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May 18, 2022, 04:09:59 PM

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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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Hi, David!

I'm happy to hear that you made it to Helena safely--flying does take it out of though, doesn't it? For me, it was all the waiting around that exhausted me, not to mention children that sing the ABCs repeatedly on a 7:00 AM flight, but that's a horse of a completely different color.

Your pictures of the Great Salt Lake and the mountains in Idaho are absolutely gorgeous, my friend. I've never been to Utah, Idaho, or Montana, so your pictures have served as my first glimpse of our Rocky Mountain states. One day, I'll get there...I hope. That's got me thinking, actually. Have you been to all 50 states, I'm thinking that you weren't in all of them, you have to be pretty close. I've got 22 under my belt, so I'm a little bit below .500, at the moment. But, anyway...

I hope the boys are doing well, as well as Heather and yourself.

Take care, my friend!



-kitsune: yes 256mb. It was pretty darn good for the time it was made too. It take a bit to open menus now and then, but I tend to stick to more rural maps at medium size. I'm ready for 3RR's stuff though.

-David: It looks like the flight was smooth sailing and it seems you sense of humor survived the trip intact (and didn't get re-routed to Albuquerque or somewhere). The pics are great and I particularly like #10. The winding road cutting through the pic really stands out and leads the eye through the pic. I've always found the curves of such roads interesting. I know that they often develop due to the path of least resistance, but seeing it swerve wildly like it does makes one wonder what sent it that way. Glad to see you had some fun with the boys today too. It looks like they have good taste in cars. You spent your energy the right way today. Take care and enjoy the trip.


 :sunny: There's wonder in everything - we just see it in different places.  Hug 'em tight, David.

"It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit."     - Harry S. Truman


Quote from: dedgren on June 22, 2008, 08:43:29 PMJust because the world is hard, doesn't mean that it can't be wonderful, too.

That is such a beautiful thing to say, David.  :)

I hope you're having a blast with your boys! They look like really good kids.

Oh, and that spiral jetty thing is amazing!! Thanks for the link.


Great pics David (especially the last two)! ;)


Wow, those are some great pics of the landscape up there. I've traveled through the Utah and Idaho mountains only once but haven't caught a glimpse of them from the perspective you just offered. It's quite majestic to be able to look at these places from above as opposed to from a bus on the highway.

I quite agree with you on your remark about the human hand, but only in the rural sense. Skyscrapers skylines are marvels in themselves, though they are nothing compared to the dusty roads and farms on against the canvas of the American frontier. Thanks for posting up these pictures. It's refreshing to see these when you live in an industrial wasteland for so long.


While visiting Busch Gardens Williamsburg in Virginia, this weekend, I spotted evidence that you have begun franchising. From the looks of the long lines in front of the place, you have fans about everywhere. This is in the Canadian section of the park, BTW.


those are some great overhead shots you got from the plane david. i remember when i went to seattle last summer, on my way back home i had went through las vegas and i gotta say going through that area and looking through the painted desert and stuff was really a sight on my eyes, specially when we left seattle we flew by mt st helens? i think thats the giant volcano thats in seattle...anyways thats a funny pic you took shoreman  :D
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what do they sell i wonder?

by chance, i thought I'd ask as to how the farr stuff is going? I haven't heard much of it lately and can't wait for its release into the big world. the majority of the work was transferred to another team, wasn't it?

great job David on a fantastic cj here david. btw, those hills and countryside look beautiful there. sighs. so pretty.


Hai everyone. This is my first post under the cj category here at SC4D, I intend to get a bit more personal and active here in this community. I was staring in complete awe at the FAR and was thinking that David could have one more beta tester that's building suburbs. Hmmm, Should he ask? I think he should.

David: Do you need one more beta tester for the road, and for when the rail comes out?


Wonderful CJ also.
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I've always tended to be one of those sort of folks who looks at something and thinks...

...well, WHY THE HECK NOT?

I assume our great friend and Resident Rural Genius Chris (Chrisadams3997) would have gotten around to this sooner or later.

...probably too low for ferries... heh!...

* * *

Greetz, btw, from Some El Cheapo Motel in West Yellowstone, Montana.  The wi-fi, I'm pretty sure, runs off the same box as you drop quarters in for the Vibra-Bed®.

The sunsets, however...

Old Faithful, et al-



D. Edgren

Please call me David...

