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March 28, 2023, 11:36:22 AM

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i don't get these unneeded loading bars in the menus

Started by justinrpg, February 22, 2011, 07:38:22 AM

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why does SC4 tool have a loading bar when i go into a menu, and another in the menu's submenu choices and so on... i don't get it...


erm, can you post a screenshot of it? Because I'm not really sure what you mean exactly

EDIT: sorry, I misread your post, I thought you were talking about SC4 isntead of SC4Tool

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Are you by any chance running Vista or Windows 7, with Aero turned on (the glassy window effect)?

SC4Tool has a problem with the Aero/Glass so you need to disable this.

You can set it do this automatically when you run SC4Tool, by right clicking the SC4Tool icon and selecting the compatibility tab, and ticking the box in disable Desktop Composition, and then Apply.


it wouldn't even run until i ticked xp compatibility mode and run as administrator... after that it was able to run... but then going through the menus make loading bar beside the menus, three vertical and one horizontal... and i can't get to the next option until the all fill up (and so on through the menus)... it is VERY slow going in the menus because i am constantly waiting for those bars to fill up...


Did you do what Jonathan suggested (disable "Desktop Composition")? It's really the only setting that should matter, SC4Tool runs fine for me otherwise.


disabled...ok there we go...fixxed... how does desktop composition create those loading bars? if loading bars aren't part of the program, why would they be there in deskop composition enabled? how does desktop composition create unnecessary loading bars? doesn't make sense to me...


Disabling Desktop composition turns off the new window effects that were introduced in Vista. Sc4Tool was written for XP before these effects existed.

The bars you are seeing are not progress bars or anything, there are the shadows of the menu, which for some unknown reason take a long time to be drawn on screen.

So the bars are shadows which are effects which is also called/part of desktop composition which was introduced in windows after SC4Tool was made.