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Saitama Prefecture - The Port of Japan

Started by kelis, December 08, 2011, 03:25:53 AM

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Great new project. Having been to Emden and the area for vacation a couple of times I am curious to see how you recreate it.
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Nice to see you back Jonathan!

Your pictures are always a pleasure and a beautiful and unique way of understanding the game.

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Welcome back my friend! I really like your new project! Looks promising...

You were always a source of inspiration &apls

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# Hooidollen - Friesland - The Netherlands

- This will be the Netherlands side of my New Project. It is called "Hooidollen", its a really special name for me because it is the name of the street where my mother was living in Leeuwarden - Friesland until I born.

# I hope you like it my friends, very soon I will try to put the first update of Hooidollen.

- I'm also working on a map of the German side, I hope to show it soon.


Greetings / Saludos / Groeten

# Jonathan.

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An impressive project, I'm very excited!


# The symbol of a Country...Molens !!

- Finally these are the first steps of my new project, still needs a lot of work but soon I will try to share with you the first update, as you can see I'm working into a more rural Dutch scene, making some lakes and working with some Windmills, also I'm working on a small village near of these windmills zone. I hope you like this first teaser and welcome once again to the Windows on the World my dear friends !!


Greetings / Saludos / Groeten

# Jonathan.

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Good to see you back my friend!

Hope you don't have too many terrain mod problems. If you do, you know where to find me ;)



Jonathan, you never cease to amaze me.

RIP Adrian (adroman), you were a great friend

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It's great to see you working on a new project my friend. I'm curious what you will show us this time, but I know it will be something amazing again. Your region looks like Ostfriesland, but then a bit different. Good luck with your new projects. :thumbsup:



great, I like it, and I'm hoping for Polders and dikes and wind mills and overengineered traffic solutions ;)


Great to see your return, I have been missing your work.


Hi Jonathan. An fine return!
A nice interesting region and a great windmill shot.

It raises several remarks:
1. Where did you get that windmill? it's nto Meurdoos or Oppie, but what is it then?
2. And do you too pity the fact that you cannot place reeds or other flora on the Diggis streams and ponds?


Returning to the SC4D atmosphere... :P

I love the idea of using Diggi's ponds as are my favourites (although I have not used yet  ::)) and I think are very apropiate for Duch scenes.

Quote from: FrankU on June 05, 2013, 12:23:56 AM
2. And do you too pity the fact that you cannot place reeds or other flora on the Diggis streams and ponds?

A way to MMPing over the lots is reducing the "Occupant size" of the building exemplars.

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Quote from: Kergelen on June 07, 2013, 02:18:21 PM
A way to MMPing over the lots is reducing the "Occupant size" of the building exemplars.

The problem with streams and ponds is that the "water" is lower than the game ground. MMP's will float over the "water" instead of standing in it, which is usually the way reed is placed at water...



# Update [1]  ~  Kamp Westerbork - Hoofdingang - Hooidollen ||

• Today I want to share with all of you another special update to me. I do not want to hurt anyone with this update or with these pictures. I have to say that I am a person very interested in the history of the Second World War, I have studied a lot about WW2 and I have much respect for it and and for all those people who died or suffered during the war. I think is good to say that all this passion for the second world war come from my Grandfather, He was another Dutch soldier during the Second world war and when I was a kid he was always showing his pictures during the war. Well I hope nobody feels bad and I hope you enjoy with this update •

• This update is pretty inspired in the real Westerbork Camp located near of Assen in Drenthe - The Netherlands. I did a small trip to this place in 2011 and the first impression when you are in a place like that is really sad, even in the real Westerbork camp where today you cannot see almost nothing of the real Camp, but when you know all those stories and after to visit the museum where you can see a lot of real things and real pictures, it's an amazing feeling...so this is my unreal Westerbork but I want that you know the real Westerbork located in The Netherlands, I hope you like it •

• This is the main entrance of the Camp, although this was not the most used entrance by people because most people (prisoners) came by train. In front of the building today we can see a small car park for tourists, and also very near here, is located the house of the camp commandant which we will visit in other update •

• The prisoners were mostly Jewish people, they came to the Westerbork camp by train. Almost always they came from other cities in Holland and Belgium and usually were sent to other camps in Europe. Westerbork was a concentration camp that works more like a transit camp and not of extermination camp •

• In these images we can see the barracks better equipped, compared with other barracks, these barracks were more modern and better organized, the ventilation was better and people in these barracks had a better stay. These barracks were better than others, located to the east of the camp, which we will see them in another update •

• Usually the prisoners were not more than a year in Westerbork, for all those people this place surrounded by fences was a home •


~ R - E - P - L - I - E - S ~

Swordmaster - Well to be honest I have a lot of problems or perhaps i have to say "wishes" with the terrain mods  $%Grinno$% . Now I am changing the terrain mod depending what I am working in each moment, anyway thanks a lot for your help my friend, you are Great !!

WC_EEND - WOW, That's a really pretty nice comment, I hope you still enjoying with this new update.

mave94 - Thanks my dear friend !! You know that I love Netherlands so you can wait for something inspired in the real Holland  :)

Flatron - You will see them, for sure  :) Thanks for your comment.

eugenelavery - Thanks my friend !!

FrankU - Hoi Frank. Thanks for your kind comment !! - Well as I said you in your own thread the windmill is by Xannepan and you can find it on the LEX. - Yes, you're right about the ponds but I think they are a very realistic ponds and for that reason I'm using those ponds, but I use these ponds more like a lakes or rural canals.

Kergelen - Gracias amigo !! Yes you are right about the ponds as well. Thanks for your comment my friend !

Schulmanator - Thanks once again my friend !!


Greetings / Saludos / Groeten

# Jonathan.

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Expertly done, albeit quite haunting!   :o


An exquisite looking update, Jonathan. You did manage to recreate the melancholic and haunting atmosphere of the concentration camps, a black page in the European history...

Fun fact: do you know what's located nowadays at Westerbork, right next to the concentration camp monument? Radio telescopes. I visited those during a pre-study programme:

So, nowadays the area suits a more peaceful purpose:

"... to seek out new lifeforms and civilazations ..."
-- James T. Kirk, Captain of the USS Enterprise

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Life is not always fun. I think you did a courageous job in trying to catch the atmosphere of this disastrous time. Well done!

And the Westerbork Radio telescope is not mainly meant for the search for life. It's merely meant for improving our scientific knowledge of the universe and its mysteries and laws. And it is a beautiful sight.


^^ Yeah, but I did found it tempting to use that quote ;) But you're right, probably it will only find stars
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