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Saitama Prefecture - The Port of Japan

Started by kelis, December 08, 2011, 03:25:53 AM

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Great shot of that lighthouse, Jonathan! Good job detailing the area around the beaches.
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Hi Jonathan,
i wasn´t here for a while, a big mistake...
Every picture is a jewel, made by an great artist. The only thing i can say is: i love it!
Greetz, Carl



# Tenth Update ~ Through Bassen's channels [1] ||

• Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to one of our cruises through the channels of Bassen, just for a small fee, you will have the opportunity to meet and experience the city from a particular and different viewpoint. Tourist cruises through the canals of Bassen are one of the most famous attractions for visitors, Please take a seat and enjoy with the sights and life of this city •

• First we find one of the most emblematic points of the city, the great and famous Central Station. It is a benchmark for citizens and tourist. Built between 1850 and 1860 is one of the most recognizable buildings in Bassen •

• Just two minutes after leaving the central station you find this wonder, a
German style church located in the northern part of the city, their special care of the facade and nice and quiet location make this church one of the most visited in the city •

• Ladies and Gentlemen, in front of you stands the famous Montelbaanstoren, this is a postcard of the city that no one can or wants to miss •

• After the tour of the historic city center, we are now entering in the modern Bassen, here we can see new buildings with a more European style and not so typically Dutch •

• Bassen has more of one business area, but this is undoubtedly the most important, as you can see in the Netherlands and Bassen the water is present in all places and in this business area that could not change •


FrankU -
Thanks my friend !

Kergelen - HAHA,I think it is the best Lighthouse available right now ! Thank my friend.

noahclem - WOW, Thanks my friend, you said a BIG words, one of the most talented lotters ? I just can say Thanks my friend  :)

rambuckel - Very soon I will put that update, but now here you got another update  :) Thanks !

WannGLondon - Thanks for the comment my friend !

MrMAvE94 - Yes, " northern of the IJ " I took the name of the real town in Netherlands but I changed a bit the name  :) Thanks my friend !

art128 - Thanks my friend !

Girafe - Thanks for your comment my friend, glad you like it !!

ricardomiranda - Thanks for your kind comment  ;) !

nbvc - Thanks my friend !! I like so much your last updates, great job mate !

carlfatal - Thanks for your fantastic comment my friend, I hope to see you here once again and I hope you like it the new update  :)



1 - Sorry for those people who is waiting for the lighthouse update, I need work a little bit more in this part so in this moment I cannot show you that update.

2 - This is the important NEW. Right now I'm doing a lot of test so I have not many time to SC4, but the summer is arriving and I want to do the second city of my " Windows on the world " and it will be a recreation of the Hong Kong city, in the first moment I was thinking about a recreation of Tokyo but in this moment it would be a very hard job, so finally my second city in this MD will be Hong Kong. As some people know, I did a recreation of Hong Kong in the past, that was a poor recreation because in that moment I didn't work on the lot editor and I had not a good map, now I have got one of the best maps of Hong Kong that I have seem, I work a lot on this map and I think it is perfect for a Hong Kong recreation.

- This is not the end of Bassen, Hong Kong is just a summer city  $%Grinno$%

Once again the comments were kind, as always I want to say thanks for every comment and for every view and visit. I hope you like the new update and I hope you can enjoy it.

# Jonathan

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What gorgeous waterfront/canal pictures. Makes me want to travel! Exceptional work here.
Call me Warren.


Great work Jonathan! I really like the "Grachten" in Bassen &apls

Looking forward to your Hong Kong-Project :)

-klick-1st Anniversary Video-klick-
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Really nice!
I never had a chance to make such a boat trip in Amsterdam, so i´m happy to do this here in Bassen now.  ;)
Away from that: nice pictures as always...  :)
Greetz, Carl


Oh Hong Kong...then we are 2 doing this magical city, I'm looking forward to see how you do it, what aspect of the city you'll focus on, and Bassen is really great, I should have commented more, I was a bit of a lurker, I'll admit  :P

PS : What is this so great map you talk of ?  :o
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Very ambitious project, good luck for the suite, but up to now it's excellent :thumbsup:



Because I know Bassen ehhhh, Amsterdam, quite well, I can tell that your lotting work of this city is very very realistic. All the details fit: the street mod, the parked cars along the canals, the rubble and dirt on the ground, the leaves in autumn. Also the choice of buildings and landmarks is very good. It is not only realistic, but also consistent. Very good work.  &apls
If Hong Kong will be of the same qulity I am very curious what you can learn us about it.


So, Hong Kong it is? I am very excited to see how you pull it off.
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# Update [11]  ~ Discover Bassen [2] ||

"Discover Bassen" is a series of updates where we can know more about Bassen, these updates have not a concrete theme, just show you pictures from Bassen of the diferent parts of the city. Here you can see pictures of the future updates or photos of places that you know, so enjoy with this serie of "Discover Bassen"

~ D I S C O V E R - B A S S E N ~


WannGLondon -
Thank you so much for your great comment my friend !

Framly - Thanks my friend !! I like that word "Grachten" represent very good the center of my city  ;D

carlfatal - Thanks once again my friend, I hope you liked the cruise  :)

Tokugawa - Hi my friend ! Yes, We are doing the same city, this amazing city ! In this moment I'm still working on the map and just yesterday I started to do the zone of the new International Commerce Center, as you can imagine the work is a bit slow because I need to do some lots but I think soon I can show you some pictures  :)
About the map well, I did a grayscale and then using photoshop I did the coastline of Hong Kong anyway in the final
of this post I will put a picture okay ? Thanks my friend  :thumbsup:

Uzil - Thanks for your comment my friend, glad you like it !!

Romain57b - Thank you my friend  :thumbsup:

FrankU - WOW, Thank you so much for your kind comment my friend. Your comment always is very important to me because you know very good our beautiful countrie and for that reason your opinion always is constructive  :)

RickD - Yes that's it !! Hong Kong will be my next recreation in Simcity 4  :) Thanks my friend !



As some people know, I'm working in a Hong Kong recreation, it will be my proyect for the Summer, in this moment I still working on the map and the Kowloon zone though I will work on several zones in the same time, I think soon I may have an update, even I can do the presentation. Okay the first Hong Kong picture will be a picture of the region view, as you can see there is a lot of work to do but with this picture you can see the coastline, I think I did a great job with this map, It's pretty close to reality  ;D

Well my friends I hope you like the map and the update, Greetings and thanks for the comments  ;)

# Jonathan


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Fantastic pictures from Bassen.  &apls
The Hong Kong map looks realistic, indeed. Can't wait to seeing it filled with skyscrapers. Will you recreate the new airport, too?
My name is Raphael.
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Great update.  &apls Looking forward to see more of Hong Kong.


Hong Kong map looks great, Jonathan! I see it is arranged so that everything is perfectly lined with the gird, nice, that way bridges, city streets and more importantly the airport will be just fine.

The map is also huuuuuge! I have no idea how you can deal with such a huge map. Well good luck with it. Knowing by your previous attempts, and your actual cities, I have no doubt this will be great!
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I just love the update with the channels  &apls  The mix of pictures in the last one is also very nice and I look forward to seeing more of Hong Kong  :thumbsup:


Oh the mapp drooool ! with all the ingame modifications I did I'm not that far of it actually  :P Looking forward ! and Bassen, ah well, It makes me wanna go to Holland this summer  :satisfied:
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