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Sam Johnson's BAT Bunker

Started by Sam Johnson, February 09, 2010, 12:57:24 PM

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Sam Johnson

Hello guys,

I have lost the Motivation to go on with my Port Project, I just had to big to do list, and well I wanted to play a bit Simcity 4 instead to do obnly batting, but well it reversed into its opposite :D
I fell in love with the Soviet and the usual eastern european Style. So I started a couple of eastern european styled BATs and well I wanted to show you some of them and of course the progress on them.

The first BATs are 2 blocks from Moscow But currently I'm not really happy with the textures, I'm going to revise them.

After those I battet an other larger block from Moscow

Well then I also startet some W2Ws based on some buildings from Moscow, as well

And these below are also from Moscow  ;D (I love those really ugly buildings there  $%Grinno$% )

Then something not so ugly and more famous (but it's just a small part of this project)

Here you see something what reminds to my old port project, maybe somewhen I will bat again things like that ;)

And here again an unfinished arpartment block from Moscow

And here my latest and also unfished project the Nowosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre. I just started it yesterday.

As you can see allmost every project isn't finsihed yet :D When the Opera is done I'm going to finish some of the other buildings before I'm going to start new projects :)

Feel free to ask Questions or offer criticism about the BATs

I hope anyone out there likes these BATs  :)


Some really nice work Sam Johnson :thumbsup:

I like the brown W2W from Moscow. That crane is sensational.  &apls

Did you really start that Nowosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre yesterday!?! Must of been a long day...


Awesome stuff. I don't know how can you fall in love with those commie blocks though :D
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Great work--the details and textures of the commie blocks are really excellent.  Love the satellite dishes and the laundry especially &apls

But as things said, really only one day's work on that opera?  $%Grinno$%


NAM + CAM + RAM + SAM, that's how I roll....


I want, I want!! :D
Very beautiful! &apls

Guillaume :thumbsup:
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Awesome, buildings are so well done, with lot of details>

I appreciate particulary the Kremlin s tower  &apls &apls
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Superbe work on all your projects Sam, It appears that you either fell in love with Moscow.  :thumbsup:

Good Luck___DEL!


Commie blocks !!!  :o :o Kremlin walls !!!  :o :o

Man, you mad my day !!  :thumbsup: &apls
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Nice to see a new post in the SFBT team thread. Your work looks very nice some of those apartment buildings (although soviet) look similar to many ghetto apartment developments that were in the US during the 1940s-1990s the only ones remaining still being mostly in NYC. Hope to see more from you and love what you have so far.

Sam Johnson

Thanks for all those nice comments  :)

thinhfish and gottaga: Well  on monday I had much time because I wasn't in school because I had a headache in the morning but the headache went away over the day so I startet batting the Nowosbirsk Opera  ;)

Yesterday I had no time for batting, today I could go on a bit with the Nowosbirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre, its not much progress just a little work on the modelling of the dome

I hope I will get the modelling mostly done on the weekend


Well you work with great speed, and it doesn't look like your work is suffering any for it either. (showoff ;))

I think it looks great, I'm keen for more HQ fine art venues in SC4. There's really not enough...


Wonderful Job! Really!!

I hope that they will be come soon!!


A very good collection of wonderfull bat here mate. &apls &apls You gonna be busy for a couple of hour  ;D



no more I can say..
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 &apls i love your current projects :D i find them usefull because i'm working on a russian/eastern european city right now ;)

Sam Johnson

First of all thanks for all those nice comments, here. I'm glad that you like my BATs  :)

Well after a long abstinence here, caused of school, there ins't much to show today

A few Days ago, I puuled out some commie blocks I made about 5 months ago and spruced them up a bit. Well after all I got 30 versions of those blocks  ;D
And well here they are on 3 15x15 test lots

Well you don't really see much of the blocks itself. So here some preview render pics

(Even if I think nobody here wants to live in one of those blocks, I hope you like them :D )

Before I was just too busy with school I was able to continue a bit the work on the Nowosibirsk Opera, but it isn't really much.

And the last weekend I just made 2 small towers of the kremlin walls but it's also not really noteworthy in my opinion

But even it isn't much what I did the last weeks I hope you like it  :)

Feel free to offer criticism  ;)

Edit (UTC+0 21:38): It seems the server of my picture-hosting service is down a for longer time. I re-uploaded the pictures.


I certainly like it! Actually I even love it! Especially those commie blocks... I'll make a big city with them when they're released $%Grinno$%
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Sam Johnson

Thanks io_bg  :)

After fixing some FSH problems, I was able to create a connecting piece between the diagonal and orthogonal commie blocks.


OOooooo! Love that  building...it would be great for a orth-diagonal piece yo bad you cannot overhang growables. Love how the others for this new set look. Very detailed and remind me of some places in the Bronx in New York City.