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Started by nbvc, February 06, 2010, 08:56:33 AM

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Nagagonia is a region with no real world location. In this MD I will try to build a realistic looking region with some greater towns at the coast, some medium size towns at the rivers and seas and a lot of rural areas with smaller towns.

This is the current state of the almost empty map.

There are some rural towns in the middle of the map. One of them is Hampton.

The most people in Hampton work in manufacturing industries or farms near the town.

Near this town is this small sea where people can relax.

Imageshack has deleted or resized some pictures in this MD. I'm replacing some of them.


I think you start good. I like in particular your farm areas. The little canal ditch looks real good. You have a good region and i look forward to see it being built.


Amazing region map! I love the first set of pics and look forward to more.


WOW, what a start! Thats a fabulous little town, the type you would see in the central US.

Few questions:

Did you create that region map yourself?

Where is Hampton located on the region map?

Tomas Neto

Awesome start, with a nice region and beautiful rural areas!!!  :thumbsup:


Wow !
Now, that's a great start ! I really like the region, it looks great to make some big cities also as some small villages like this one you've done.
I really enjoyed watching the mosaic, it's really eye pleasing. The canals that goes though it and the main road are well done my friend. Like the little pond too, excellent details added. And the transition between the town and the industrial area is very nice.

Take care,
-Arthur. :thumbsup:
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Great start, nbvc! Can't wait for more!

I'm the one who jumped across the Grand Canyon... and lived.


It's great to see the Sims have Single track rail and a station!  very nice canal system btw.



That region map looks awesome and the village you have created so far looks great!!



Great start, great pics and great mosaic.
That map looks huge.  How big is it?
The farming areas with irragation looks especially great.
And how did you come up with the name?  "Nagaonia"  Very interesting.

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Superb start!  The extensive irrigation ditches are a great touch!  I like the huge scale of the farms here as well!


Wow terrific start!  &apls That is one impressive mosaic to be sure. I really love the diverse ways you chose to separate the farms. It adds that realistic feel of a network of small town farms.

I'm am definitely coming back for more from Nagagonia!


nedalezz: Yes, I created the map. For the location of Hampton see the map info below.
rooker1: The name "Nagagonia" is my "invention". I searched for something thats sounds good and had no relation to the real world. For the map size see below.

Thanks to all for comments.

Rural scenes around Hampton
Farming areas.


Currently I'm building some cities to get the business in Nagagonia running.

Map info
Size: 30,6 x 30,6 km
Current population: 41,645

(1) Hampton
(2) Coming soon.

Next we go to the mountains for a skiing trip.


That's a great looking rural area! :thumbsup: Looking forward to the next update!
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What can I say? Those rural areas are outstanding!  &apls &apls &apls
Fantastic work - I'm definitively looking forward to more  :thumbsup:.

Fabian :)


Outstanding pics, nbvc!

             -Jordan :thumbsup:
I'm the one who jumped across the Grand Canyon... and lived.


Very nice rural pics. Hampton's position in the middle of map should make it something of a trade center :)

I cant wait for the ski trip!


Great rural areas! Out of curiosity where did you get those circular farms?


Wow, those mosaic are really nice! I hope to see some more  ;D


Hey these are very nice. I wish I knew how to make the game look like that. Well done :thumbsup: