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Saitama Prefecture - The Port of Japan

Started by kelis, December 08, 2011, 03:25:53 AM

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Your pictures are always fantastic, but this update is even better, especially the last one. &apls &apls

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Hmmm. This update includes my favorite church, beautiful canals, a perfect collection of bats organized brilliantly, nice tramlines, great lotting, and a fantastic pack of boats I'm dying to get my hands on. I'd say that's a pretty good update  :D

Good luck in the picture competition buddy, though I'm afraid that I'm the one that needs it  ;)


Beautiful work, just beautiful!  &apls

I'll check if reality fits you images next week!


Delightful! You make it seem so real! And so awesome! :D :D :D
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# Update [1]  ~ Arriving at the prefecture - Saitama ||

• After a long trip in airplane from Europe finally we are here, Japan is an amazing country, look this train it's very fast !! and look the sights of this beautiful rural landscape...I cannot believe I'm finally in Japan, I cannot wait to get Saitama, I'm very happy, I have many new sites that meet in this beautiful prefecture •

• Right now we are crossing the small town called Ajima, this is a rural town dedicated to agriculture, in this town there is also a lake where fishermen can work with the fishes

• In this town the buildings are old style, almost everything in this small town is old, although the Shinkansen brings a new modernity to the area. This Shinkansen line was built seven years ago and and connects Saitama with Hiroshima and Osaka •

The prefecture is very long and we are still far from Central Station in Saitama, I will continue to enjoy this beautiful landscape... •


~ Some News ~

# Hello my friends !! Okay I have got some news, as you know my new region would be Hong Kong, but honestly when I was doing the recreation of Hong Kong I did not feel comfortable, I lost a lot of time searching images to do the recreation and almost I had not nothing so I started to do a new region inspired in some japanese regions, I hope you can understand me, I just want to show you my works and that You can enjoy with all of them so that's all I hope you like my new region.


Yan077 - Thanks my friend, glad you like it !!

WannGLondon - Hi mate, well I can understand your question my friend. My city is a functional city in parts, it has functional parts and also has a eye candy parts. Thank you friend  :thumbsup:

Kergelen - Thanks my friend ! Pronto veras una actualización sobre esa iglesia  :)

noahclem - Very funny comment my friend  ;D I don't know when the pack it will be ready but if you want I can send you the boats  ;) Thanks Noah !!

FrankU - Hi frank, maybe the next week you will go to Amsterdam ?  :) I can think that after reading your comment...Thank you for your kind comment my friend.

Schulmanator - Thanks my friend ! I like so much your MD, it's so funny !!


~ Thanks once again for your comment and your views, I hope you like the new update ~

# Jonathan

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Very nice update, Jonathan! beautiful work on that area, very lively with the shinkansen. We can really feel the nice air from this area. ( And I can hear the sound of the trains~ ahah) Hiroshima is connected, eh? Prepare to have some series 0 shinkansen in there! :D
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Very nice! these rice field make some kind of atmosphere that authentic to asian style. great work!  :thumbsup:


Holy Shinkansen !!! :D wooohoo looking great ! I like the fields too
See Okatabawashi ! the pearl of the Orient !


And I can hear the sound of the trains too  ;D Wow, welcolme to japan again  :) I loved Yokusawa and I love this  :thumbsup: F a n t a s t i c  :satisfied:


Riding on the Shinkansen must be an impressive experience. I am wondering, have you ever been to Japan or are you building all this from your imagination?
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Great work.  &apls Hope to see more of your japan style landscapes, towns and cities soon.


It's great to see your style of Japanese city! Very well done  &apls


The Japanese style city is wonderful  :thumbsup:
Simple and realistic  &apls
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Finally someone creates a realistic Japanese rural scene!  %BUd%


How fantastic your Japanese style rural area is. :thumbsup:
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# Update [2]  ~ Ajima - Saitama Prefecture ||

• We are arriving to Ajima, Ajima is a small town located between the mountains and sea and it is 40 minutes in train from the Saitama central station. Ajima is a rural town dedicated to the agriculture and fishing. Ajima has 4457 inhabitants and somedays Some tourists visit this place to meet the more rural japan

Ajima is connected by a regional train with the rest of the prefecture, the shinkansen also passes through here but this has no station in Ajima •

• Almost all in Ajima is old, just exist a few modern buildings in this town, all this buildings are located near of the train station, This is the center of the town •

• The city is surrounded for rice fields, the rice is the most important thing in Ajima and the most important work for the inhabitants •

• In Ajima there are some industrial buildings dedicated to rice production, in buildings like this the rice is packaged...•

• ...Trains are responsible for carrying rice, trains go to the port and the center of Saitama •

• This residential building is the tallest building in Ajima, located in front of the road that connects Ajima with the highways of the prefecture, this building is one of the first buildings that the people see when arrive to Ajima •

• In Japan exist a lot of places like this, but all these small towns has their special touch, Ajima has their rice fields and their old houses and it is a good place to meet in Saitama •

• Today we leave Ajima in this train but another day we will come back here and see more about this great place •


~ Replies ~

art128 -
Glad you like it my friend, I can't wait to see your Shinkansen line :) Gracias amigo.

976 - Yes the rice fields give a great touch to our cities, they are a great addition for us. Thank mate !

Tokugawa - Thank you so much !!

Dantes - Really thanks my friend !! I think it will be much better than Yokusawa  :)

RickD - Indeed, It must be a fantastic experience. I've never been in Japan but it is one of my favorites countries in the world and I have a lot of pictures of Japan and I saw a lot of videos, I take the inspiration with all of these things. Thank Raphael.

nbvc - Right now here you got something new, I hope you like it  ;)

noahclem - Thanks Noah, glad you like it !!

weixc812 - It is not only wonderful, it's fantastic !! Thanks  :thumbsup:

Evillions8 - Here you got more about the rural Japan, I hope you like it and thank for your comment !

Moen - Thank you, glad you like it  :)


~ Thanks once again for your comment and your views, I hope you like the new update ~

# Jonathan

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As always, Jonathan. I am speechless of your works. You are a truly master. Your Japanese city has always inspired me. And this time again I got some nice ideas, such as the gravel paths between the houses, very ingenious. ;)

The train skin you used suits perfectly this town. I would have just made the train station a little bit longer, but I guess it's al-right. :)
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Stunning. I have no other word for it.  :)
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Kelis, I must comment...just...WOW!  I'm speechless.  :o

You have an eye for detail, as your cities are always so well done.  You must also have an amazing amount of patience to be able to take the time to make your cities so realistic.

Extremely well done.  &apls


Love the new direction - you're just as talented in the Japanese style as the European.

Well done - you're number one on BTT again this week.
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