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Valle del Cauca

Started by aleko, May 27, 2007, 10:42:47 PM

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Santiago de Cali, start of this city journal May  28 2007 :)

Here is a green valley in south America, the Cauca river divide the map in two parts this is the most prosperous zone of the south of Colombia.
The economy is based in agriculture, industry,  commerce and tourism in that order of importance, The most important urban center is "Santiago de Cali" with around 190.000 inhabitants, later in the coast is located Cartago, the mos important port in the country with only about 9000 inhabitants.
The city depends in a big part of the sugar plantations around the city, the Cauca river give land fertility.

Wait more later...  :thumbsup:


Nice start with this very lush and green landscape.



Beautiful region and great shot, aleko! :thumbsup:


Your region looks beautiful, aleko! I love all the farms and the green countryside. Great start! I'll be looking forward to seeing some close-up pictures of your development.


Santiago de Cali

Santiago de Cali is the capital city of the Valle del Cauca department, the population is about 190.000 inhabitants, the city is close to the most important port of the country (Cartago). Cali depends in a large form of the sugar cane plantations that surround it, but also there are many industries that support the city's economy.

Population: 190.000 inhabitants (census 1990)
Economy base: Sugar Cane plantations

Downtown view

Tallest building in the city "torre de Cali" apartments and hotel

Another downtown view

At night

Historical zone

Another historical zone

A residential zone

Yumbo a industrial distric of the city

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That's a great downtown and beautiful industrial area! The historical zone looks also fantastic! :thumbsup:


For me, your cities layout is far too griddy. I personally do not like that look, where are some people might, it just gets boring after a while with the same layout


I like what you have done so far.  The typical griddy down town looks fantastic with the historical areas.  I do agree with JJ some what, that as you move away from the DT core some windy streets would be nice looking in the residential areas..  Unless you plan on making the DT core much larger.  At any rate, great work.

Robin   :thumbsup:
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Very nice images with strong colors, great city planning, it looks quite realistic.


Nice update  :thumbsup:

But on the last image, I don't like the highway with the elevated railway ... It's too easy in my opinion

Waiting for the next  ;)


Great update, aleko! Your downtown looks quite realistic, and the sprawl around it looks good, too. As was pointed out above, if you're planning to have more residential areas, it would look better (and also be more realistic) if you lessened the grids for those areas. But in the downtown like you have it, it works well. I'll be back to see more development, my friend! Great work!


It's nice to see a big cityscape with all the individual touches you've put into it.  I'd "weed" things a bit- the couple of repeated buildings are just a little bump in an otherwise solid start.  The region shot was a good way to start- it leaves one ready for you to move outside the city limits and explore the countryside.

Good Luck!

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A lovely lush region you have! The downtown shots are great!  :)