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Saitama Prefecture - The Port of Japan

Started by kelis, December 08, 2011, 03:25:53 AM

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Nice couple of updates!i seem to have missed them...
great work


It seems rather misplaced to say 'good job' on such a grave subject. Still, you did a good job creating the solemn atmosphere.
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Very ambitious topic to tackle here, but well handled. World War II is one of the more interesting periods of history for me. Like vortext said, it's strange to say things like "good job" but the construction of the area in-game is very well done. I'm curious to see what the next updates have to show.


Quote from: vortext on July 01, 2013, 12:24:59 PM
It seems rather misplaced to say 'good job' on such a grave subject. Still, you did a good job creating the solemn atmosphere.

I'm assuming (and hoping) most folks say "good job" in the context of a well-created recration; a rendition of a horrendous event which is so well made that it evokes and/or conveys the emotions of the original event quite vivdly. 


Wow, you never cease to amaze. Very tricky subject to tackle but you did it quite well.



This is very interesting, i have a large interest in the minor wwii nations, especially the dutch
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Absolutely incredible update, Jonathan!  The camp is really well made.
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# Update [2]  ~  Kamp Westerbork - Trein-ingang - Hooidollen ||

• Today we will visit the train input of this camp, this building was constructed as a part of a farm complex, then this building was converted in the train entrance of the Concentration camp, with this building the operators of the camp could make an excepcional control about each train •

• The railway line was connected with some of the largest Nazi concentration camps (We will see this in other update), This railway line came from Germany and Poland •

• The prisoners arrived at the concentration camp by train, after, they were forcibly separated from their loved ones and forced to leave all their belongings. Only a few were sent to the gas chamber in this concentration camp, most people were sent to the barracks, where they had to live for a while •

• Today a wall is covering the ancient railway line in memory of those who came and went by train through this train line •


~ R - E - P - L - I - E - S ~

Bipin -
Thanks mate !!

MandelSoft - Thanks Maarten !! Yes I know that place, I have a lot of pictures that I've made in 2011, It's pretty impresive to see all those Radio telescopes pretty close of the camp !! In future updates you will see this part, I'm working on it right now.

FrankU - Thank you Frank !! Well I think the atmosphere is one of the most important things of these camps, because it is special so I had to work on it. Thanks my friend !!

Gugu3 - Thanks GuGu, I hope to see you here once again :)

vortext - Yes you're right and I can understand you, but this is just a game, right ? so is not a problem to say "Good Job" so thank you for your fantastic comment my friend.

threestooges - Hello Matt , thank you for your kind comment !! Today here you got another update about the second world war, I hope you like it !!

Swordmaster - Thanks Willy, as you know always it's a pleasure to me read your comments my friend !!

agunter999 - Thanks for your comment mate, I hope you like the new update.

art128 - Gracias amigo !!

benedict - Thank you Ben, I am really proud to be the numbers one this time :)


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Great atmosphere. These lone trees give a dismal character to the place &apls

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Quite unusual and idea. But it's also the good way of presenting the real world history.

I've visited the concentration camps in Oświęcim (Auschwitz) and in Majdanek. Both remains as well as large, quiet, today-empty areas are very sad and depressing. The size of pain in the past was so huge, that today it is almost inconceivable. And it took place almost exaclty, where we live now...
Thank you for visiting Kolbrów, and for being for last ten years!


I am impressed. I feel guilt and shame when I look at these pictures, but that is just right, as it were people from my country that did these gruesome and inhumane thing. It's almost the same feeling I get when  travelling through the Tunnel on the Loiblpass(Ljubeli) at the austrian-slovenian border. I hope we never forget what happened and get really angry when I hear about people that deny the Holocaust.
Before the Nazi-Regime, there used to be a small but vibrant jewish community where I live and now, almost all signs of this community are gone and only some placenames remain.



A very unusual and well constructed update...

and proof that SimCity can be more than just a game.
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A beautiful recreation in just a few short pics yet amazingly executed. Though the history of the area is indefinitely dark :O
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Congratulations, Jonathan! Fourth award, that's nice. :)

beautiful update!
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Fourth time, well deserved my friend. Let's see what you have in store for us.