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May 18, 2022, 03:53:37 PM

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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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Finally caught up!!! This place is awesome, David!! Gets better everytime I come here. I do have a couple of questions, and if they have been answered, just point me where I need to go to find the answers.

1. Are all your tutorials in one spot yet? So they can be printed out? I think I need to start an SC4 Tutorial Binder.
2. Is it possible for us to just download 3RR and use it ourselves? Instead of as a collaboration?

And finally, a suggestion: Between you and Darmok, you could put together an SC4 Tutorial booklet/pamphlet/thing and sell it, just like the STEX CDs, I would totally buy it. Are his tutorials all in one place? You two have totally revolutionized how I play the game and made it much more fun. Now that I have time to concentrate on SC4, I hope to take everything I've learned and put it to use.



I thought you couldn't lot. hehe.  $%Grinno$% Very nicely done David. I look forward to when you've got all the bugs worked out and we can see large stretches of farms.  :thumbsup:


The cattle guard doesn't look too bad there. You somehow managed to get rid of that little wavy effect where it enters the ground. I could probably make the cement texture a bit dirtier (it looks a bit bright right now) but let me know if you (and I ask this also of the 3RR regulars too) see anything that could/should be improved. Time to finish up reading for Property (easements are interesting) but I'll be around to see what's in the mail, and to keep an eye on the fields. As far as the grass goes, have you considered making the textures overlays and using jeronij's base texture removal trick? Hope things are working well for you now, I'll see you next time.


I think that the cattle guard looks good--it may be a bit bright as you said, Matt, but it still looks good to me! Great work!


It's hard to go to bed without showing you just one more.

That's Matt's (threestooges) first cut at a midwestern windmill.  We may just become one of those showcase threads...

Membership in the 3RR Fact Checkers, though, for the first 3RR Regular* who posts the one big thing that our friend needs to do as he works to put his farm BATs in final form.

On your mark- get set- GO!


*  If you've posted at least once here or at 3RR-ST, you are one.

D. Edgren

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Wonderful stuff! :thumbsup:

How about doing the lot with no bas texture so you'll get the medow grass texture shining through... that should be rough enough shouldn't it?

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That is looking really nice, David! Wonderful pictures of it! :thumbsup:


These new farms look amazing.  I may have to start a more rural area so I can do some farms.  ;)

Robin  &apls
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The base texture should be changed. Or even better, do what emilin suggested. :P

Also, the tractor's too small in proportion to everything else [not so sure about the big one... lol] It'd probably be a good idea if there was more dirt spread around in that corner.
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yeah it would be alot of alpha maps but well worth the effort...
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great project on crop circles you got there David, btw you wont happen to add this on one of the fence could ya?

(Ive actually seen signs like this strung on farmlands along the interstate when I would travel before. I thought they were funny) I guess you can get an extended warranty on Used Cows still... ::)

EDITLOL, great sign, Ryan.

Would you buy a used cow from these folks
? -DE
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(After 130 pages and 50,000 views, I thought it was about time I stopped lurking...)

EDIT: Andrew (Copperalis) is out of the shadows and nobody to be trifled with...

Welcome to the 3RR Fact Checkers, my sharp-eyed friend
. -DE


If they haven't got new mobile phones by now, they deserve their old cows... $%#Ninj2


Ugh. I am so disgusted. Just looking at those pictures makes me sick! :)

Now I'm going to have to go through every single farm in the game and transit enable the tile closest resembling an entrance. Next thing I'll know is that you've released the cow catcher as a beta release and I'll have to go BACK and put it over all the entrances I spent so much time making in the meantime. And soon after that, the Rural Renewal mod will be released in beta and I'll have to go through and install that and redo my farms yet again!

My girlfriend is going to kill me.



I agree with Copperalis -- shadows **slaps forehead**.
Also, a stock tank beside the windmill would be nice, but I love the design as is too.

Until next time...


Hey David,

Hmmmm seems like they have been able to accessorize themselves. You sure they didnt save 15% and switch over to Geico?  :D
Plaza Mall Project
Coming Soon to the LEX!

NAM Team
What can NAM do for you?


You know what they say--"the devil's in the details!" Good eye, Copperalis! Though I must say, I looks pretty outstanding without the shadows, so it's going to look even better with them!


The windmill looks very very good, as do those cattle guards. I cant wait to see it all released.

Post #2599, I wonder whos gonna be the lucky one this time?
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I was just wondering if you were going to make other fields (textures)?  These look great and very useful.
And I would never buy a cow form those people.  And what is a used cow anyways?  Doesn't sound very nice.

Robin  :thumbsup:

EDITAnother "Double-0!"  Robin, you join our friend Kitsune as due 3RR honors.  I'm planning to have some fun with these. -DE
Call me Robin, please.


wow.. your just amazing... you say you cant lot?

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