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March 21, 2023, 11:34:01 AM

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Port Royal City

Started by Port Royal, July 20, 2007, 10:15:50 AM

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Port Royal

;)   Welcome to Port Royal   ;)

Universally, Royal Port is recognized like the third smaller state in the world (after the Vatican and Monaco), but actually, Royal Port is an independent city which obtained its independence in 1862 and which manages and manages a territory of 55.466 hectares. Located on the East coast of the State of Florida, Royal Port benefits from its exposure with the sea to develop with the wire of the centuries an important trade. Moreover, the sunning from which Royal Port profits is comparable with that of the town of Miami or that of the Pacific Islands. The sun, Master of

the city, bring on the beaches of the city a few tens of thousands of tourists the summer. The democratic political system of the city, forever undergone failure and never it was question of changing it. That made thus 142 years that a President is elected by the people with the head of the Government, assisted by an assembly citizen which gathers the elected officials of the people (500), elected by the vote for all.

Today, Royal Port unloads on the fabric. I thus create this topic or of the MAJ of images of the area, the city, nature... will be presented to you there. Be with go [eye]

Geographical localization [/b] - > W 80 06 'On the East coast of Florida (see chart).
Surface of the territory managed by Royal Port - > 55.466 hectares.
Population of the territory - > currently in census .
Life expectancy - > 91 years for the men, 94 for the women.
Numbers of student - > 16.000.

Independence - > obtained in 1862 pennies Presidency of Abraham Lincoln.
Definition of the State - > Territory independent of the other countries managed by the city independent of Royal Port.
Organization of the State - > President + 1 assembly citizen + a direct vote for all + of the mayors of districts.

Currency - > Dollars American $ Official language - > French.
Language of the administration - > French.
Gentilé - > Marked with English - > Royalers, Royalises.
Time zone - > engine - 6 - > Washington, New York Time cd., Miami.
Sunning - > 302 days/365 days.

World economic market - > Made party of the economic Triad, regarded as "rich country", active member of the ALENA.
Alliance - > Member of UNO, NATO and the ALENA.
Average income of the inhabitants - > 2300 $/month.
Internet HTTP - > adresse.proy
Postal code - > P 002007 R
Telephone code - > + 123

France had many territorial colonies in the world from which it benefitted. Florida and Louisiana belonged to him, and a long time the slaves plowed these grounds. It is only a little later that European civilization settled. The Town of Royal Port (which as of the XVI° century bore already its current name) one of the first cities is rested by the colonists. Quickly, of the plantations of sugar canes and tobacco organize and invade the territory. The tycoons of industry in metropolis frequently return visit to the colonists installed downtown and promise to them to increase the city vis-a-vis the flow of new migrants who arrive.

In 1698, Royal the Port group Tobacco (called more usually PRT on the old continent) is born, buys the plantations of tobacco, and markets it throughout the whole world. Port Royal becomes famous and enriched then enormously finances population. The GDP per capita increases, the standard of living also. The everyday life is simplified there, and the workmen obtain a rise of their wages. But the downtown area dating from the first colonists, continues to be dilapidated, insalubrity involves the abandonment of the buildings. Called the "old center" it is attended only by the poor of the city.

But Royal Port returns to the hands of Spanish when the agreements of Fontainebleu sell Louisiana and Florida in 1762. The name of the city changes to become Puerto real. Spanish destroys the old center to build a sumptuous palate there (residence of the Head of the State today). The City gains in elegance with the construction of multiple monuments, places, and avenues redrawn by the town planners of the 18° century. To reinflate the cases of Royal Port, Julio Nenano creates a plan of world propaganda of the products. The cigarettes change aspect, but keep the same taste. But in addition to being sold in Europe, they are sold through all America and all East.

But Spanish sovereignty does not last. After 54 years, Spain sells Florida in the USA in 1819. James Monroe, then president of the United States at that time, decides américaniser the city. After French and Spanish, it founds English like official and administrative language and changes the name of the city which is called from now on Seacity (city of the sea) and the relationships to Europe and the East stagnate.

The American Civil War makes rage in the United States, Port Royal town of a State of the South, although having relations with the East and the Occident, adopts the cause of the States of North. Of fear of being invaded and massacred, the inhabitants of Royal Port claim supreme independence. It to them is granted 1 year later in 1862 after 54 made murderous terrorist attacks making more than 1670 victims.