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Chris' new culverts are the greatest thing since sliced bread.  And I absolutely love all of these Montana pics.  Haven't been out to Helena, but I was in Missoula a couple of years ago for a conference--I really liked it there, but didn't get to enjoy it all that much due to the conference.  One of these days I'd love to go on a massive roadtrip around the "Inner Northwest".  Those Salt Lake pics are just absolutely stunning as well--I'm a huge desert guy.  That diamond interchange along it isn't too shabby looking either. :D 

Hope everything is well with Heather and the boys.


PS--The FARR stuff is still coming along, slowly but surely.  I'll have something functional to show very soon.


Two great posts to mull over here. Interesting water you used there David... which mod is that and how did you manage the banks there... rain tool? I'm not sure what it is, but something seems different about the banks; if it is the rain tool you did a fine job at rounding out the corners.

I love the sunsets that area can provide. It has been many years since I was in Yellowstone. I hope you'll share a few more pics from the area if you get the chance. I almost made it there last summer (wow, it seems like it was less than a year ago). The trip was meant to go up the coast (SF, Portland, Seattle) and then loop around (Yellowstone, through Colorado, Salt Lake City, Vegas/Grand Canyon) and back to LA. Trouble is, when we got to Seattle it started to rain (surprised?) but it turns out it was a bit more than a storm. The weather channel showed red all the way from Seattle to Missoula (our intended drive for the day) and the storm was moving east. Given that Yellowstone is a place people tend to enjoy outside, we decided to turn around and head back south (Yosemite and the like) but I'm getting off on a tangent.

Alex, I'm looking forward to seeing the new developments with the FARR (and hopefully doing some tests) when the time comes.



QuoteI assume our great friend and Resident Rural Genius Chris (Chrisadams3997) would have gotten around to this sooner or later.

lol, I actually intended to have a 'water' lot for it from the beginning, and even made one in LE while I was making the others.  However the LE conviniently 'forgot' the water tile I'd placed on the lot when I saved it, and I didn't have the heart to try my luck again(I do little to hide my disdain for the Lot Editor ::), me and it don't always agree), but I'm glad you got it to work David.

QuoteInteresting water you used there David... which mod is that and how did you manage the banks there... rain tool? I'm not sure what it is, but something seems different about the banks

It's definitely in-game water Matt, as there are ripples.  It's an interesting transparency setting though.  For one thing, he's got the 'min alpha' at zero, which eliminates the hard border typically seen at the edge, then a very shallow max alpha setting so that max transparency is reached even in shallow water basically.  Or at least that's my guess ;).  I might have a guess about the water mod too, but I'll leave that to David.

Really awesome sunset photos David, hope you're enjoying your trip.



Quote from: threestooges on June 27, 2008, 12:16:38 AM
Two great posts to mull over here. Interesting water you used there David... which mod is that and how did you manage the banks there... rain tool? I'm not sure what it is, but something seems different about the banks; if it is the rain tool you did a fine job at rounding out the corners.

Plus no beaches.  ;)


you do love making me droool dont you :P

Copperminds and Cuddleswarms


QuotePlus no beaches.

Doh! totally missed that  :D


Beautiful pictures in last two updates David!

Personally I don't like to fly too much, I always prefered to use a car during my European journeys (mainly because I can stop where I want and I have some freedom in the target point). But there is also another reason: Never have I had a chance to see so interesting landscapes during the flight. Bigger planes usually fly too high ;D 10 km above the ground is a stupid height - too high to see interesting details and too low to see as exciting landscapes as on the satellite view. I was flying over Alps several times, but I wasn't be able to make any interesting photos (maybe the weather is an important factor too). I am jealous! :D
Great pictures of your boys! I wish them to live healthy and enjoy the life as often and as much as possible  :)
I had a good girl friend in school, she married with a very nice guy and their son has the Down syndrome. But they loved him very much. They explained me one time, that although their son's understanding ability is limited, but his feelings are even stronger. Every of us have our own limitations, we simply have to know them and live with them.

Hey, I see some creative work with water properties here! I have a strange feeling that we can expect the next stage in the SC4 development! :D
Chris' flora is in fact something close to the painting tools set, and we are now more encouraged to modify more and more game parameters. I suppose we should organize all these attempts and prepare some new working methods available for an average player :)


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David, that "bridge" is excellent and logical.  Just as it would be done in real life. :thumbsup: