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Saitama Prefecture - The Port of Japan

Started by kelis, December 08, 2011, 03:25:53 AM

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nice work there! the snow effect create an atmosphere of winter....


Beatiful snowy shots. Unfortunately here, where I currently am, there is no snow at all.  ;)
Merry Christmas!  :)
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I love these NYC pics very much. Especially the waterside pictures and the night shot. I like your perfectionism, it's a pleasure to look at. Keep it up!


Your New York recreation looks great. &apls


Great pictures, cool snow effects! I get a chill just looking at it.  $%Grinno$%  :thumbsup:
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Very nice update!love the snow eeffect! &apls


Hello guys:


Today I want to share with you some bad news about this MD. About a month ago I started to have some problems with my computer, for that reason I was trying to do some backups on my external hard drive, of course I started for the most important for me, photography !! I saved all my pictures and works and also I started to save things of simcity 4, but before I could finish to save all my files my computer broke... my hard drive was broke and I lost a lot of files...I lost my entire New York City recreation with all the plugins, I lost my Alaskan region,Belport and also all the progress which I did it with my Hong Kong region... This has been a blow to my, because I had high hopes with my recreation of New York city and I had done almost the entire Lower Manhattan with a lot of buildings created and exported by me, a lot of work has been lost...

Now my computer working perfectly again, I have installed almost all the tools to play Simcity 4 and I'm try to getting some inspirations and motivations to play simcity again... I started two new projects, a new version of Bassen and a totally new version of Saitama, with a new map which I created one year ago, I will try to explain you a little bit more...


• Saitama Prefecture

Japan is one of my favorite countries in the world, I love it and also I love its culture, cities and citizens, I like everything of Japan and also is what more makes me enjoy playing  in simcity, recreating some Japanese zones and cities, as may you know I had a lot of regions inspired by Japan, ( Osaka, Yokusawa prefecture, the old Saitama...)
For that reason I believe I have to try to play once again focusing in Japan, to get that motivation that always I had playing simcity 4...
Right now the new project has started, I got the region map, and now I'm working with the plugins, I got more than 800 files and I have to work in lot editor with all of them to change the textures, props, etc... as you know that is a very hard job and I need a lot of time to do it, but I'm patient and I'm making progress all days... so I think I could start to built the city very soon, maybe the next week...
Another important thing is, I have a lot of private models created by my dear friend Jsteed, all of them inspired of course by Japan, He is an amazing batter and an amazing mate, and for that reason I have to do a good job with all his models...

• Bassen - The Netherlands V2

I got all my plugins and the entire region saved, but I want to do a more real city, more Dutch and also more inspired by Amsterdam, for that reason I did a new map, it is the real map of Amsterdam, it will not a recreation, just inspiration but I'm trying to put some buildings in its real location and let's see what happen with this region...now I've started the region and I'm working in the nort part, where the train station is located... I'm working with new textures and the city now looks more Dutch. Another important point, I'm making all the city with real roads or streets, because I would like to do some videos and with the old Bassen that was not possible, because the roads were parks without motion, well I will show you a picture taken today, what do you think about the new Bassen ? looks better now ?

/ Jonathan

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Looks great!

Can't wait to see the new version of Saitama.
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That is painful news. :( A lot of lost work, but I'm glad to hear that at least some things were saved. It's nice to see a functional (mostly) version of Bassen. The static stuff is nice, but it gives me hope when the cities are working (since I doubt I will ever spend the time to make a plopped city out of the LE), especially when they are of your quality standards.

Looks great so far. Hopefully you will one day be able to go back to the New York recreation. For now, I'll sit back and enjoy what you still have around. ;)

(Is the hard drive completely defunct? I've never heard of such an utter failure, but of course I'm sure it happens all the time.)
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Oh man! what a bummer!! I enjoyed the New York recreation, despite the little "interchanges of ideas" we had!! I respect you as a player, you really inspire me... Do you have at least any pic from the lost recreation that wasnt show, that could maybe help us say good bye? Anyways... JAPAN IT IS! Of course, I dont have to say it, but I will, YOUR JAPANESE CITIES ALWAYS LOOK AMAING... I dont know, there is something about Japanese architecture that always caughts me... Keep up the good work, and you got me 110% here to support you pal!!


Auch...! That hurts. How bad news about your files that got lost. So even making backups is not failsafe!

I hope you don't lose interest in SC4, although I can imagine it feels like climbing a mountain that you just had climbed already.
Your work is stunning usually, so I hope we will see more of it in the future.


