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BigBerta - Pictures

Started by bigberta, May 27, 2007, 09:53:26 AM

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Hello all!
Because of the great response I got after entering a picture in the picture competiton I thought Id show you some more of my creations.
I have had a cj running over at ST for a while now, but since I feel that this community is more closely knit Im thinking of focusing my attention on this md instead.
Dont be afraid to let me know what you think.

The following update is focused on a scandinavian city known as Gusto. The pictures are mainly of the older parts of the city and some suburbs. Many of these pictures can be seen on ST or in the the picture competition, but some are brand new.
Some of the pictures may have a limited amount of traffic, this is due to plopping. But in future updates this will be less of a problem. I actually have a healthy population now :)

Older parts:

Eastern part of the Old town on a sunny day

Old town waterfront

A not so busy town square :)

More waterfront property

The oldest part of the city, where development started

Residential diamante, the contrast between old and new

The area around the old train station


Typical apartment complex (Picture competition Hall of fame ;) )

The suburban area just around the sports centre (will be covered in a future update)

Modern apartments and older boxes full of people

Older suburbs. Its busy i know, but I like color :)

Apartment complex and typical suburban houses

Ok, thats it for this time, hope you enjoyed it.
The next update will be centered on the sports center or some commercial districts, maybe both :)


Some really nice pics there  :thumbsup: Lively, colourful and nice detailing too &apls &apls
Looking forwad to more :D

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These are some splendid looking images, both the w2w areas and the suburbs are looking very nice.
Great combination of bats and Maxis buildings


Wow!  That is one fine set of pics, bigberta.  Thanks so much for coming on over here and sharing them with us.  Judging from what I see here, the buzz from the pic competition won't be stopping anytime soon.

Good luck!

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bigberta, I'm really glad to see you've decided to start an MD here. :thumbsup:  These are some absolutely fantastic pics.  Gusto has a really nice feel to it, and I particularly like your use of the retaining and sea walls.  I also have to concur with TTC--the colors really "pop".

Looking forward to seeing more!



From the looks of it, all your pictures are worthy of the Hall of Fame, bigberta! I love all the colors! Great start here so far, I can't wait to see more!


It is very beautiful, very beautiful mixture of style  :thumbsup:

But it a little too much is plop, there is only that ...

Other than, there are many details, it's beautiful  :thumbsup:


It's just like looking out the window! ;D Good stuff. :thumbsup:

The w2w action in the very first picture is extremly realistic. It looks exactly like the real thing.

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As i´m from Sweden myself, I can tell the rest of you that this is very realistic ;) Nice use of cycleways. The mixture between apartments and small houses is great. Keep it up. Just make sure to mix some really dirty 60´s office buildings with thouse old w2w buildings ;)


Wonderful start, bigberta! Also fantastic pictures and great work! :thumbsup:


Hello everyone!

I thought Id just drop by and reply to all the nice people who have commented my pictures.
Dont worry, a proper update is in the making ;)


TheTeaCat - Hey, thanks for the applause :)

kwakelaar - Thanks alot

dedgren - Thank you for your nice comments. Im happy to give something to this community.

Tarkus - Those are som really nice words :) its much appreciated.

thundercrack83 -Thanks :) I wouldnt say all of them, but i hope maybe some are ;)

Snaper - Thanks. I felt it was necessary to plop to recreate that true w2w-feeling.

emilin - Tack! Really kind words from what seems too be a really kind person :)

metasmurf - Tack igen :) Thats great input. Im looking for some realistic office buildings in true scandinavian style.

bat - Thanks, stay tuned for more ;)

Oh and one more thing, Heja Sverige!  ;D


Very "clean" work. (In Germany we'd say "saubere Arbeit!")
I like it alot!
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Nice work, the W2W buildings definately fit into the city and the water sourrounding it reminds a bit on a mixture of Stockholm and Amsterdam.  :thumbsup:
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Hi, very nice pictures of this city!!

It's nice to see one of my BAT's there :D I don't see them very often in CJ's or MD's


such a great collection of photos....I love it!


A great showcase Bigberta!

I love that your building style is truely pan-european... The photos show a Dutch atmosphere, but at the same time German, French, Nordic even a bit mediteranean, and that mixed in modern and old... Real pieces of art here.

(the one with the yellow flats is absolutely my favo :thumbsup:)
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Stunning work!!! &apls

I would recommend this MD to all.  :satisfied:

I love the waterfront area.  Makes me fell like going for a stroll.  LOL  I hope my MD looks this good.
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Good stuff Bigberta!  &apls Your cities feel is "homey", comfortable. Looking forward to more.


Wonderful work BigBerta!

W2W areas are built in one style and that makes them not only realistic but eye-pleasing. However, what I like the most are the suburbs. I love how you matched typical european apartment blocks with bike paths. Everything is so clean and logical.

You just made me open SC4 and start building :thumbsup:

Take care,
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You like colors - so do I. Beautiful pictures!  :sunny:

Great use of cycleways, also the street side mod with colourful cars looks very well with these buildings.

There is much space for peple here - good to live in such place.

Heja Sverige! :thumbsup:
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