehe :). More updates about each section coming soon.

realdimension: Thanks! Glad you like the look that I went for. It's modeled after a real life city where I live, Coral Gables, FL. Glad you liked my choice of buildings, as well as the mixture with the green :).


Come discover its mysteries...
Tristania // Revisited

Emperor Stormont

Oh i like the history, very colourful indeed  :thumbsup:

Wonderful update and I love the flag, great job  ;D

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love the story behind it! I really begin to love this!  :thumbsup:

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Another great update! I love the use of real-life pictures to tell the story. Keep up the good work!


what a wunderfull History update :thumbsup:

I really like the mythical elements in your story. It reads almost like the works of Gabriel Garcia Marques. His stories also contain many wondrous and fantastical twists. A joy to read! &apls