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Celje Urban Region - CUR

Started by strucka, April 27, 2010, 01:04:28 PM

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Welcome to an urban metropolis, with it's rural surrondings, from farms, mountains and Alps, lakes, with lush green forests, to Mediterranean coast with islands, cliffs, and bare pleatau's.

(AD1) Welcome to Edvard Rusjan Airport in Celje!

Ladies and gentleman, we have now touched ground, at Celje's Airport of Edvard Rusjan. Please remain seated until we stop.




I like the quadrangles, the open spaces in your terminal building, with the trees in them.  I never thought of doing that before.

SC4 - Large Airport Builder project


But firstly thank you to all of you.

These were probably the only (or amongst the few) of pictures. I will be making my second MD (the first is on simtropolis), with video material. Short but nice I hope.


nice idea with the videos! I would however advise against using the Maxis EL-rail station.
One more thing: where did you get that Star Alliance logojet?
RIP Adrian (adroman), you were a great friend

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Very nice! Great airport!

          -Jordan :thumbsup:
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Replies: Thanks to WC_EEND and canyonjumper, for the kind replies, the maxis stations did fit for me and of course I hadn't had much choice (limited space), the Star alliance A321 is in the pack of airbus 320's (319,320,321) which is on the LEX (I guess under voltaire)

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So here is yet another video, from the airport, an actual plane landing, and taxi to the gate. =)
Was meant to be in the first update, but had some dificulties uploading it. (Don't know why I forgot the youtube)


So to add some things, if anyone knows and can help, I've got two questions. First is how would I make this topic to show it's name as the last update does. I konw some pople have that.
And second is it possiple to make an embded youtube video on this forum? Because if i copy the link of embded video on to here, it just makes averything wrong.

Thanks guys!

P.S.: I am considering awarding points for the most posts in my topic and name streets for people who post the most. There is a lot of space, because what I have here is one metropolis with currently a 1,5 million residents, so how about first to get to 20 gets an important boulevard named after him. =)


A great start.
I will be watching what's next.
Unfortunately I can not build the airport, for me it is black magic.
Slovenia is a beautiful country. I lived a month in Ljubljana.
Good luck in further presentations


Replies: Neofita thanks!
BTW the City of Celje (this one not the real one), has two airports at the moment, this one, that was shown, is built on a large city tile, so it's an enourmous.

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Today I have arrived in the old city, by the train, that connects the Celje-severni kolodvor (Celje-north rail terminus) to the Airport of Edvard Rusjan (the RL famous Slovenian flyer and inventor of the first Slovenian/Yugoslavian airplane (in 1909 (EDA I)). Not to be strange, but this airport was built 40 years later on the same site, as the first flight.

So, of to the next video of the area behind the Celje-Severni kolodvor which is a big hub, as you will see in the video. =)



I have no idea to be honest. I do really like your airports, they look very realistic


EDIT: looks like you figured it out ;)
RIP Adrian (adroman), you were a great friend

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Wow! As starts go, this has to be one of the strongest I've seen! Can't wait for more
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It's something about a city. And a struggle that never happened.


Replies: Thanks both of you, yes xander, Haljackey was very helpful to me and showed me something I missed.
You are both (and every one else) very welcome here.
Due to the fact I figured out the system behind embeding, I'm adding another update today. Now I'm tending to do let's say one each day.

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Here is where you enter the newer part of the old city. The avenue is a part of the inner city ring boulevard (part of it starting here, might just carry your name*). The profile of this ''avenue'' going, towards the old city has this profile:[OWR-2|sidewalk|houses|3x-6x double rail track|GHSR|sidewalk|OWR-2] and is very wide of course. Traffic is bearable, only at rush hours there is standing traffic, but even that is because of the downtown area a bit further to east (right on the video).



Replies: Seems no one has replied since the last post. Well maybe no one want's to have a big wide full of traffic boulevard named after them. =)

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Today we're going to walk across one of many student campuses.

The city of Celje has two universities. One public university (University of Celje) which is around 300 years old and is one of the best in the world and the Ċ entjakobska (St.Jacob) university, which is also quite old and very very good. The first university has around 80.000 students, the second 35.000 students. There is also one more university on the outskirts of the city, which is a very young faculty, but already has near 6000 students. Of course it is not as good as the other two, but they manage. =)

So here is a shot of a student campus with Faculty for Mathematics, Fac. for Geodesy and Construction engineering, Fac. for Computer studies and Information systems and Faculty of Engineering.
This campus features a smaller technical library, some shops and cafes and teh most important thing, that was here first, the grain silo's changed into student homes. All this was a project of students and profesors from the Royal architecture academy of Celje. And got a huge amount of rewards. Here it is.



if I can make another suggestion? you should leave more time between updates, then you'll probably have a few more replies
RIP Adrian (adroman), you were a great friend

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Great job on the video man  :thumbsup: lots o' traffic.  :D



Replies:xander, I will keep that in mind, @marsh: that is totally what I'm going for, I now have quite some avenues and highways, that are carrying more than 20.000 car and that is totally what you need in a big metropolis as I'm building

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There was quite a break for some time now, because I was in Denmark for some time and when I got back, I had to get back at my studies and drawing (2nd year at the faculty of architecture), so now that I had some time AND now that we got the new NAM with RHW and the new NWM I was waiting for very eagerly, I can give you another video or two.

This video is shot on the outskirts of the downtown area. It features an old style (maxis) el-Highway, and again a lot of traffic:


This next one features the very beginning of the downtown and a lot of the monarchies public service buildings. Also seen is the 5-lane collector vein, running south of downtown. This is one of the most famous places in the city. Why? Let's leave that for the next time.


Reply: well seems as if no one is brave enough to say anything, so I'll say it again, don't be afraid to comment and criticize. =)
No update for now, but something will come soon.


Nice videos. &apls Maybe add some more pictures.


Asking for more replies is mostly not the way to get more people to comment. All MD's need time to develop.
It could be that your videos are just not very interesting to look at. The ones I have seen so far are not showing anything that you could not show with just a simple image.