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March 24, 2023, 02:39:37 AM

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Qaddro Restarted

Started by Krio, April 23, 2007, 03:28:00 PM

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Welcome to SC4D.. hehe

very nice MD... love the history, and the pictures that go along with it. Looking forward to more!  :thumbsup:

Come discover its mysteries...
Tristania // Revisited


LOL @ the stereotypical homosexual! Where did you get that lot with its pink trunks? It's one thing that Elytheria has been lacking - a stereotypical homosexual!  :D

That having been said - and put aside - great CJ MD you have here (and my first glimpse of it). I look forward to seeing more, albeit non-exclusive and all that. :P

Good luck with it!

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Update 2.0

I'm throwing these updates as quickly as I can, so Devotion could be on same level with ST. In ST, Qaddro is on page 15 allready with good comment - view ratio. I give repliesa after there is more of them. And this one is full update - all pics from ST.

Ruoholahden Elämyspuisto or Ruoholahti Amusment Park or RE is located in the end of the Kissala casino strip. It is the most popular tourist attaraction in the city leaving casinos behind. It is owned by the city and it will receive piers and seawalls in the future. And I'm sorry about that menu, pics taken 3 a.m. You must enjoy this update or you will be killed by same fierce tigers and pandas, which ruined the ancient Qaddro. (copypaste!)

Pics are gone from TEH INTERNETS


wow, a lot more creative than many cities im used to seeing

Where in asia is it? probably past japan...otherwise those pesky mongols wouldve settled it. or maybe the fierce pandas got them  :P


Hi Bengt ,

I'm discovering Qaddro here and now , so I'll wait that you've transfered all updates there before to give a precise comment , but I'm already enjoying this start . :thumbsup:
I know you as BATer , but I'm still not able to identify your own stuff .This will come ! ::)

It's the first time I see Bill Gates' bridge , a magnificent bridge ... but my greatest interest is for these streetlamps on parkings (last pictures) , I'm really enjoy this kind of details and everytime searching for this kind of props , so may I request from where they're coming ?

To the next . ;)

°   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °



So many questions, so I make first round of replies now. I still continue putting ST updates here, but it's little hard work  ;D If I remember right, this update is from Kissala (in English it would be something like Catville  :-\), which is resort city, known by it's beaches, casino's, Ruoholahti Amusement Park and "get married in hour"-chapels. I could say, that Las Vegas and Rio de Janeiro were somekind of inspiration for this nice city. Also Kissala has gone through lot of chances, so it looks kinda funny and undeveloped now.

BUT REPLIES (harder to reply here than ST  &ops)

Badsim You should also check Qaddro from ST, if you don't want to wait all miniupdates to come. After minis Qaddro will be in full speed here also. There is only few my bats, because their quality isn't good and I have made only few..but in capital Ronja there is mucho my work.

Heh, it's not Bill Gates  ;) Gill Bates because there is a bat "Gill Bates school" or something like that  :) And the parkinglots and streetlamps are from MAPP.

apostate: Kiitos / Thank you. Well map is Mumbai, so I would put Qaddro in somewhere in Indian penisula  :-\

M4346 Glad that you like it!  :D The lot it made by SimGoober OR jestarr and can be found using Perkins as search word  :)

guurgkud: Kiitos / Thank you!

THE PICS FROM KISSALA - and very first appearance of the pink car (Qaddrians from ST should know it)

The nest of sin and crime! The old overview of Kissala, suburbs aren't shown in the picture and seawalls either. Must be a graphic bug. Notice the long beach, Kultaranta (Gold Beach or Golden Beach, first one is straight translation) and City Hall Park in the center behind all casinos and hotels.

City hall and Krio Orkku Orava's memorial library on the right side of the GLR and Palazzio Casino on the left side. Upper left corner is the Kruunun ostoskeskus (Kruunu / Crown Mall).

Five stars hotel Shangri La near the Great Pier. Shangri La is only one kilometer north from Ruoholahden Elämyspuisto.

The Enterprise casino represents the futurist architechture and from here the pink car started it's invasion to Qaddro, allthough I noticed it's appearance about in page 5 or 6 in ST. It has a strange habit to shown up in odd places.

