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August 16, 2022, 02:26:10 AM

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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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Quote from: j-dub on September 19, 2011, 09:34:49 PM
Wait, was that shot taken in game? I have never seen water run down like that  ???

Indeed this shot was taken in game. The water comes from Orange River kit (unreleased for time).

Amazing picture my guinea fowl :) 
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A very happy (though a bit belated) birthday to you David!! Certainly no one need apologize for how they spend their birthday, and hiking and grilled chicken with family and friends doesn't sound bad at all! The fall colors are looking about the same around here but I'd have to go closer to Norway or to a handful of other park areas elsewhere in Lapland to see those kind of rocky outcroppings. Beautiful scene's even if they're not from SC4 ;)

I'll be looking forward to the next chunk of time you get to yourself/SC4!


For the last few days, i've been reading your City Journal on ST (and re-reading here on SC4D) and, like many, many others:  &apls  &apls.

I haven't been playing SC4 for two years (mainly due to the lack of creativity regarding custom regions ()sad()), but your story has inspired me to try it once more &idea.

But I wonder, how did you actually create the terrain for your region(s)? I'm having trouble getting the medium details right, such as erosions and rivers. I must admit that I don't have a lot of patience to do it all in-game or spending hours and hours to paint it manually in Photoshop, but more inspiration might help to get me moving &hlp.

Best regards,


P.S.: I can probably speak for many others when I say, please continue to baffle us with your creations (if not with 3RR, then with something else). :thumbsup:
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...No seriously, I'm NOT kidding.

(I hope I can add some relevant things here, but that's going to have to wait)


I've been lurking here today . And I have to confess that I don't like to come back  , as the place is manifestly and irretrievably  haunted  -  your silences are  always so deafening , David , what else to do than to wait , hoping everything's right with you and/or family , and having to hope , finally , that you're just too busy for SC4 or tired of us ; how many are we , wandering with a sigh and an hesitant volition to take the risk with inadequate words to tell you that - and not what - we think of you ? Yes , I have to confess that I don't like to come back here , it's like to wonder if we have lost a friend . Again & again . Each time . And , frankly , what an hardship ... 


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Don't worry Cedric, he is in good health, apparently, by the few posts here and there in Facebook. Like many of us, including me, RL syndrome blast us all, I'm sure David will be back soon, perhaps after Xmas ;)


Well that's good news to know that all is well with David. And we will wait for his hypothetical return.

   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °  


A very Merry Christmas to you David and your family, and to all of you who keep 3RR in your mind, I hope you will get everything you wished for.



We're still here folks, and thank you for hanging in there with us.  The best to you and yours over these holidays and during the coming year.

My grandson Aidan Barnes passed on after a year-long battle with very aggressive cancer on December 13th, a day before his second birthday.  We found out the end of the summer that no further treatment would be effective, and rather than have 3RR reflect my deepening grief over the course of Aidan's last months I thought it would be best to spare everyone going through that particular ordeal with me.  It is not that things are any better now, but there is a sense of closure and that the family's healing process has begun.

It will be good to be starting the things here that have been planned for so long.  Again, thanks for your patience.

On to 2012 and 3RR's sixth year on SC4D.  I think it will be a good one.


D. Edgren

Please call me David...

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Quote from: dedgren on December 26, 2011, 09:47:26 PM
It will be good to be starting the things here that have been planned for so long.  Again, thanks for your patience.

On to 2012 and 3RR's sixth year on SC4D.  I think it will be a good one.

Welcome Home David, there are no words I can say to you that will convey how sad I was to hear your news regarding your grandson, having lost my niece at a young age, I can say while the memories and regrets of futures lost don't fade away, the pain does in the end.

RIP Aidan Barnes


EDIT:  Thank you, Cathy, and you already know that no one you hold in your heart is ever truly gone. -de
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Merry Christmas, David! I'm really sorry to hear about your grandson, please accept my deepest condolences :(

EDIT:  Thank you, Ioan. -de
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Hi David,

I try to imagine the grief you feel. When I take a look at my little son, being 2,5 years at the moment, I do have a hunch of the feeling of loss you must be going through. I wish you all the strength possible.
And I sincerely hope we will meet again in this wonderful SimCity world of 3RR.

EDIT:  Frank, thank you.  Love your son fiercely, you will never regret it. -de


Merry Christmas, David!
I'm with You now ...

EDIT:  Nicks, thank you so much. -de


I'm really sorry for your loss.  You, your family and friends have my deepest condolences.
I also hope you had a good Christmas and I wish you all the best in the new year.

Robin :thumbsup:

EDIT:  Thank you, Robin.  My best to you and yours this holiday season. -de
Call me Robin, please.


David, my deepest sympathies to you and your family during this time of loss. I can't imagine the pain of losing someone so young, but I'm sure it's immeasurable. During this time of healing, I wish you all the best.


EDIT:  Thank you, Don.  This has been very hard to deal with, and I am just a grandparent.  Steffie and Gary, Aidan's parents, and his sister and brother Mac and Gage have borne the heaviest burden, and healing will take a long, long time. -de
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I'm very sorry to read that. I hope you can heal your pain as best you can.

EDIT:  Thank you, Kergelen. -de

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At such times as these, the wish is for the ability to reach out through the wires,the circuit boards, and the miles of cable that connect us and just... well... do something to make things better. Not being able to do that, I can only hope that my mere words of condolence can express the degree to which you and yours are in our the thoughts and prayers.  May the support of family and friends, and memories of better times, help you all find peace.


EDIT:  Thanks, Charlie.  You, along with so many others, have done far more than you could ever know. -de


My heart goes out to you and your family David.  Best wishes for the new year.

EDIT:  Thank you, Carl.  My best for yours, too. -de


Sorry to hear about your grandson, David! :( You and your family have my deepest condolences.

EDIT:  Thank you,Arthur. -de
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I am sorry to hear about your grandson. He live with you in your heart and memories.Take care and see you next year. JKB

EDIT:  Jon, thank you.  I'm looking forward to the year ahead. -de
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There are no words David, except that I'm glad to hear you've started to reach some sense of closure. That cannot be an easy thing to see, but I can imagine it makes one understand more just how precious life is to begin with. I'd say more, but that's perhaps for a different time.

I love the Christmas picture you posted here. The winter trees and the snow really work well together; it's good to finally be able to see such a scene in the game.

EDIT:  Thank you, Matt.  We have lots to talk about at some point. -de