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Tarkusian Moddage - Support and Development Thread

Started by Tarkus, August 14, 2014, 12:40:04 AM

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Introductory post last updated on August 14, 2014.

Tarkusian Moddage, as the name indicates, is my own independent venture, under which I'll be posting all my content creation projects that are not directly related to my primary focus with the NAM Team, essentially serving as the "redux" of my old "non-transit stuff" showcase.  These side projects will be a relatively sporadic affair, as my NAM efforts occupy most of my SC4 time, but I may have a few surprises here from time to time, and this thread will also serve as a catch all for any support questions that may arise when using my files.


NameVersionRelease DateDownload Link
Wasco Terrain Mod1.0August 14, 2014Cross-Platform (LEX)
Arthur Berkhardt Expressway Project (ABEP)3.0April 1, 2013Windows (STEX) | Mac (STEX)
TRK-NAM Default Asphalt Streets Mod (with Maxis Gray SAM-7 Replacement)1.1November 18, 2018 Cross-Platform (LEX)


Glad to see a redux of the non transit thread Alex - hope to find some gems here soon :D



Thanks, Billy!  You'll be pleased to know that there's something new on the LEX.  Some of you may remember the Wasco Terrain Mod, which I developed for use in Tarkusian Cities, and never really gave a proper release.  Well, that proper release is finally here.  You can pick up the TRK Wasco Terrain Mod here.



OOh, am I joining in at the genesis of this blog?  Cool!  Cant wait to see some of your work!


Hey Alex,

Thanks for the upload. I may try it sometime to better replicate San Diego in my regions (it certainly isn't as lush as Lowkee's Appalachian Terrain), but perhaps some larger or more zoomed-out pictures are in order? It's hard to tell exactly what the terrain looks like at different elevations.

Also, I'm not sure your CJ/MD had a large scope of terrain to showcase the different terrain in this mod on, though I didn't peruse the archives that thoroughly.

Look forward to anything else you have to share, and as always thanks so much for all your work on the NAM, especially those new FLEXFlys.
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i'd second APSMS asking for larger/wider pics of the terrain mod. as he said, the looks of wasco terrain mod at elevations but also the beaches would be nice..

also hoping to find those "few surprises"  :thumbsup:
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Thanks for the kind words and feedback, everyone (and great to see you around, figui)! :thumbsup:  As far as seeing more elevations and beaches, does this do the trick?

For reference, I'm using dogfight's Dark Igneous rock mod (there's lots of basalt in Wasco County--though I'm not sure there is a rock mod currently available that really does it justice--might be a project for some other time ::)).  The water is rivit's Dark Cyan water, with the Gray Sand Beach and Green Rock Foreshore options from that same set.



I don't know about these projects specifically, but I do know that Alex has been tremendously busy with real life, and virtually all of his SC4 time goes into the NAM now, which is a hugely intensive project which he leads.  Also, this is a two-year bump; it may undesirably create the appearance of activity in this thread when there isn't any.
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Thanks, metarvo! :thumbsup:  That does indeed describe the situation. 

Additionally, the only project that has been shown here (the Wasco Terrain Mod) was released two years ago, so there's nothing to update.  Pretty much all my SC4 work right now is on the NAM, so there's no new side projects for me to show here, anyway.



For those who didn't know that this is a finished project:


...and it's a great Terrain Mod too! ;)


....Uploading the MFP 1.... (.........Finishing the MFP1)


Quite some time ago, I started on a bit of a secret project, somewhat related to my NAM work.  There's long been requests for mods to switch the default Maxis Streets to have an appearance like the SAM-7 Asphalt Streets, and to swap the Maxis gray look over to being a SAM set.  Well, those requests have finally been fulfilled . . . introducing the TRK-NAM Default Asphalt Streets Mod (with Maxis Gray SAM-7 Replacement).

Here it is in action:

The texture sets are feature-complete (as of NAM 36) replacements for the default Maxis Streets and SAM-7.  Texture support for both North American and Euro-International Textures is included, as is RHD/LHD support, and both RRW and Maxis Rail crossings.

And here's the best part . . . it's now available on the LEX.  Hope you enjoy!



What a colossal undertaking!! Thank you  &apls


PS The video is not working


Thanks, Nick!  Also fixed the video--sneaky YouTube sneaked an underscore into the URL that I mistakenly assumed was superfluous. :D



Nice work there Alex  :thumbsup:

This is well timed to some of the undercover work I am doing  $%#Ninj2

Keen to explore your work ;D

-eggman121 (Stephen)


Excellent work.  I've been using the Asphalt SAM in an increasing number of my smaller towns and cities. This will just make it much easier and less time consuming for me to get just so.  And now I've got my days off planned!
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OH well it's a nice surprise mod. I'm putting it into my plugin folder right now! :)
Nice work!  &apls &apls
Thanks for sharing it

- Tyberius

P.S: and just to be cleared, it's a double override mod, so will override Rivit TSR streets (which is a maxis street replacement/override, and by default your mod is loading after his mod, but sure it would be better if I remove that mod) and I should remove MGB'S SAM7 Bikepaths mod too, right?
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Nice mod, not sure I'm willing to ditch TSR myself, but I know this is something a lot of users have been requesting. The option to switch the SAM7 back to Maxis streets is a great addition, so you don't loose one of the SAM options in the process.

Quote from: Tyberius06 on October 22, 2018, 02:56:03 AM
P.S: and just to be cleared, it's a double override mod, so will override Rivit TSR streets (which is a maxis street replacement/override, and by default your mod is loading after his mod, but sure it would be better if I remove that mod) and I should remove MGB'S SAM7 Bikepaths mod too, right?

As the TSR is also a mod that overrides the Maxis streets, indeed you'll need to select one or the other to use. Having both installed will conflict, although looking at it this would load later than Rivit's mod. Also, unless I'm missing something, the SAM7 override is separate, so you could keep the SAM7 Bikepaths mod if you preferred. Again looking at the load order, failure to remove the SAM7 Bikepaths would mean my mod loads after this one. In any case, it makes no scene to have duplicate mods sticking around, so prune your Plugins folder accordingly.


What exactly is the TSR, out of curiosity? Tar-sealed roads?
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Quote from: Wiimeiser on October 22, 2018, 04:43:24 PM
What exactly is the TSR, out of curiosity? Tar-sealed roads?

That is indeed it.

Thank you all for the kind words on the new mod!  I'm considering porting my new version of the dark asphalt textures over to SAM-7 as well, so those who are still intent on keeping the Maxis defaults, or are using another default Maxis Street override (like TSR) can also enjoy them. 



There is a nifty tool that allows you to do global macro's to automate repetitive tasks called Macro Express 3 .. although it does cost 44 us. It has come in handy when I do my own modding.
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