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Federal Republic of Belleny - A long way to go (map)

Started by nas-t, February 25, 2012, 10:08:21 AM

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(Saint George Island)

Welcome to my first MD and to the wonderful Federal Republic of Belleny!

Before we got started here are...

5 things to know about Belleny - Part 1:

1 -The Location :

Belleny is located in the Atlantic Ocean, that surrounds two main islands and serveral smaller one.

2 - Official language :

Belleny's official language is English.

3 - Capital :

Blashow is the capital (and largest) city in Belleny, excavations prove a history that goes back over 2,000 years.

4 - Currency :

The Bellean Dollar (BLD) is the official currency of Belleny.

5 - Government:

Belleny is a federal parliamentary constitutional republic. Prime Minister is George Geal.


Oh wow! Great flora work, it looks so realistic :) I am looking forward to what you have to offer here, I'll stay tuned :D


Awesome start and some great facts.
That farm looks great, I'd love to see more.

Robin :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Nice start!
I like the MMP Aubrac walls with some small Aubrac rocks

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thanks to rooker, dannibee & kergelen. hope you gonna like the first update ;)

Update 1: Saint George Island

(Georgetown Lighthouse - western tip of Saint George Island / heading west)

Saint George Island is a small island, located south-east of the Bellean main islands. It's surrounded by serveral uninhabited islands.

(Oldmen's Island)

Georgetown is the islands only town, it was founded by fishermen in 1753. Even in the 1980th the island remains allmost unaffected by tourism and kept its raw and natural charm.

(Georgetown / Georgetown harbor / Oldmen's Island)

(Georgetown heading south)

(Georgetown with an old anti-aircraft gun situated on the cliff next to the harbor)


(click to enlarge)

Damn! How do i get the picture to enlarge directly in fullsize?! Anyway, hope you like Update 1. ;)



Great looking island!

QuoteDamn! How do i get the picture to enlarge directly in fullsize?!
It looks to me like you grabbed the thumb nail. ;)

Robin :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Beautiful pictures. The island looks very realistic. With the bay, the cliffs and even the different water depth.
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Brilliant start to your MD - very beautiful and very realistic too. A lot of great detail too &apls


Call me Warren.


That's a great island! Looking forward to more... ;)
Nice start of your MD.


Wow - your work is absolutely gorgeous!  The detail is stunning.

Sorry for the bad habit but where did you get the block apartments - Simcity Polska or Toutsimcities>
Found it - its a hidden gem by Nbay over at the STEX.   ()stsfd() I thought is was over at another site. 


Wow, beautiful pictures ... I like pictures focussing on landscape =)

Angels can fly because they don't take themselves too serious!


Very beautiful island! The rock and water mod you use fits very good :thumbsup:
I like the calm atmosphere of the landscape.

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eugenelavery: thanks :)

moeom: thank you ;)

rooker: thank you! i tried serveral times to NOT grab the thumbnail - looks like i keep failing  :'(

RickD: thanks, it took my like weeks ;)

Dantes: thanks a lot

Connor: thank you

WannGLondon: thank you - i really like your md too!

bat: thank you! hope you like my upcoming updates too ;)

mgarcia: thanks a lot. i didn't know its at the stex too - i found it on SimCityKurier. but i glad you found it ;)

rambuckel: thank you - and thanks for your stunning batting work on those farming stuff ;)

Kergelen: thanks dude! yeah they do - to be hornest i don't like the water mod that much but i can't find it so i have to stuck on it  ;D



(Vale Surf Cup / Vale)


That is the most amazing beach shot I have ever seen, wow! Looks so real!
Call me Warren.


Heh, I missed this last month, and I shouldn't have. Great looking island and that beach's waterline is indeed quite realistic.

Keep it up!