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June 10, 2023, 03:52:36 AM

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BATs by DaveN

Started by DaveN, April 14, 2011, 06:30:05 AM

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Hello everyone.
I'm here on the forum a new user. I come from Poland and I wanted to present my work in BAT.

The first three are the works that I've done more characteristics of the gmax. Project which is already working out a little more complicated. I must admit that there is still much to learn from me when it comes to 3D modeling. However, I would love to hear any comments and suggestions.

I present below my achievements.

The first building was built in two versions as you can see, with sloping roof and simple.

Then I made a block, similar to blocks built in the 60's of the twentieth century in Poland. I made it in four different colors. Two dirty old and two renovated.

Then there is a small house.

And the last project on which I work.

Thank you in advance for your comments and welcome this noble group.


A warm welcome to you.
So far it looks great.  Can you place another building beside yours?  They look a little low.
I like the 60s block buildings, but the yellow one looks to bright.

My two cents....
Robin  &apls
Call me Robin, please.


I know that the yellow of the game looks fairly clear, but they paint the blocks which are after warming and renovation. Therefore, I created a little darker version. It is definitely better in the game.

Like I said earlier there are still plenty of work ahead of me because gmax still has many secrets to me and I learn it by trial and error.

Cordialy Regards and thanks for first comment and waiting for more.

Best Regards


Your new project looks very promising, can't wait to see more :thumbsup:
RIP Adrian (adroman), you were a great friend

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SCAG BAe146/Avro RJ Project


The blocks are fine, can't wait to see them released. The other bat looks good too, except for the roof textures. I would recommend getting this pack:


Great start.

I see that there's uch to learn from you. I will definitely follow your project.  &apls


Wow! Great work going on here! A few tweaks and your lots would be really high quality!


Hello again.
I present today a further progress. I must admit that the work progressed slowly, because until I learn. It was last floor in the middle of the wall. And then the back of the building.

From satellite pictures, I know that the building is U-shaped and has a slightly sloping roof. I do not know yet how to do the roof, especially in those curves on the front wall.

Please, all kinds of suggestions.

I hope you will understand what I write, because I use the online translator.


Hello again.

Today I completed a general idea of ​​the shape of the building. This is a test render far. I just wanted to see how it will be presented in the game.

I have to do the roof and roof elements such as chimneys, antennas, etc. And here I have a problem. I do not know enough yet to move in to deal with it. If you can you ask for any tips. I do not have any photos. As discussed earlier the roof is low slope. But I do not know how to solve the case of curved ends of the walls.

What do you think?

If I can solve the problem of the roof with your help I would still do this version of the corner of the building.

Please comment.
I'm not afraid of criticism and praise add any energy to continue working.
Best Regards


Splendid job.

May I suggest that you reply our comments. Then we are sure that you actually read it  ;)


Hello again.
After several amendments and changes for my first serious BAT has been completed.

Now only I must do some LOTS of CS$$ and R$$ and I will be able to get the next project.

I must admit that a lot of work was with him, but all in all a fantastic game.

Best wishes and I look forward to hearing your opinions as you think about it.


Great building although the building is very clean maybe you should try to place some dirt on the textures.
And the windows are very dark. Maybe you should try to make it a bit more transparant


It is clean, because it is after the recent restoration and the city looks very impressive. Therefore, the texture, which I used are clean. This is one of the few buildings renovated as well in my town.


I like it a lot, although it seems a bit small. Could you plop it next to one of Porkissimo's Parisian W2W's (or Feroxx' Polish ones, whichever you prefer :P)
Also, I think the roof texture may need to be a bit more "roofy". Currently it looks like the roof is one concrete slab, which I assume it isn't. So you may want to try and use a texture that has actual roof tiles on it. Same goes for the side and rear walls by the way. Please try to use a brick texture on them.

RIP Adrian (adroman), you were a great friend

My LOT thread                                    

SCAG BAe146/Avro RJ Project


Certainly looks interesting... would you mind showing us a real life photo of the building to compare?

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Quote from: DebussyMan on April 18, 2011, 01:33:27 PM
Certainly looks interesting... would you mind showing us a real life photo of the building to compare?

It is this house.
Some things may have missed, some little change.
I did as much as I could. This is my fourth in total work in BAT and try to create a trial.


Your BAT looks pretty good, some detail missing, as you've said, but very nice for your first creations. You'll get even better with more practice. I'd just suggest to stretch it a bit on te Z axis, it looks too squashed.

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My previous W2W house was completed. It's version GROW of the CS$$ and R$$.

You can download it from page;sa=view;down=252
I invite all interested. The readme file with any information.

Now I present the progress of work on another project.

This is another building designed by Joseph Swiecicki. In my city is still about 20 buildings of its projects.
As time permits it will gradually emerge next.

I also ask for comments both positive and negative. Thank you also for all the previous comments. I will try to use them for subsequent projects.


Visit my new MD: Emerita Augusta 1910 -


I finished another project, but there are a few errors after rendering.
One outbuilding roof is distorted, disappeared texture windows and outbuildings of the building also disappeared. The texture disappeared other several smaller parts.

Does anyone know what might that be? I tried to do some renderings, but every time there is an error.

Please help in resolving the problem.

Below I present an existing problem and ask for help.