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March 24, 2023, 01:45:03 AM

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Meadowlark Falls, Kansas - Closed

Started by sEAhAwk fAn121, May 07, 2007, 05:49:14 PM

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sEAhAwk fAn121

Meadowlark Falls...

The City's name comes from the Falls of the Meadowlark River near by...

now lets get started with some history and pictures!

The City was founded in 1854 by Clinton Webb, his great grandson is the current mayor of Meadowlark Falls

Here you can see the falls and parts of the river valley

The lake where the river starts

The towns water tower is famous for its design.

Hope You Liked it!!!


very nicee. lovely peaceful town.

looking forward to more!

Come discover its mysteries...
Tristania // Revisited


Looks good, so far! Great start! I can't wait to see more!


fantastic start and pictures! Looking forward to more! :thumbsup:

sEAhAwk fAn121

well with the help of Frankie i have made my town look more... rural...

so here is a teaser

Now be amazed!! :D

update later!


Beautiful work, sEAhAwk fAn-

That's small town loveliness to die for.

Good luck with your new MD!

D. Edgren

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This is lovely ... good show ... I like the rural tranquility and hope to see this MD go for a long time.  :thumbsup:
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tremendous teaser! definately makes me look forward to more!!  :thumbsup:

Come discover its mysteries...
Tristania // Revisited


Great teaser, my friend! Can't wait to see more!

sEAhAwk fAn121


This is what ive gotten done so far with the Farms around the town

a stone arch bridge across the Meadowlark River :)

the small town of Oaklawn, it was once Meadowlark Falls' rival but then the little town fell when Meadowlark Falls was chosen for the County Seat of Holland County.

thats all for now!

large update later!


Great update, my friend! I love the farms that you have across the river separated by the trees, and the stone bridge looks great, too! Keep up the good work!


beautiful town, and the river is so realistic!
Great Work   :thumbsup:

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sEAhAwk fAn121


Meadowlark Falls Marketplace and Farm shots

The Riverfront Marketplace!

Downtown (I got rid of the one-way arrows!)  ;D

The new water tower telling people to smile :)

I just thought this was a nice shot

some more farms and the railroad!

see you in the next update!  ;D


Awesome work on the market, the town, and the farms  :)
You're telling me I get to be home for more than 12 months?


The marketplace looks great, as does the river! And I like the downtown with the red brick streets, it looks very colonial! Great job!


wonderful marketplace and great farm pictures! :thumbsup:


War Kittens !?

sEAhAwk fAn121


Power Plant in the middle of the town?!? Boy you must be crazy!

well it doesnt look that bad  $%Grinno$%

the basics are plopped

the pipes are placed to bring in water to the power plant

add a little grass and done!

night shot!

amazingly this powerplant was built in 1920 and upgraded in 2000! and still supplies power to the Meadowlark Falls area


Great area near the power plant! Wonderful pictures! :thumbsup:


The powerplant is very well executed. I like the use of NOB pipes (it is NOB, right?) :thumbsup:

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