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Started by Haljackey, November 26, 2011, 12:49:42 PM

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RealHighway Interchange Guide

*For the time being, all guides will link to the RHW Interchange Guide in the NAM How-Tos and Tutorials section as the new RealHighway Interchange Guide is constructed.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Diamond Interchanges

1.1: Standard Diamond Interchange
1.2: Elevated Diamond Interchange
1.3: Left Exit/Entrance Diamond Interchange
1.4: FLUP Diamond Interchange
1.5: FLUP Left-Exit/Entrance Diamond Interchange
1.6: Fractional Angle Diamond Interchange.
1.7: Video of a Realistic Diamond Interchange.

Section 2: Parclo Interchanges
2.1: Parclo A-2 Interchange
2.2: Parclo A-4 Interchange
2.3: Tight Parclo A-4 Interchange
2.4: Parclo A-4 Interchange with dual acceleration/deceleration ramps
2.5: Parclo A-4 Interchange with single acceleration/deceleration ramps
2.6: Realistic Parclo A-4 Interchange
2.7: Realistic Parclo AB Interchange
2.8: Semi-Realistic Tight Parclo A-4 Interchange

Section 3:  Trumpet Interchanges

3.1 Simple Trumpet Interchange
3.2 Complex Trumpet Interchange
3.3 Compact, Complex Trumpet Interchange
3.4 Video of a Realistic Trumpet Interchange

Section 4:  Cloverleaf Interchanges
4.1 Simple Cloverleaf Interchange
4.2 Complex Cloverleaf Interchange (with collector/distributor roads)
4.3 Partially Unraveled Cloverleaf Interchange
4.4 Simple Elongated Cloverleaf Interchange

Section 5:  Dumbbell / Raindrop Interchanges
5.1 Basic Dumbbell Interchange
5.2 Elevated Dumbbell Interchange
5.3 Sunken Dumbbell Interchange
5.4 Avenue Dumbbell/Raindrop Interchange

Section 6:  Single Point Diamond Interchanges, or Single-Point Urban Interchanges (SPUI)

6.1: Elevated Single-Point Diamond Interchange
6.2: Ground Single-Point Diamond Interchange

Section 7: Diverging Interchanges

7.1 Basic Diverging Diamond Interchange

Section 8:  Roundabout and Rotary Interchanges
8.1 Basic Rotary Interchange
8.2 Standard Roundabout Interchange
8.3 Full Roundabout Interchange

Section 9:  T-Bone Interchanges

9.1 Basic T-Bone Interchange

Section 10:  Windmill Interchanges

10.1 Standard Windmill Interchange

Section 11: Cloverstack Interchanges
11.1: Basic Two-level Cloverstack Interchange
11.2: Standard Two-Level Cloverfold Stack Interchange
11.3: Three-Level Cloverstack Interchange

Section 12: Turbine / Whirlpool Interchanges
12.1: Standard Turbine Interchange

Section 13: Volleyball Interchanges

13.1: Standard Volleyball Interchange

Section 14: Directional and Semi-Directional-T Interchanges
14.1: Standard Directional-T Interchange

Section 15: Free-Flowing Diverging Interchanges

15.1: Standard Diverging Windmill Interchange
15.2: Diverging Partial Cloverleaf Interchange

Section 16: Y and partial Y-interchanges

16.1: Basic Partial-Y Interchange
16.2 FARHW Partial Y Interchange

Section 17: Basketweave Interchanges

17.1: Basic Basketweave Interchange

Section 18: Stack Interchanges

18.1: Sunken Stack Interchange (Haljackey's Way)
18.2: Sunken Stack Interchange (McDuell's Way)

Section 19: Full Diamond Interchanges

19.1: Basic Full Diamond Interchange

(Table of Contents will be filled in as more guides are posted.)


Here is a list of new guides that do not yet contain tutorials.

If you'd like to submit entries for these guides, please do so at the Interchange Guide Submissions thread.

Box / Divided Volleyball Interchanges


(Table of Contents will be filled in as more guides are posted.)


Hal as you said I didn't need to make those tutorials then may I cover Partial Y?


Quote from: Will12 on November 29, 2011, 02:09:13 AM
Hal as you said I didn't need to make those tutorials then may I cover Partial Y?

One guide for the Partial Y has been added but you're free to submit more! For example a diagonal version or RIRO.


is it okay for me to make HD tutorial videos of all the interchanges put here? I am not sure if i can embed youtube videos here but i can put up links in all the guides otherwise :D


Yep, that's fine. If you're not sure how to embed them, I can PM you with instructions or just do it for you.

I prefer pictures to videos myself as it's more of a step-by-step process. (Photos with informative text). Still, videos have their advantages too.


Just a quick announcement: at last, all the tutorials from the old interchange guide thread have been brought over to this new board. Each guide has been indexed by type, and organized in a way that it is easily accessible from the table of contents.

If anyone spots an error or a bad link, feel free to let me know. If you have any suggestions as to how to improve this guide, feel free to let me know as well! :)

All the best,
-Ryan (Haljackey)


Great work on all those moves.  Thank you for all your hard work.
K-Point for you.

Robin &apls
Call me Robin, please.


Great work Ryan, thanks :)

I've noticed the images in Section 14: Directional and Semi-Directional-T Interchanges are PNGs.  Maybe this should be changed?  Oh well, I guess I'm that guy.

Take care.