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March 21, 2023, 10:53:25 AM

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Owen's Projects

Started by Owen Luby, June 16, 2007, 02:44:57 AM

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Owen Luby

Hi everyone :P

I'm startin' up my own thread of stuff I make on Simcity 4...
I haven't played for a long time and I'm starting to get back into it...
Hope you enjoy! ;)


Views around Viewbank... Yes, ironic isn't it...

Here we begin in the island suburb of Viewbank. It is situated on Portland Island, roughly 10km inland from the sea. The CBD is located about 6km west from here. The island (and the whole metropolitan region) is extremely flat, with houses and small satellite business centres scattered around. 

For those visual learners out there, here is a "map"

("I toatally whipped that up in about a minute")

Here we see the suburbs spreading out. To the right is Viewbank Park, a popular venue for weekend picnics and family gatherings. It's also the home of the Viewbank Vipers Football Club and the Portland City Softball Club.

This area is densely populated with many row homes. This was due to the untimely economic boom of the late 70s and early 80s, where people started to move out from the city centre. So many people chose Portland Island as their new home that the few districts that were already here were bombarded with "city folk" and in turn, the row homes went up. Due to this, Portland Island is famous for it's crowded lifestyle.

We can see the rail line pass through to the west. This line is very heavily used with many long distance pasenger trains passing through daily.

As we move north-west, the centre of Viewbank comes into view. The main street is very busy during peak times because of all the traffic passing through. It feeds most of its traffic into the Viewbank Interchange.
The TramLink line terminates here and a large station serves thousands of commuters who travel to work each day.

We can also see remnants of the "good old Portland": the large mansions just north of the main street are old-fashioned homes built in the early 1900s.

Zooming in now we see the TramLink terminus and the bus interchange. Regional buses stop here and radiate to many far reaching places. They are the white buses. The blue ones are Portland Flyer buses, the local commuter service operated in Portland Island

Below is a close up of the intersection seen in the first image.

More homes streching out over the land. The road to the right of the image is East Bank Road, and as the name suggests, it hugs the eastern bank of Portland Island. It is a very busy thoroughfare with a lot of freight passing by each day. During it's construction, the local residents protested against the noise levels it would create. To solve this, the council forbade development within 200m of the road, and planted hundreds of trees to block it out from view. Today, the road seems isloated from the nearby suburbs and is a good example of how the road lobbiers come to agreement with the council. Unfortunatley,

Another shot of the tram line. Nothing special here.

A wider view of Viewbank. Just behind the main street is some industrial development.

Finally a close up of the nicer areas of the 'burbs.

Hope you enjoyed -- lots more to come (hopefully)

I will edit this post and add some more info... I'm in a hurry now $%Grinno$%


I want SC4 back!!


Your pictures are enough interesting also without any info.

I especially like your traffic network - an avenue intersection and GLR  :thumbsup:

Also, the sports area surrounded by suburbs looks very good  &apls
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Great start Owen. I love the road layout and the suburbs look fantastic. Very colorful too.
I'll have to keep an eye on this.


Yes, a great start! Beautiful pictures of that suburb (?), owen!


Great start ... It's very beautiful

You are better in SC4 than the paint  $%Grinno$%  :P

Good continuation  ;)


Quote from: Snaper on June 17, 2007, 07:53:19 AM
You are better in SC4 than the paint  $%Grinno$%  :P

Haha yeah ;) Well, this is really nice!  :thumbsup:


Damn you, you stole my name! You still seem to be quite good at Sc4 and your always welcome back at the SCJU.


Gone for ten days and I miss a new CJ... wait...MD from Owen?  Great interpretation of suburban sprawl - your work keeps getting better and better!


Owen Luby

New update!

I love the new tram on avenue feature! It's just what I've wanted... You'll see a lot of it from me :satisfied:

A shot of Viewbank rail station. Recently, the rail line was submerged under Viewbank Rd to alleviate the horrendous traffic congestion that clogged up the road network. I'm quite pleased with this... (took me a while it did ;))

A shot of the Viewbank Rd bridge.
Note rail textures changed?! I'll have to re-download the mod and hopefully it should right itself...

Finally, a look at the Viewbank Transit Interchange. I always try to make a lot of them because I know in real life they work very efficiently.

Thats all?
Sorry, it is ::)

Thanks for your comments everyone! They are truly appreciated!

()stsfd() wen

I want SC4 back!!


great update! love how u used the draggable GLR  :thumbsup:   btw where did u download that parking lot?
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If the rest of this City looks as good as the suburbs, this gonna get an awesome MD. Well done, more of this  ;D


Wow, very nice start! I'm loving the uniformity you have with all of your houses, as it is very common in suburbs...I wish I could do that (more with mid-rise apartment buildings than houses, but that would be good too). I also love your transit networks, especially the GLR! Well, I look forward to more!
God is awesome!


Awesome start and very nice layout of the GLR in avenue NAM pieces.

Robin   :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


This looks really good. Very nice suburban development. Looking forward to more (and to more urban areas too). :thumbsup:

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Great update, Owen Luby! Also a wonderful developed suburban area! :thumbsup:


Very good update, Owen!  :thumbsup:

These trams are amazing. I like cycleways on the last picture.
Everything is done in a very professional way  &apls
New Horizons Productions
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great use of the tram and amazingly realistic suburbia :thumbsup:


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