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Emerita Augusta

Started by DebussyMan, October 19, 2012, 08:30:13 PM

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When I first started playing SC4, my favourite subject was my own city; recreating it was my pleasure and delight. However, there weren't any Buildings in the game that could fit in the style, therefore I had to use A LOT of imagination. Eventually I decided to take things in my own hands and started BATting buildings for my town. However, somewhere along the way, I deviated myself from my original intentions and started making BATs from all over the world with no more goal than to enjoy making and sharing them. But now, with the new SC on the horizon, I feel it is time to return to my roots and start again my recreation; hopefully, after so many years I've acquired enough skills to make a better job than when I was a newbie.

I will set the time frame in 1910, the golden years for my city (and the world). I'll try to make it as close to the real thing as possible, basing myself on current surviving buildings from the time as well as old photos, some of which I'll be posting along the Simcity ones. However, as much info as I've been able to gather, I still have to make up many things and sacrifice others because of game limitations. That's why this will be a fictional/real-world-inspired city.

Taking into account that I pretty much have to make every single building from scratch, updates will be slow and probably feature one or two pictures. That's why I beg you to bear with me...  ::)
Now, without further ado, I give you... Emérita Augusta

First teaser:

We are now entering the city through the southern gate...

As you can see from this little perspective, we are in a square, called Parque de San Juan. The XX century has brought modernity to it: you can see the french-influenced houses and the freshly laid down pavement. This is how it looked just 20 years ago, in the 1890's:

Hope you enjoyed this little appetizer... there's more to come!  ;D

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Carlos goes MD... what better news to start the day with? And an awesome start, too!

Take it as slow as you want, sir. We know the results will more than make up for it.




Great to see you in the MD world as well, Carlos!

Don't worry about the time it takes making the update, you can be sure people will wait the time it takes!

Nice start, this little pictures looks great. The red stone street definitely fits with the buildings.

I take it you are going to enjoy Harishna's BATs, eh?

Take care!

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Awesome! I don't mind slow updates, even if they only contain 2 pictures - and thus I am very curious to finally see your fantastic BATting skills in a Major Diary  :)



I will definitely be looking forward to more!
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Great teaser &apls  I'm very excited to see what one of the Greats among batters will produce for us in the world of MDing! I'll be following this very closely  :thumbsup:


This sounds very interesting and I plan to follow very closely as well.  I'm looking forward to what new models you come up with to fit this style and the history that goes along with it. 
As for your updates, just do your best to make them every 45 days or less. ;)

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Very nice start - sounds like a lot of work but I'm sure it's worth it. :)


@Swordmaster: thanks a lot! hopefully you'll all enjoy the results eventually  :-[


Many thanks. It is a feels strange to take back MDing after so many years. About Harishna's BATs, sadly I can't use them for two reasons, first, they are rendered with MR, and second, they wouldn't fit anyways as the style is different  ;)

Thank you very much! Glad you're liking it...

Thanks mate. Nice to see comments from one of the finest MD'ers.  :)

Thanks a lot! hope you'll enjoy future updates.

@Rooker1: Thans for your comment. I'll try to update regularly, even if just little teasers like these just to keep things interesting  ::)

@Sim_link: it is indeed a lot of work, I hope you'll all like the end result.

Still no full update yet. BATing every single building takes a lot of time!  But here's a second teaser:

On the eastern side of the Plaza de San San Juan is the church of the same name. It was built in the XVIII century and was the meeting point of the "Sanjuanistas", a group of thinkers that promoted Enlightment ideas during this time.

A view in the early XX century:

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Looks really good Carlos.

I never though you will begin a MD  ::) it seems to be really promising  ;)
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Lovely work once again. That church is fantastic. ;)

Oh btw, what do you mean by rendered with MR? Mental Ray?
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Making it building by building is indeed very time consuming, but the result is a unique and beautiful city.
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The church looks great  &apls  I  can certainly imagine how time-consuming BATting an entire MD could be--but I'm sure it will be worth the wait  :thumbsup:


Time-consuming indeed, but what a result that will give! If that church is the standard, we're in for a big treat. I'm hooked. . .



I'm a big fan of your Bat-art! Great to see you with an MD! I'll come back :)

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It's great seeing you returning to your roots. I always loved your mexican BATs. This is a great start on your MD. Mucha paciencia. Hope to see more soon!  &apls
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Very excited. Cannot wait to see more. Especially intrigued that your MD looks like it is going to have a Latin American theme which you do not find commonly. Cool.
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I've never thought you would start an MD. If your MD is as good as your BATs, it will certainly be a nice MD. :) Creating your town sounds like a time-consuming job. I can't wait to see more development. Good luck!