Metromap of Kissala. Black line is the tourist tram line and the red line is extended more to the right (south in Qaddro) to the new suburbs.

Persialainen teatteri / The Persian Theatre - home of movie galas and other random luxurious stuff.

City Plaza hotel, Emiiri and Patajätkä kasino and tram line in the middle.

Well-known landmark of the city: Samin Levypuoti (Sami's Recordshop) behind skyscraper. Founded in somewhere 60's and has become icon of PopArt.

Random shot near the Central Railway Sation.

City zoo with still unready tigercage-bat of mine. Roof texture and the lot needs mucho worka. I have forgot it.

Donuts and milk!

Vertigo Arena, home of the Kissalan Leijonat (Kissala Lions).

Kwik-E-Mart. No discounts.

Random suburban picture.

Is this home of the pink car?  %confuso

That was that is bigger in ST  ;D but only your comments keep the tigers and pandas happy and Qaddro safe.

Till next time folks!


It's time to double post. I don't think that wont harm anyone, because afterall these are separate updates and it's faster to make new post than edit.. :-\ I'm also lazy  ;D

But hey, this update is from capital city Ronja, which is also became more better. Ronja is indeed capital of Qaddro, where the krio and goverment lives. Ronja was the first settelment in Qaddro, founded by Sweden-Finland and it was named Karlstadt after Swedish king. When Qaddro gained inpendence, Karlstad was renamed as Ronja after the first baby who was born in Karlstad "New Sweden".

Today Ronja is 400 years old W2W city with skyscraper districts. Allthough Ronja isn't the economical capital, it is home to several big companies in Asia, like HSBC. Many Qaddrian company is located in Tigropoli, which is shown later.


Keskusrautatieasema // Central Railway Station

Huomisaukio // Tomorrow Plaza opposite the Central Railway Station. Popular meeting place among Qaddrians.

As a social welfare state even the poor children can have fun.

Ronjan Arkkitehtuuriopisto // Ronja School of Architechture

Ernonkatu, main street of Ronja.

Metropoli Ostoskeskus // Metropoli Mall

Glenni's favourite hangout.

That was that update! I post new update from Tigropoli to ST's Qaddro, so go and check it out and also comment it.


WOW!  great updates. I don't know how fast i had to reply when I read that punishment for not replying was utter destruction at the paws of wild Tigers and pandabears :D Onthe other hand, Stropon Zoo could use some of them. can you send a few pacified and muzzled creatures instead? $%Grinno$%

I look forward to see the future updates. and let's hope your MD get to the 15 pages soon.



wonderful start and many great pictures! Fantastic work! :thumbsup:


UPDATE 5?  ()what()

Thank you bat and Strechnitz for your comments  :) Qaddro in MD has now achieved a classic status and page 4 of ST's Qaddro. I combined two updates to the previous Ronja update  ;) In page 4 there is also a traveller's guide to Qaddro; Finnish - English dictionary which I will continue..OR NOT! HAH HAH!

In page 3 in ST I was very angry and theartend to end making Qaddro  ;D And I will end this in here if.. $%#Ninj2

This update will show you 4th city of mine, Industrial city of Niittypolku. If we roughly translate Niittypolku, it means Meadowtrail. This update show s only suburbs and Bobbo commerical district of Niittypolku, industrial part is coming later on this MD. Niittypolku is also home of Nasu Kissan Avaruuskeskus (Nasu Kissa's Space Center) and there is also navy and military bases. So very important city! Bobbo district is named after our great batter Bobbo662, because almost every shop in Bobbo-district are made by him  :)


Eteläharjun rautatieasema // Eteläharju Railway Station near southern end of Ronja.

Traffic in the Ernonkatu, main street of Ronja. Museum of Dutch Commerence is located in the upper left corner of this picture.

Tukkimiehen tavaratalo - Tukkimies Department Store. The most expensive department store in Ronja, but also normal people can shop there. Tram line 1 or 4 runs behind it, can't remember which one, because they cross almost same position.

