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Archipelago - Update 30 - Eddington

Started by kodlovag, August 13, 2010, 03:56:23 AM

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Welcome to my first MD. It won't be limited to a single region, I will collect all of my work here.

I started to play SC4 right after its coming out. I played more or less regulary for 2 years. I finished playing because gameplay and modding possibilities were very limited at that time, and all of my cities ended in a very similar grid structure. I had no more idea to build. I had a CJ of my first region at Simtropolis, but it's lost during the inactive years.
I restarted to play one and a half year ago, and I found the huge amount of custom content released meantime, and releasing continuously. With these new possibilities I started my new region, Archipelago.

Goal is to be realistic and coherent.

I started this region long time ago, and now its finished. From its beginnings I have only few images. Later it will be much better documented.

On these first images I recorded the first case when there were more good custom content in my screen, than original.

Please comment, the road is very long to become Classic  ;)
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Welcome to the MD threads kodlovag.

Overall, a couple of good pic's to start things off.  :thumbsup:  Great to see you have captured the trains, you sometimes need some patience to get them to show up where you want, but it certainly adds to the image.

Yes it is a long way to the classics but if you can stick with it, certainly an achievable goal.

Can I suggest that in future that you take your pic's when out of pause, minimise the toolbar and turn off the U-Drive It feature. Doing that will make your pic's look all that better.

Goodluck and interested to see how this progresses.


PS: Please refer to my PM of today


Plenty of details, good start :thumbsup:
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Lovely start!  I'm looking forward to seeing more!


Oh, nice startup.

...but I would turn the icons for the "you drive" missions off.
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Dave (tooheys): Sometimes I spend a whole hour just with watching my cities and planning the next steps. Usually I make the images at this time. I can be very patient to wait for the best moment. And if I miss the moment and don't like the captured image, I can wait even more for the next moment.

Terring7: Thank you

Battlecat: I will regularly update. Come back frequently!

Skimbo: Thank you for the suggestion. These are old images, at that time I didn't realized that it is possible to turn off the UDI indicators. Same applies on the grid. Please tolerate them for a cuple of more updates, then they will disappear.

Tomas Neto: Thanks

Update 1

This is the moment, when I first time could develope the coastline. Years ago this was simply impossible. We had just 1 seaport and 1 beach...

First time, when I used canals. In a dirty industrial environment...

And finally the first image showing an entire city. When I took this shot I really liked it. That was the moment I decided that any and all of my future cities must have a realistic zoom 1 view. Furthermore developments must be done to reach a realistic region view. It means I will never ever build in the whole area of a city with skyscreepers. Suburban, rural and industrial developments are equally important.

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 Very interesting start indeed.
I would like to make a few suggestions.
Turn off your pause button when taking pictures or down load this neat little modd, SMP Yellow Pause thingy remover by TheQuiltedLlama.  Also, turn off the grid when taking pics.
One of the things I don't like the most is when sidewalks turn from red to grey depending on the wealth beside it.  So for this I would recommend you try using JRJ Sidewalks Mod by jeronij or JRJ Street side Mod by jeronij, the second is by far my favourite and I use it all the time.

Otherwise, very nice start.

Robin  :thumbsup:
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Good start. The waterfront is very nice. You are right, the game was so limited when it came out.
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Love the update!  I particularly like that little beach you created with simpeg's materials.  I like how it turned out tucked in between the docks like that.  I also really like your use of canals and green space in this urban area.  It's very visually appealing. 



Robin (rooker1): Thank you for the Pause Line Remover, very useful mod. I'm actually using the JRJ Sidewalk mod, but you are right when you say wealth depending sidewalk textures don't look good. So I changed it to the common medium wealth version. I tried the JRJ Street side mod, but I didn't like the jrj trees. I'm using the SFBT street side mod instead. Trees are much more variable in this mod.

RickD: Thanks

Battlecat: Welcome back

Update 2 - The Old City Center

I started to write this post a day ago, and when I inserted the pictures I found they quality is simply not good enough to display them. Yellow pause lines, grid, UDI icons, many scene setup sould be better... Although this is a finished region, and I archived it month ago, I decided to load it back again to make better images. It was a hard work to rebuild the 1.7GB size plugin directory to display everithing correctly without brown boxes or mod conflicts. But I think its worth the time, the new images are much better. I kept some older too. Hope you like them.

From this point each update will be started with a zoomed out screenshot of the area.

The Old City Center is a crowded place. There are many mass transite lines in the city, including every kind of rail based vehicles.

Big transit lines are all group together to form a massive connection to the airport. The International Airport is actually the neighboor city.

The city is also famous from its recreation possibilities: Underground mall canals, Marina and the Central Park are all center of the city life.

Last image is showing the transition to the industrial area. Next update will be focused on the surrounding industrial district. Docks, railyards etc.
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I must say, this is one of the most impressive MDs to open up in a while! This is just fantastic stuff, your city looks great. I like the greenery, the hills, and the water alongside the urban development :)



nedalezz: Thanks for visiting

Update 3 - Regional View

I don't have too much time now, so this is just a short update.

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So far, it looks like you have your transportation system layed out very nicely. Cities look great too! Keep up the good work!  :thumbsup:



hey kodlovag

WOW! I like the satellite view. That region looks like an enjoyable way to spend time. I guess you downloaded the island from somewhere. I'll have to find it.

I think my favorite picture (other than the region view) is the short beach you did for update 1.

I like this diary and looking through the pictures left me feeling upbeat. . .

-   Jim

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Great update!  That's a very impressive regional view!  Looks like a fun one. 


Awesome region shot kodlovag! Looks like we have a lot to see yet.  ;)



Jayster: Thank you. I spend lot of time time to laying out my networks.

Jim (jmyers2043): Its a downloaded region with massive afterworks on the hills. Island Archipelago by Sairait

Battlecat: Thanks

cubby420: Thank you too

Update 4

Harbours, docks, industries and more...

Next time I will focus on the northern islands.
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Great looking port and industrial area! 


Very cool update  :thumbsup: I really dig the second to last shot. Its clean but looks so realistic.