The new Bassen is awesome.   :thumbsup:

I am really interested in seeing the Jsteed private collection in your cities. Would be a special treat.  You do do some amazing stuff.    Love your updates always.   :)



Now i wasn´t here for a long time, wanted to look and... shock...
What happened to you sounds horrible, one reason, why i always have two copies of all BATs and mods i use on different external harddrives.
But good to see you not giving up. The two new Bassen pictures are incredibble, indeed the new textures look more realistic.  :thumbsup:


Outstanding work. And well done, you're number one on Ben's Top Ten this week.
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# Update [6]  ~  Welcome to Kasukawa - Saitama Prefecture ||


Kasukawa is located between two mountains and the Yokota River, in the western part of Saitama. It's population is around 80.000 inhabitants. Kasukawa is connected to Saitama by highway and railway line, but it is also possible to reach the center of Saitama by Boat, following the Yokota river, which empties into the Bay of Saitama

# Almost all the buildings that make Kasukawa are small single-family homes and small and old offices.

# A Shinkansen line crosses through city, but it does not stop in Kasukawa.

# A residential area located near the city center.

# The Train is the most used transport in Saitama, and from Kasukawa you can travel to any part of the prefecture by train.

# The "Kyto market" is open daily and it is really popular among the inhabitants of Kasukawa.

# The JR Kasukawa Station is located in the center of the city, where you can find the small commercial district of Kasukawa.

# The Yokota river crosses the city and empties into the Bay of Saitama.

# A small dyke protects Kasukawa and is also used as a path for walkers and cyclists.


~ R - E - P - L - I - E - S ~

Gugu3 -
Thanks for comment, here you got a new update  :thumbsup:

art128 - Gracias amigo, today you can enjoy with this update, hope you like it.

APSMS - Hello my friend, thanks for your nice comment !! My actual city (Bassen) is totally functional, well the boats in the canals does not move  but the rest has life, you can see natural cars, people, etc... and that's give an extra touch to the city, you know the city is alive and that's more real...with Saitama I'm trying to make another step, in this city almost everything is natural growing, residential zones are natural growing, almost all the comercial zones too and well I'm really surprised because was a lot of time without play simcity in this way and wow, I really enjoy every play right now, everything is more relaxed now, I just have to play simcity like in the old times...About New York city, well I prefer to don't say nothing yet, maybe in the future (I hope) I can start from zero once again and rebuilt the Lower Manhattan again.
The history of hard drive is long, in part was my fault, I mean when the HD broke, my computer stopped working, so then a little scared I try to reinstall windows thinking that I could fix the computer, even taken the risk to lost all my files...finally I lost all my files and I had to buy a new HD, YES I was a little silly and impatient, I know...haha !! Greetings my friend and thanks.

cmdp123789 - Hello friend !! Thanks for your support, now and also in the past !! I read in somewhere of Simtropolis that you are working in a new version of your own NYC, so want to tell you that if I can help you with something just let me know it, okay ? I got the Millenium Hilton Hotel which I created and if you want I can send you the model, or if you have any other suggestion just let me know it. Well I lost almost everything what I had on my NYC, I lost the last map, the last lots created, and a lot of new things I could never show, if I don't remember wrong, my last backup of New York was created when I was working with Battery tunnel so there is not much to show now, anyway I never give up and I'm sure I can make another recreationg soon, I just need rest a little bit and just enjoy the game. Thanks and please keep me informed about your recreation.

FrankU - Thank you so much for the support Frank, I really appreciate all your effort and work and I'm working on a little surprise for you, just give me some time to re-install all the tools to make 3ds models...

mgarcia - Yes, indeed, I will give a special treat for his bats, I got 30 private models, even more... and you can be sure that you will see all of them in my updates. Thanks for the comment.

Flatron - Thank you my friend, glad you liked it  :)

carlfatal - You are right my friend, I thought I had a copy of my NYC recreation, but I just had an old copy and not the updated version...was a big mistake for my part, so now I will try to make backups every month. Thanks for your visit and comment.

benedict - You know it Ben, I really enjoy being the number one of your list, so thank you  :thumbsup:


Greetings / Saludos / Groeten

# Jonathan.

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Like your river bank .
It's looks very realistic !
Keep on this great work !
THE CITY OF DANYARD ! SC4D (Click on the pictures below)



what a pleasure to travel in your Japan landscapes  :)
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Looks so great! That double rail with catenaries very realistic aside with the fences beside it! :thumbsup: