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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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These are great gifts, I feel like a child  :D

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Thanks, David! Much appreciated, my friend.

Hope all is well on your Sunday evening!



Congratulations on the new server acquisition. that should certainly make things easier, and yet potentially more complex, but hopefully not too much so. Glad to hear you'll be taking some time to visit the kids, and I hope you get everything taken care of prior to the trip. Oddly enough, though I made those darn things, I don't think I actually have the file for ploppable windmills in my plugins (easy enough to remedy). I was out of town over the weekend, but let me just say, nice little flashback you had there too. Enjoy the trip to Helena, and I hope you Heater and the kids enjoy the trip.


Thanks for the list of all your lots there! ;)

Looking forward to more of 3RR!


Thanks David!
Maybe you could turn that last post into a sticky one?

Have a good time.

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Hey David: want a page for your server that has live updates on views and posts of this thread? (and maybe 3RR-ST) If you want I can give you this: [linky] just a few mins work that finds out how many views and posts this thread has :)

btw, your server is looking nice :)  :D

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Quote from: dedgren on June 08, 2008, 12:45:43 PM
I'm really thinking about putting the ortho wide runways up here, as those lots have been done for a year and are unreleased only because of the lack of icons and a readme.

Now, now David, you know what I was saying about those the other day... ;)



David this is sweet to see all this in one place and I thinking that there should be umm a separate place for them here IE 3RR downloads that haven't been on the LEX thread cough cough idea maybe?  So you would be the only to post there in the thread and with all the links... 

Also I am willing to offer my services of Posterboy Productions to do Readme's for you and Icon's as per needed for you... The only thing I would require is list of dependencies and any background info you may want the end user to know about the particular lot...  you can PM me if you are intrested...

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I had a few minutes before work and someone had asked to see a bit more of Arcadia, so I booted it up.

Think about how nice this will be with some smooth curves thrown in.

Here's a lakebed that used to hold brtim2's ploppable "Edmonton" water.  I'll try filling it with jeronij's at some point.

I did take a minute to see what could be done with the currently existing wide curves.  Here's what should be a sweeping rail curve along a river bank into a bridge.

And here's the sweeping curve.

...gaak, those game trees!...

Here's a poorly designed (from a road-safety sense) level-crossing and those ridiculous "humpy" road curves you get when you do something in a hurry.

Here's the rail line gone.  You can see the end of the smooth curve from the previous set.

Put back with a grid to show you how stuff lines up.

And after a "ten-second" tree planting job.

There'll be more of Arcadia as time permits.  I may use it to showcase more of the wide curve/FAR/FARR improvements.




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What a tease you are.  That looks amazingly better.

Robin  :thumbsup:
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Thankyou for showing us more of it :)

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Just think, David--did you ever imagine when Arcadia was conceived that you'd be able to do such things?

Wonderful work, my friend. Absolutely wonderful!



I love it when you show before and after pics. It really shows just how much you've improved this game.  &apls


pant, pant this wolf wants more of the same. Keep it coming David
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Looks fantastic.     I have been trying to use the curves as much as possible.    I hate when I have to use an abrupt corner or curve.   I am really looking forward to seeing FAR and FARR becoming available.


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well well well, nice to see some more aradia, well done to the person that suggested that :P, its nice to see someone using the in game cliffside road supports, although i have always wondered if it is possible to change the model to something a little more realistic, maybe with barriers, and a better texture.... anyways nice rework on the crossing setup...

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Hmm, I don't remember this.  ;D

Anyway, I like the look of this very much. What'd be nice would be some development as well, though. :P
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Nice picures David :)
but, I don't remember of an MD or CJ called Arcadia...