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TSC - Citymax Work Departement

Started by citymax, January 24, 2011, 05:41:52 AM

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Hi, everybody ! I create this topic, because I don't have my work departement in this section although I'm TSC member  :satisfied:.

To start, I've work on rail catenary mod. It's just a test (some have not shadows &ops):

Without grid :

Enjoy !


Looks great.

What about one for the GLR / Light Rail ?


Quote from: citymax on January 24, 2011, 05:41:52 AM

They look nice, although I spot an error at the bridge at the bottom. You can clearly see that the catenaries are higher than the underneath construction, resulting that the electric wires are above the the bridge structure. The train driver would not be very happy when he crosses that bridge...

Anyway, the rail crossing signals are very nice!

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Excellent work, wonderful!! &apls &apls

Guillaume :thumbsup:
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Really good job max  &apls &apls &apls

At my taste I don't like so much the brown color of the catenaries, why not grey ?
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Hi max,

It is pleasant to me to see again, beautiful work  &apls

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I actually like the brown. Gives an older look.  :)

They do look very nice.  &apls



That's just perfect...

Typically French, I love it.   :thumbsup:


Wow ! I'm glad to see you back with that fantastic french catenary mod Maxime !

I imagine a combination with Girafe 's Corail, why not in Antigone, isn't it Cedric ?  $%Grinno$%

&apls &apls


Beautiful work, very well done!  :thumbsup: GLR version would be nice too ;)
Has it really been almost 2 years?
Must return. :)


Not finished , but that's promising , to say the least , Maxime:thumbsup:

I don't like the crossing with avenues , anyway I don't know if that type of crossing  still exist in our cities ... maybe in industrial areas ... &Thk/(

The catenaries are great by themselves ( despite the problem with  the caged bridge ) , I don't have anything against their color , I would have rather see  double pillar ones ( both sides of railways ) ...  ::)

I know that's a lot of work nevertheless .

&apls &apls &apls


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Very good Details &apls
Looks like the rail crossings at the street from Perpignan (-Rivesaltes) to Quillian (is it the RD117?).
Have you some things (buildings,...) from Perpignan or the Region?


Are these to be realesed with the new NAM as an additional option?


Thank all, yes, looks like the rail crossings at the street from Perpignan-Quillan. But, I've a bad new : Yesterday, I wanted to continue the work, but alas, I had to uninstall it, and suddenly I also lost everything: /

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Returning from Call of Duty . Must rebuilt what I destroyed....


I am sorry to hear that. Hope you find a way to rescue the files.

At least second time around goes quicker than first time around. ;)


Hi Folks !

After a long break, I've decided to get back slowly BAT. And today, I'm glad to present you this :

Enjoy ;)


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