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July 07, 2022, 10:08:17 AM

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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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The pond and oak-lined lane both look great!
That pond definately looks like something I would find in RL.

Marysville can't be much of a ghost town if they're still doing road work in it!  :D

Almost there...
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Awfully close, David! Awfully close--70 and change by my count now. Get the champagne ready...

And your Sunday morning, oak-lined lanes look wonderful, too, my friend!

Hope all is well for you and your family!



Whoa!  I never realized this but 3RR is getting dangerously close to 100,000 views!

What a milestone!  Did you ever think 3RR would ever get this popular?  If not, why do you think it did?

Anyways, an early congrats on hitting the 100k mark!   &apls Next goal?  5,000 posts! :)




Just a quick post before I'm off to bed.  We had a great afternoon taking the boys swimming at what passes in Helena for a local swimming hole.  This evening I've been working on further modding Chris's (Chrisadams3997) fences to meet some specific 3RR needs.  Here's a single interim shot.

Keep that pic in mind- I have a ton of between fields textures that I created a few months ago, and it looks like I'll finally be getting to use them.

* * *

As my good friends Hal and Dustin have noted, we'll hit 100K page views here in just a little bit.  I'm in awe of you folks, and appreciate so much your having borne with me over the past 2+ years.  The second 100,000, though, is where things will will really start to happen.  Come to think of it, I might just stay up a bit and see who's around when that old odometer rolls.



D. Edgren

Please call me David...

Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
The 3RR Quick Finder [linkie]

I aten't dead.  —  R.I.P. Granny Weatherwax

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Quote from: dedgren on July 06, 2008, 10:17:45 PMThe second 100,000, though, is where things will will really start to happen.
With a buildup like that, I might just have to stick around to see what happens too. 99964


12:01 a.m. Mountain Standard Time (GMT-7) on July 7, 2008...

Here's the actual official odometer just before it settled in-

How 'bout that?


D. Edgren

Please call me David...

Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
The 3RR Quick Finder [linkie]

I aten't dead.  —  R.I.P. Granny Weatherwax

Skype: davidredgren


Earlier this evening I posted the following on the NAM How-Tos and Tutorials board:
QuoteOne feature that I think would be very useful for adding to the realism of the game would be puzzle pieces that would allow networks to be laid out diagonally at angles other than 45 degrees.  Based on the existence of the current curved puzzle pieces, this doesn't look like it would be very hard to do.  For example, a standard diagonal road moves one square to the side for every square it moves forward; a very useful puzzle piece would be a 2x3 piece in which the road moved one square to the side for every two squares forward.  To give the user even more flexibility, I would also recommend even gentler diagonals with 2x4 and 2x5 puzzle pieces.  This would be especially useful to those of us trying to model real cities; even a city like Chicago has its share of non-standard diagonal roads.

I think it would also be useful considering applying this idea to other relevant networks.  Personally, I would be interested in seeing it additionally on rails, el trains, viaduct rail, and avenues (in that order).  Comments are invited.
Within minutes of posting this, a kind soul pointed me to this thread, where I saw the enormous amount that's already been done.  (I must confess, though - I haven't read all of the 133 pages that were written since FAR was introduced.)  In any case, I'd be very interested in testing this, assuming that your still accepting testers.  (And for that matter, even if you aren't!)  As you may gather from my quote, I am currently building a scale model of Chicago, and what should be straight roads at nonstandard angles are a combination of curves, half-curves and S-curves that don't look like the real thing at all.  So I'd certainly be able to give FAR a good test in an urban environment.

Also, as you can see, it's the straight diagonals that are most important to me.  I'm not sure what's been added to FAR since the original pictures, but if you don't have all the pieces I mentioned, perhaps you'd consider adding them.  To be honest, extending the series I mentioned and adding more straight diagonals (maybe up to 2x10?) would be very useful when trying to model real cities.  Finally, puzzle pieces that include intersections with orthogonal roads (regardless of the type of diagonal network) would also be extremely helpful, both dead-end and four-way.  I saw one picture of a dead-end intersection with a diagonal here that looked great, but I don't know how much you've implemented.

Do you have plans to integrate FAR into the NAM when you're finished with it?

Anyway, I'd really like to hear from you, and I'd guarantee that your work would get an immediate extensive workout.

EDITArcher and Ogden Avenues.  Lake Street.  The Chicago I grew up in, when 1-90 in from the western 'burbs was still the Congress Street Expressway.  z- I'll address your requests and questions here in a post during the coming week.  For now, I'll just say that we're on the same wavelength. -DE


That's a fantastic looking picture there, David! :thumbsup:

&apls AND CONGRATS on more than 100 000 views!!!!!!!! &apls


Quote from: dedgren on July 06, 2008, 11:08:07 PM
12:01 a.m. Mountain Standard Time (GMT-7) on July 7, 2008...

Has that picture been Photoshopped in any way? For me, Matt's post appear's halfway down page 208, not at the top of page 1. Pretty strange start for an MD by Dedgren isn't it?  :D :D :D



I think he has the option "most recent posts on top" on. Congratulations with over 100,000 views!


EDIT: Heh!  Indeed I do.  About the only time I change it back is when I work on the table of contents.  Maybe that's why I generally have such a different perspective on things... - DE
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I sent Chris (Chrisadams3997) an add-on set for his fences this morning.

These will allow placement of the RRP fences between fields.  The ones I sent Chris have transparent texture lot bases- I'll be doing sets for 3RR with all those field edge textures I developed a ways back.



D. Edgren

Please call me David...

Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
The 3RR Quick Finder [linkie]

I aten't dead.  —  R.I.P. Granny Weatherwax

Skype: davidredgren


Sorry I havn't been able to take a look around latley David, been very busy, and wifi is unpredicable when your traveling as you know. First of all congrats on 100,000 views, don't think anyone has ever reached that mark before. And I continue to see some awesome things going on around here. And finally that MD/CJ cliche, looking forward to more  :thumbsup:


100,000 views! Congratulations, David!

And you were 100K at midnight (MST) and here we are a little over 12 hours later, and you're 100,301! It just goes to show how great a place 3RR is!

Take care, my friend, and congratulations again!



 &apls Congrats on for your 100,00 views. Also 208 pages, wow you've been busy. Awesome job, your posts are always very inspiring.  &apls

Ryan B.

David, congratulations on so many things, the least of which is achieving 100,000 views on this great project.  :)

The largest congratulations go to your anniversary.  Congratulations to you both, and here's to many more years!


Just wondering, David, is the FARR ready for beta yet? Because if it is I would like to be a part of the beta team.


^^I second that^^
I would love to test FARR!

Congrats on 100000! I was right here for it!

NAM Team Member | 3RR Collaborater | Virgin Shores


Congrats on 100,000 views! That's quite an achievement!  &apls


congratulations  :thumbsup: &apls

edit: btw I like the last pictures even the visitors map, it must be a well know place  ;D


nice work David I hope you an your wife are enjoying Helena. I am going there in a couple of weeks so that will be fun. congrats on the 100,000 page views and keep up the good work.
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