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RONDNOIR ~ the small Principality ~ Biganos - Replies and Teaser Old Watermill ~

Started by Framly, May 06, 2010, 02:28:24 PM

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Now also internationally and not only in the SimForum Germany

I will update all infos, like number of inhabitants, traffic plans,  and everything that concerns the whole region and makes it interesting in this post.

I like stories all around portraits so.. let your imagination go wild!

Land information

Number of inhabitants: ~6.000

National language:  French

Form of  government: since the Bordeaux contract of 1948: Dyarchie (archbishop of Arcachon and hereditary prince Albert)

Foundation year:  March 1690 by prince Rennoir II (name giver of the principality) reintegration in 1798 during the French revolution

Independence:  since 1948 as an independent Département of France

Religions:  predominantly Rom.-Catholic / in 1948 the diocese of Arcachon was appointed archbishopric by pope Pius XII

Position: southwest of France on the Atlantic coast on the edge of the national park Gascogne

Administrative arrangement: in 10 regional Arrondissements

Membership in international organisations: FAO, IAO, IAEO, ITU, IMO, ICAO,  IWF, OSCE, OECD, world bank, WTO, WMO, UNICEF, UNESCO, UPU
Specific feature: An EU membership as well as the Schengener agreement were rejected in 1986.

Currency: Rondnoir Franconia / 1RF = 1.2351 €

Economy: long agriculturally stamped / by liberal tax-sedate and lower bureaucracy, the land tries to become an important finance place
Touristically hardly opened

Castandet(1.500/Arrondissement Eyre)
Arrondissement  Eyre)

State symbol:
emblem of the sovereign family,  there is no official flag


The "Bassin d' Arcachon", a bay in the southwest of France

  The 10 Arrondissements, here an overview

other maps will follow...

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Update 1.1

- the pearl on the edge of the national park -


Number of inhabitants: 1.500

Position:  Border place in the southeast of the principality in the Arrondissement Eyre

Foundation: Mentioned for the first time in 1756 in old church archives

Places of interest: Medieval cloister, Eyre Reservoir

City coats of arms:


If we begin our trip from above


The Eyre Reservoir was built in the Eyre valley from 1895 - in 1898. The dam's purpose is to grant the water supply for the whole region. French region of Bilon receives its water from here, too. A bird bird sanctuary area was constructed in the end of the 80s

All around the Reservoir there are numerous footpaths
1.3 - 1.8

The dam wall was already redeveloped several times and with a drop height of 14m, it belongs to the rather small dam walls in Europe. The control center is from the 70s
1.9 - 1.13

The height difference

By the construction of the dam, 21 construction workers died because of explosives. To their memory a monument was established in 1910

The shore from the bird's-eye view

The modern water pump was finished in 1986

1.17 - 1.18

A popular tourist purpose, the cafe "La  Belle Vue" with marvellous view on the Reservoir

The Medieval bridge - popular place for photos of the cloister and the dam wall

The Medieval cloister to the Eyre, the oldest cloister in the Gascogne, built around 1252. During the centuries the cloister was developed on and on and fastened. Because it became rich by wood and fish trade, the cloister woke up desirability over and  over again what should be prevented by the massive construction method. For centuries retreat place of the prince's family. Today the cloister is in hand of an endowment. The cloister is well known far over the borders because of his apple cider
1.21 - 1.23

A painting of the known painter Caroline Paule originated in 1961. Today the painting hangs in the national art  museum in Marien

The north south axis. One of the important transit roads of Rondnoir. Because of the rejection of the Schengener agreement, there are still border controls
1.25 - 1.26

For strict laws to protect the water, the possibilites of agriculture are very restricted
1.27 - 1.28

Finally a few more pictures of Castandet
1.29 - 1.31

The city centre
1.32 - 1.33

Today the local football Club has training

The Catholic elementary school Lillet. Named according to the founder; sister Lillet (1915)

And finally, to come to the end, one more postcard from the railway station shop in Castandet

I hope you had a little fun

The next update is quite ready and I'll release it in 1-2 weeks


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Welcome to SC4D, my friend. And a great start that you've given us.

You really have created a beautiful landscape in this region, you have gorgeous natural areas and the lakeshore is especially nice.

Ethan  :)


Wow , that was once of the best opening's i have ever seen on this site. :)


Welcome to Sc4Devotion with your MD!

Be sure that Papa Nardo is watching your MD here as well ...  $%#Ninj2


Take care!

Bernhard  :thumbsup:


First of all - congratulations, you surely spent some time in creating the storyboard, coat of arms, and of course the developement of your cityt so far. Great work with that pathways indeed! Very good use of that stuff!

Second - mind to share the origin of these fascinating retaining walls?

Quote from: Framly on May 06, 2010, 02:31:26 PM


Is this your own creation? And is it downloadable somewhere? %confuso

If it's a good idea, go ahead and do it. It's much easier to apologize than it is to get permission.

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Like I said in the german SimForum: Wonderful pics!



What a great start! There are far too many pictures for me to comment on them individually.  :P But basically I like them all. There are so many details. I'll have to take a closer look when I have more time.
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very nice :), good rural area

- Giel
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Nice one!  :thumbsup: I like your transportation network.

Where did you get the wooden building (catholic school) in this pic: http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/6520/129jj.jpg ?


Nice to see your MD here at SC4D, Framly!
These are really great pics, with a lot of interesting details.  :thumbsup:

@metasmurf: I'd guess the school is from this school pack, it is indeed a religious school. In the lot description it's shown from the "other" side.


Wow! What a way to announce your presence...that's a great opener!  &apls 

The damn is great and the Water Control Board building is sooo perfect. Its such a diverse and detailed tile you've created here. I shutter to think at how awesome others in your region will be. I'll be waiting impatiently for your next update.  ;)


This is beautiful! Great job Framly!

                  -Jordan :thumbsup:
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I'm a fan.  The winding road is very well done.  The rocky shores are also good looking.  I can't really find anything to criticize, but we all know that there is no such thing as perfect, so I'm gonna say that I don't like the colour of the water.  $%Grinno$%  It seems a tad bit off.  Don't take it too hard though.  You still get top marks. :D



amazing, this spectacular, I like this region, remains so. &apls &apls &apls


Oh, a time again our Bassin d'Arcachon $%Grinno$%
It's very nice done, I really like the little village :thumbsup:
I like the carte postale too, with "La Poste" in right top ()stsfd()
Maybe you sometimes see cars of La Poste like it:

...taking your postal card $%Grinno$%

Guilllaume :thumbsup:
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A small foretaste of my next week appearing Update :thumbsup:

Chosen for the SimForum picture Competition Hall of Fame :)

And thanks for all your replies, i'll answer in my next Update ()stsfd()

Four in One :D

.. now i'll test the new NAM features &apls

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Great pics Framly! I do like that bridge ;D It's PEG's right?

              -Jordan :thumbsup:
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