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Saitama Prefecture - The Port of Japan

Started by kelis, December 08, 2011, 03:25:53 AM

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Those last two updates are just .... what can I say ... WOW!!!!!!!!  &apls &apls &apls

It's not only the pictures but the way you choose those typical scenes together with the way you show them ... really amazing!

I'm looking forward to your next pictures!

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Amazing, that's the own word which comes to me to describe it! &apls &apls

Guillaume :thumbsup:
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Wow.  :o The effects are incredible.  :o Which program do you use? Pixar studios is working for you?  :P I like the atmosphere.  :thumbsup: You succeed again a fantastic update.  &apls  &apls  &apls


Hey kelis,
I hope your holidays are going very well adn I wish you all the best.
The last update is fantastic, I loved it.  The city looks very realistic and very Euro, great job.  The update before, I would suggest trying to make that river vary in size, it seems to me to be too much the same, if that makes any sense.

Robin  &apls
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Hi Kelis,

It's really getting time that I do some replying on your images too!  &ops

As you know I am especially fond of Dutch landscaping and I see very nice images here. Full of detail. Nice Dutch touches. Like the fact that both windmills are oriented in the same direction.
Maybe one thing: the flora is maybe a bit too lush. Large areas of the Dutch langscape show not much more than grass, grass, meadows, more grass, some pastures, again grass, some canals, a bush or a shrubbery here and there and some rows of trees and then more grass. It would be nice to see if you can grab that atmosphere and add some of the more detailed stuff where you have villages, farm houses, maybe a bridge over a canal and so on.

And one question. What crop do you use in the lower right corner of this image?



Your MD is looking fantastic! It looks like a typical dutch SimCity 4 landscape done very well. The amount of detail and the dutch feel is just mindblowing! I can express nothing more than praise ;) Just keep up the good work!

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The images of the last update look very much like the weather today here: wind and rain &mmm. The view from my room look more like a swimming pool than a 'polder' now. :D
Your photo shopping skills make it even more realistic. I am especially talking about the smoke from the chimneys.
Keep it up!

-Matthijs :thumbsup:


Jonathan, what an eye you have for authentic Dutch detail.  Bassen and its environs are as lovely as their RL counterparts, and I can only see that, given your apparent lot-making skills, this MD will continue to be well worth watching.

D. Edgren

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As always your lotting and photoshopping are incredible!! Beautiful stormy scenes you've created here  &apls  A perfectly Dutch feel to the whole place  :thumbsup:


Fantastic work on your new MD there!
And some beautiful pictures. The windmill is looking fantastic.
Also nice storm-effect.
Looking forward to more... ;)



What an absolutely awesome update, Jonathan! Each pictures, each one are outstanding. The last one with the photoshoped reflection of the tower's light is excellent. Also great use of the Paris' prefecture looks wonderful in front of the cathedral.

The only thing I could suggest you is to calm down with the dead leaves, it's not really necessary to put them where there are no trees at all!

Tu amigo,

Arthur. :)
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Looks great Jonathan. I especially like the city pictures. Detailing is great, with the nice pavement, the seasonal trees next to the canals, the small parks. Also great use of old and new buildings. And those late 19th/early 20th century cornerbuildings look great too.


The lovely Netherlands! I've so many memoirs...Maastricht with it's Coffee-Shops :D, the old town of Venlo, the beauty of the Coast/Zandvoort and don't forget Amsterdam with it's nightlife...

Keep it on! I would like to see some pictures of the IJsselmeer :P

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# Fifth Update ~ A morning at the office ||

• Every morning the business districts of the city come alive. Workers turn to their jobs to perform their tasks and duties. these images were taken one morning in January •

• Water is always present in Bassen. When this business area was built not could it be otherwise, the water had to be present, not only for the visual aspect, it's built on a major river transportation network that connects Bassen with
the North Sea •

• The environment of glass and concrete offices combined with the reflections of water creates a harmony inherent in this business area. The boats, people, trees, gulls, and skyscrapers, make this place a favorite for locals  •


jafmo -
Thank for your kind comment my friend. Well, in this moment I don't have time, but I try to working my Dutch city and work with LE =), Thank once again.

Kergelen - Gracias amigo. As always your comment it's a pleasure  :)

rambuckel - Thank rambuckel, glad you like it  :)

Sciurus - That's a great word  ;D really thanks Guillaume.

Dantes - Hi dear friend.  $%Grinno$% Pixar studios ? yeah maybe  ;D Nooo, just a joke. I'm using adobe photoshop, it's a great program with a lot of interesting tools. Greetings my friend.

rooker1 - Thanks for your wishes, I wish you the best for this year too.Thanks  ;)

RickD - Thanks Rick !

FrankU - Hi my friend. Yeah I know, always when I go in train for Holland I can see it, and yes you have reason.
This is my first work over a rural area, but I will try to do a more realistic scene with your advices  :) I'm also working in a little village, just with homes and with a train station, I'm inspired in the surroundings of Assen and Groningen, also i'm waiting for your farms lots my friend, I love it and I want to use them on my Dutch city. Thanks friend  :)

http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2561 are you looking for this ?

mrtnrln - Thanks my friend. I'm really happy to hear that, the Dutch feel is everything that  I want to do.  :)

MrMAvE94 - Yeah, I know those days  $%Grinno$% and can sound strange but When I am in Spain I miss those Holland days, I love to be at home in the rainy days but here in Spain those days are more dark, I prefer live those days in Holland  :) Thanks my friend and enjoy our beautiful country, for the moment,  I just can to be there some days and the rest of the year I just can miss it.

dedgren - Thanks for your kind comment  :)

noahclem - Thanks noah, glad you like it my friend.

bat - Thank you bat, I hope to see you here more times, Thanks for your comment.

art128 - Yeah I know, I put a lot of leaves but I like it, anyway I will try to put less leaves  ;) The Paris prefecture it's a beautiful building and it located in a beautiful place. Thanks friend !!

wasoethoudt - Thanks for your comment my friend, I really like those old buildings, are a great added for the Dutch cities, thanks friend.

Framly -  Don't forget Amsterdam...It's not my favorite place to live in Holland, but for me it is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities of the world, I love Holland and I can understand what are you talking about, thanks for your comment my dear friend !


Thanks to all for your comments my friend, I just can say THANKS !!

# Jonathan.

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I love it  &apls &apls  There is such a perfect feel to the combination of glass and steel office buildings, boats and water, and excellent lotting and open spaces!


Modern harbor city  :thumbsup: Great work again  :) Sooo, genious  $%#Ninj2


Awesome update! &apls
You are one of the best, what I like to call "MD lotters" around today.  I find your work very interesting and I know how much work goes into what you are doing.  Now after saying allt that, I still cn't help but think the city looks too uniform and missing something.  Maybe you need more life, people and prop.  I see no parking areas near any of the buildings, but maybe they are just out of view.  In my humble opinion it looks too bare in most areas.  On the other hand, I can plainly see some very innovative ideas.  The building with the stilts over the canal edge, the skywalk from building to building over the water, both very nice touches!

Well, that's just my two cents.
Robin ;)
Call me Robin, please.


I like how almost every building has its foundation directly - or almost - on the water, it look very nice. :)
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I love this comercial district between the water. Very original! &apls

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