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Slovinska Republika Demokraticna - multiplayer region by Polish community

Started by szarkoz, July 03, 2007, 12:12:20 PM

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Welcome to the first multiplayer region project made by Polish community. It had been proposed to make such region by our players few times already and it all finally started 2 weeks ago. We'd been working on the region, maps and rules for about a month before we were ready to begin. At the present moment we've got 13 active players and the region is growing nicely. All of participants had to choose 1 or 2 maps that they will start with. Then, after they finish them, they can take new ones or bid for contest maps. Contest maps are the places where main region points will be, such as capital city or airports. We will present our works here and on ST in a specific way - a fictional newspaper, where you'll read about interesting projects in our region, see touristic brochures which will show nicest places in our cities and get information about elections and our regional policy.

I need to thank Danthe, Jerry, Kacper and Ranov who were doing their best to make this project possible. I'd also like to thank whole Polish community for their great ideas and support.

I leave you, dear SC4D readers, with the picture of the fully hand made region map. The project was made by Ranov, terraforming by me.

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Looking forward to the newspaper updates from this multiplayer region! Interesting concept to present it that way  :thumbsup:
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Depending on individual skill this could be great or not so great...... work hard on seamlessness....
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Much thought and planning have already been invested in this project, so best wishes on the success of your ambitious venture.

Until next time ...


This has the makings of being fantastic! I'll definitely be following along!


As what Dustin ( thundercrack ) said i will be also following along with this - pat

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