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CITIES - By Mulefisk - A taste of what's to come - August 4th

Started by Mulefisk, May 01, 2007, 07:02:17 AM

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Welcome to my new MD here at SC4 Devotion, "Cities".

I'm sure alot of you remember my CJ at Simtropolis, The City of Ocenca.
My recent work has kinda spurred away from that region, and i've started some new stuff, so I felt the need to start a new journal.
Since SC4Dev has such a great community, I thought this would be a great place to put it.

This MD isn't going to follow one single region, it's just going to be a place where I can showcase my work.

So, in order to start out with a bang, here's a massive mosaic, made from 17 different images, stretching over 2 different maps.
The city pictured here is Olavsfjord, which i'm sure the people who followed my cj at Simtropolis will remember.



mulefisk -
that's one amazing mosiac.  I can't wait to see some close-ups of some of the city(s) in that mosiac - it's nicely laid out and has a good feel to it  :)

Great work. :thumbsup:
You're telling me I get to be home for more than 12 months?


No more norwegian based stuff ,eh? Great... i hate you now... :'(

LOL! just kidding, great start mulldyrfisk:P


that mosaic is amazing!  :thumbsup:

looking forward to more

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very nice Mulefisk....such a large mosaic with so many interesting details to look at!


OMG Mulefisk that just rocked i loved that mosaic and talk about putting me to shame
in the PW department, that river is sweeeeeeet great start and i look forward to more - pat

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Emperor Stormont

 &apls &apls Simply stunning mosaic, it looks wonderful mulefisk. I'm looking forward to seeing you showcase your work.  &apls &apls

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This is great to see you start a MD here, I can't wait to see more.  Your first picture is great.

Robin  :thumbsup: &apls
Call me Robin, please.


What a fantastic mosaic.... you're right to open this showcase for such great art!  &dance
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Nice mosaic  ()stsfd() Nice work,keep it up :satisfied:
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Wow, what a beautiful mosaic, mulefisk! I can't wait to see more!


This mosaïc is excellent. Good work ! I'm looking forward to seeing more.


I like the landscape of Olavsfjord, nice start for your MD here on SC4D.


Uff, amazing mosaic Mulefisk.  &apls
I wait for more with impatience.


Looks very European and very livable.  I especially like the park in the higher-density area ahd how it is located on that hill.  A very wise choice for land use indeed.


Shadow Assassin

Hmm, very nice mosaic. I seem to be having some minor technical hiccups viewing it, because it seems your image host has an odd way of displaying pictures. (with a frame at the top and the bottom; as soon as the pic finishes loading, it disappears, only showing those other two)
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Below is a small preview of what's to come.
The first city i'll be following, is a medium-sized city located somewhere in Eastern Europe.


Meinhosen:  Thanks! I'f you want to see closeups, i'll probably be posting some later. If you dont want to wait, you can check out my cj over at Simtropolis.

Glenni:  Thanks. Don't worry, there might be some later, just not for the moment ;)

gurrkud:  Cheers!

Yoder7652: Thank you :)

rooker1: Thanks! Don't worry, there will be more.

sebes: Wow thanks. It's the first time i've had someone call my SC4 stuff art. :p

thundercrack83: Thanks!

Air6: Thank you :)

Danthe: Cheers!

pickled_pig: Thanks! That was the intention. As for the hill, many of the parks we have here in Oslo are actually located on hills that weren't suitable for either farming or building.

SA: Thanks! Did you try clicking on it again after it loads? Hopefully that'll work.

That's it for now.

A bigger update coming soon!   



great picture, it looks so realistic and perfect  :)

probably the best tropical forests Pat Riot
the jungle and the seaside resorts are looking spectacular kwakelaar
such stunning and natural tropical sceneries iamgoingtoeatyou
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Excellent teaser, mulefisk! I can't wait to see the big update that you have in the works!


Hi Mulefisk,

I don't know at all  your CJ at Simtrop. but I have been impressed  by the realism of all pictures you have already posted at SC4Dev. , so I'm rather impatient to see more . :thumbsup:

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