My version of Piccadilly Circus' famous billboard corner building. Actually this is green replica of Ill Tonkso's Queen Street 4 building, I accidently made this when chatting. After I was placing billboards, I realized what I had done   &mmm

Something from ancient Qaddro, from 30's and from new millenium.


Suburban madness with. Those "normal" houses in the middle of slums at Koiravuori (Dog mountain) are stupid. Grr.

Close up from Koiravuori

Saijan sairaala (Saija Memorial Hospital) and very mixed suburbs. Mexicans, british, "normal" and brownies.

Tea and biscuits at Little UK!

Middle class.

Main intersection in Bobbo district with Shell and infamous pink car.

Viherä Omena-chain (Green Apple) and the H-E-B Tuore Ruoka (Fresh food) in the Bobbo and made by Bobbo662.

Till next time folks!


Really great start.  I like your style and I think this is going to be an interesting MD to follow.

Robin   :thumbsup: &apls
Call me Robin, please.


wow those last updates were amazing. love the work that you are doing!

looking forward to more!  :thumbsup:

Come discover its mysteries...
Tristania // Revisited


Hi Bengt/Krio-

Glad to see you've brought Qaddro over here as well.  I've lurked over at ST, but this is my first time commenting.  I must say, I think your region is very well put together, and your outrageous sense of humor and irreverent style of CJing/MDing really make it unique and enjoyable to read.  You really should consider becoming a stand-up comedian. ;)  Your first update especially had me falling out of my chair laughing. :D 

Looking forward to seeing the further adventures of the pink car, and I hope that my commenting here is helpful in sparing Qaddro from various wild animals.



Well, haven't been to over at ST for a while now, so this is my first encounter with Qaddro. I must say it's a pleasent experience. The pictures look really good, but I the background story too - it was among the best I have seen so far. It's a very interesting thought with an aggressive Finland/Sweden superpower colonizing countries in East Asia. Not very realistic, hehe, but interesting. :thumbsup:

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Hello hello again. It's UPDATE 6 or who cares about the numbers anyway when quality is great!

We are back in Ronja again in this update, showing darker areas of Ronja when city was developing. Yeah, I also show "unfinished" parts of my cities. No really much say about this, though in these pics I realised the pink car first time  ;D


emilin: You should be there watching and commenting Qaddro  ;) Well, Sweden-Finland started colonization because Qaddro is located in Counter-Earth with alternative history..and cats are the dominating species  ;D

Tarkus: You can call me Bengt or Krio, but I prefer King or God, hah hah! ;D I do my best, but it's gonna be better in future. I reduced humour in some point, but is getting back in ST and Devotion also!

guurgkud: Thank you, more is now!

rooker1: Thank you, this is sure interesting and great!

After I have loved myself, it's to time to UPDATE this one.


Creep creep!

Some noon traffic at Ernonkatu.

Cheap yes, beautiful not.

"That pink car is everywhere" <- I noticed it's appearances first time.

This is odd picture, they were just standing there without the reason..

That was it folks!


Maybe they're zombies?

Great work, Krio...don't you know how to turn those things off?  hahaha
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Brill  &apls Thanks for the smashing CJ  ;D
I'm back


Nice work on Quaddro there Krio, a lot of pictures to take in at once.


Thanks for the comment guys. I've been banned for a day from ST, so I have more reason to move to devotion!

Another update is served from industrial city of Niittypolku. I've tried to choose best pics for this, but mine and also kwakelaar's opinion there is too much pics in front page. Maybe I could skip to last page, but other hand you will lose a much.

Cement plants!


Niittypolun sisäsatama // Niittypolku's Inland Harbour along the Martinjoki // Martti river

Old coal harbours will be demolished, because Qaddro has started to use no-fossil fuels.

A tunnel under Martinjoki

Vertigo Chemical Factory. Kitties and puppies here have four tails.

Niittypolku's five star hotel Hollantilainen (The Dutchman). Nice W2W, so don't be upset if it will appear in Ronja's street in background (if it grows again).

We sell Hyundai!

That was that update, remember comment or fierce tigers and pandas come and you know the rest  $%#Ninj2