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Just Gloria

Started by DerChrischi, August 14, 2011, 07:26:24 AM

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Welcome to my city portrait "Just Gloria!"

Dear SC4 community,
I want to take you on a tour of my city and my region, but before I begin, I need to get rid of a few thank you, without which there would not be Gloria.

peterycristi: For your unfailing cheer "Gloria" to let rise again, for your ingenious props and for the criticism I get from you now and then, if I let you come to images.
May I quote you: "I love you, baby!"

Franky / Framly: For a lively exchange of pN, and no matter how silly questions from me, for your Regionsportait and your ideas that have brought me new ideas.

Simcitler: For the exchange of pN and one or the other mail and download tip.

For sure I've forgotten one or the other: Do not be evil.

So enough!

Brief information about the region. The founder of the capital, "Gloria" is the founder and first king Wernulf I.
Gloria gained independence in the early Middle Ages, but it had to be after the second World War II re-confirm its independence. This was Gloria, a constitutional and a king as a Democratic representative 1948th
This should give a tiny glimpse. For more information and stories about the city will still come back.

So now enjoy and put back.
At first the map:
Figure 1.01.

We begin our tour at the Cathedral
Figure 1.02.

In the cathedral is often married by the Gloria Africans.
Therefore, the registry office is located directly in the center and thus outside the gates of the cathedral.
Figure 1.03.

Figure 1.04.

Figure 1.05.

Lives in the rectory of Bishop. He is one of the most popular person in Gloria. It seems as if the Glorian very religious, which is not the case. Approx. Although 56% of Glorian are reported in the Catholic Church, but the bishop regularly complains about an empty cathedral for Sunday mass.
Figure 1.06.

Directly at the cathedral, the old Augustinian monastery zufinden. They are an essential ingredient of health care in Gloria. Their monastery is since 30 used as a hospital and years of war will no longer be converted to this time, the bishop and the abbot at the time realized how important this facility is in glory.
Figure 1.07.

A historical highlight for tourists is the victory column:
Figure 1.08.

Here is the best hotel on the site:
Bild 1.09.

Gloria is an attraction for many tourists. Not only by the cathedral, but by many courts, cafes and proximity to the sea.

The city council was in the 18th Century pointed to the old castle town. They knew they had to renovate udn use it. The last renovation and restoration lags about 10 years.
Figure 1.10.

Where the boss can not make friends with the new rules:
Figure 1.11.

He must be very careful, the traffic warden is not far:
Figure 1.12.

But is already satisfied when working with him at all.
Figure  1.13.

Just outside the city administration is the Ministry of Education. On the discussions and disputes are fought out there, I will not say much, only so much. There is no better than elsewhere.
Figure 1.14.

Before the Ministry of Education of Independence Square is the large Wernulfstatue.
Figure 1.15.

Figure 1.16.

And how should it be otherwise, lies near the Bildungsministierum also museam the city and regional history
Figure 1.17.

But not only cultural and historical buildings are located in the city, no one can live well there.
Figure 1.18.

Figure 1.19.

Figure 1.20.

Life pulsates in Gloria.

More you learn in the next update. This will still leave a little bit of time coming, since I still have a few ideas that I can not succeeded yet. But it will definitely come one.

I hope it has fallen a little bit of help and it will bring to the city map to right.

PS: Update of my SC4 folder was using as my new stick!


I am already enjoying this one, great lot editing work and I like the whole Germanic feel that it conveys really well :)


Great start. &apls
Where did you find the plazas with the trees in grass?

Tomas Neto

Fantastic start!!! Great!!!   &apls &apls


Great start! Fantastic LE-work :thumbsup:

-klick-1st Anniversary Video-klick-
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"Just Gloria"

Thanks for the nice words.  :thumbsup:

Here a small impression I've done randomly when watching Gloria and you do not want to withhold.

Soon there is another major update.


Beautiful scene along the river in your teaser. Excellent start to this MD, I really like the churches, plazas, roundabout, and historic neighborhoods!  &apls


In the first update I really liked the grass area you've made along the avenues, good job. Also nice work on this last picture. :)
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Tomas Neto


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Hey guy´s!
Thanks for your reply´s! I am really touched!
I would like to introduce you to two small impressions from Gloria still in Germany on this beautiful Saturday evening!


I hope you like, and continues to write her so hard! Thank you!


You have excellent skills! The Statue looks great in that roundabout!

Tomas Neto

Yeah..., very nice again!!!



The Victory Column is a tourist magnet!

The Augustinian monastery, with its history.

I also hope you liked these two pictures. A really big update is expected in September.

Tomas Neto

Your cities are amazing!!! Awesome pics!!!   :thumbsup:


It's wonderfull, but a little empty :P

Guillaume :thumbsup:
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I'll take a quiet life... A handshake of carbon monoxide.

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Excellent work on your city! And fantastic views of it! :thumbsup:
Looking forward to more... ;)


Hi Chrischi,
nice to see Your MD here, it´s the right place for Your wonderful town.   &apls
Greetz, Carl


I love your pictures. The latest city images look very natural and alive.  &apls