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The Democratic Kingdom of Royal Cytheria - Updated 24th February 2008!!

Started by pipishere, June 09, 2007, 06:31:52 AM

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Well i think it's about time i opened a MD here in SC4Devotion as i think it's one of the fastest growing SC4 Communities out here not to mention one of the best! I will be continuing with my CJ over at ST but i'd like it to be based here too!

I will be starting with my most recent update but for those of you who would like to see my CJ from the beginning....please visit my CJ by clicking here (Clicky).

Ok Well as stated previously i've decided to an update on the various ministries that make up the Royal Cytherian Government.

To begin with a short note from Premier Tilson.

The ministries are located throughout Royal Cytheria but we will begin in Leon-Owen as it is home to the largest amount of ministries.

To begin with we have the Ministry of Rural Affairs.

Moving over the road to the Ministry for Security & Defence.

Moving onto the RCMI ( Royal Cytherian Ministry of Intelligence )

Staying in Leon-Owen we have the ministries of Education & Enviromental Affairs. These are due to be completed later this year.

Here we have the Ministry of Foregin Affairs.

Also found in Leon-Owen is the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Situated in the heart of Parliament Boulevard.

Moving onto Sutton now and home to the Ministry of Health.

As well as the Ministry of Commerce.

Finally we have the Ministry of Culture which is located in Delphmire.

The Ministry of Industry & Trade is located in the large town of Cahanat. ( As shown in previous update)

Well i hope you have enjoyed this update & I'll see you in the next one, please leave a comment! :)

Thanks Pipishere  ;D


Hello Pipishere

Welcome to SC4D and I have to say that I enjoyed the selection of ministeries you showed us here  :thumbsup:

I am currently not active - Please, contact Tarkus for any site related matter. Thanks for enjoying SC4D :D

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Wow pipisphere!
Great pics. There are major amounts of buildings that are soo cool and that I've never seen before. Of course I've only been playing for 6 months, and that's why I love to look at these MD's. Yours looks great right out of the gate. Congrats.  &apls


Hey...great to see you've landed over here Pip! I'll have to start giving you my comments here at SC4D! As always, I love the work you're doing. Your work makes for quite the realistic city. I love all of the buildings you've  used to represent the various ministries...you logos are very good! They have a great continutity about them. As always, I look forward to more of your work!


Great , another monarchy can be added to the list of MD's.  I never read the CJ at ST, but will sure follow it here on this site :thumbsup:
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Whew! Beautiful pictures, pipishere! I'm so glad your sharing them with us here! I can't wait to follow along as you show us more!


That's a great start, pipishere! Wonderful pictures and fantastic work! :thumbsup:


There are some grand looking buildings there. Looks great and I can't wait for the next update



Emperor Stormont

Fabulous to have you here Pip, and what a fantastic update, loved the govt. dept logos and buildings.

As I mentioned I'm currently creating the new land we shall call our own, I'll update in due time.

Again, great work  &hlp

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Thanks for all the fab comments guys! I will do personal replies this weekend. But for now here's this weeks edition of the Cytherian Times, the main newspaper in Royal Cytheria.

Thanks! :)


I never made it into the CJ section much on ST until recently, so I can't say as if I remember this one.  I guess I should have gone in there more often.  LOL

Anyway, great work.  Beautiful Pic and good history.

Keep it up. &apls
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nova vesfalo

very nice Ministeries presentation ! the city underneath is great ! And alll the logos are just wonderful ( I always love logos :) )


very nice journal  :thumbsup: I love the Cytherian times, and the handy barcode  ;)



Jeronij - Thanks for your welcome and thanks for your comment :)

Glepet - Many thanks for your comment!

YoderThanks for the welcome again and i'm glad you liked my logos! lol

sebes - Glad you'll be following my CJ here :)

thundercrack - You don't have to wait any longer! lol

bat  x2 - Thanks for both of your great comments! :D

tooheys - Many thanks for your kind words. I hope you enjoy this one.

belfastuniguy - Thanks for commenting and i like what you've done so far!

MsD - Thanks alot! :D

nova vesfalo - I love your logos....they inspired me to make better ones...more realistic ones lol!

Sol - I try to make it as real as possible....barcode and all lol!

To start i'll show you Stefaniak Square in Leon-Owen. It's one of the largest plaza's in the city and plays host to many events in the summer, including Royal Cytherias version of the BBC's Proms.

Moving on...Here's a few shots of the Shipyard that constructs all of Royal Cytheria's naval vessels.

(Note - We cannot show everything so some areas have been pixelated :P)

Below is the rail line that delivers the navy's oil which is transported through the pipes to the storage tanks.

Heavy security at the entrance as you would expect.

Below is the Main Administration building which deals with all the paper work lol!

Thats all for this update! In the next one i will have shots from the Royal's tour, this time stopping in the Amber Isles.

Thanks for stopping by and please do comment :)


love the pics and the presentation
maybe the glow effect is a bit strong, but I did it myself too :)
nice industrials !

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ooohhh industrialness (yes that is a word.....)

The plaza looked great, you gotta love the BBC Proms, they are fabulous  :-\

I loved the update, btw what's the building with the blue/green fountain in front called???

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Fantastic industries, pipishere! I love that picture of the rail line running right next to the pipelines. It looks very realistic! Great job!


Woow ... The presentation is simply wonderful  :o ... A big cheer for the work with PhotoShop  &apls

And images are amazing ... It's very beautiful

Bravo  &apls