Port Royal then becomes an independent city, to which is entrusted to him a virgin territory that it manages and manages. During 3 years, the political system of the young country is still feverish, but at the end of the American Civil War, in 1865, a politician of the city proposes an organization aiming at setting up a President elected by the direct vote for all for 5 years, with 10 ministers who arise from the proportionality obtained of the `elected of the people `which sit at the Parliament citizen (comparable with the deputies Frenchwoman). This system likes and is adopted by the population. The first presidential elections carry to the capacity French François Haussman who founds a laic Republic independent Démocratique, adopts the Declaration of the Human rights, positions back French like official and administrative language, the city Re-acquires the name of Royal Port and leads it automobile is carried out on the right. Relative with the Baron de Haussman, the President of Royal Port entrusts the complete restoration of the downtown area which extends now to 5 districts, and 50.000 inhabitants to him. American Paris (only district haussmanien of America!! ) the day sees, and of gigantic monuments build themselves. The literary prestige of Royal Port swells when newspaper `celebrates it the Marsh `appears in the kiosks. Its first publication goes back to 1868.

Port Royal will profit from the industrial revolution to be able to grow rich. When the country enters the 20° century, it must face the crisis of the PRT which sees its benefit divided by 4. But the prestige of the city félit not. The 2 World wars are connected, and 8.000 Royalers soldiers are sent in Europe and Russia. In 1970, president Yann Ceoffic creates an economic pact with the USA. Since 1973, Royal Port obtains a formidable economic recovery thanks to formidable actions carried out in the world. The city is very strongly influenced by the Americans. The currency, the frank one in the past (by homage to its French past) becomes the dollars American $ and one impressive Central Business District joined together the large registered offices and of the luxurious apartments, but the French language is maintained.

Today, Royal Port became 3° tourist destination in the USA, after New York and Los Angeles, holds a flourishing and important economy, and is also of international fame. The 3° smaller country of the world entered in Devotion  :thumbsup:

The Marsh is the newspaper of Royal Port. It appears each Thursday since 139 years and its forever stopped publication. The weekly magazine is a literary of city and diffuse inheritance the international, and local topicality. The newspaper is recognized for the quality of the articles and the frankness from its journalists.
An article of the Marsh will be published each Thursday on the banner page of the subject.

In addition to the topicality of the Marsh, I propose to you this category which can let to you pass some innovations to come in the MAJ, in the Government...

To allow you a better navigation on the topic, I worked out you the list of the bonds leading directly to the MAJ published on Royal Port.

All the official statements of President de Royal Port are indexed and filed here, good consultation  ;)

Official statement of July 20, 2007 de Benoît
To inaugurate the official statements, it is not presidential, but it is right me, Benoît who challenges you. I am 16 years old, I live in France in Montpellier, I adore Sim City, and I love much English. If I came to show Royal Port on your site, it is by envi of division with people on the other side of the Atlantic. And thus I thus open this topic after 3 working weeks. Indeed, time to finish the details of the area, to write the banner page and the history of the city conforms to the History. I thus tried to produce a first page at the level of the other towns of this forum. I thank you for gold and already to visit my subject, by wishing you good play with all!

Now, I wish you a pleasant visit on my topic of Royal Port and I thank you for your passage  &apls


Hey Port Royal,

This is an amazing start and the most promising MD that has opened here in the last days. The history is well worked out and the region overview looks great too!

Voilà qui tient du merveilleux.

À bientôt !

probably the best tropical forests Pat Riot
the jungle and the seaside resorts are looking spectacular kwakelaar
such stunning and natural tropical sceneries iamgoingtoeatyou
Walker's Island


That's a great start Port Royal! Great work! Looking forward to more...

Port Royal

For this 2° MAJ of Royal Port, I reveal you the logo, the flag, and the seal of the country

the flag of the country

the seal of the country

the logo of the City

After 2 small hours spent on photofiltre, here are thus various sights of Port Royal.
Here thus various zones residential, commercial, industrial, environmental, and of leisures.

But I think that you will include/understand better with these figures there.

1 > center haussmanien. [
2 > crested residential zone.
3 > littoral and tourist zone of summer.
4 > residential zone of average density.
5 > residential zone with strong density.
6 > CBD high density.
7 > old city.
8 > high CBD (a) and average density.
9 > large arranged park of Royal Port.
10 > small arranged park.
11 > residential zone with low density.
12 > wooded zone OR HLM ghettos [confut]
13 > agricultural zone.
14 > new indusrielle zone with international port.
The other 14 in top on the left in black it is the international airport, sorry for the error...

On the small peninsula on the right
15 > infrastructure sporting.
16 > watery Amusement park/Park.

17 > villages managed by Royal Port.
18 > wild island arranged by paths excursion/VTT with small village.

Here now the chart of public transport.

red line - > Line T1 of tram
black line - > T2 Line of tram.
white line - > Line T3 of tram.

gray line - > M1 Line of subway.
line excrement of goose - > Line m2 of subway.
pink line - > Line m3 of subway.
yellow line - > M4 Line of subway.

Large yellow line - > Express train Urbain.
Large green line - > Express train Airport.
Large blue line - > Western Express train.

Large line violet - > Express train Is.
Blue points - > intersection tram/subway
Not purple - > intersection subway/subway (common station)
green Points - > intersection subway/TEU
Yellow points - > intersection tram/TEU
Red points - > Poles of exchanges.
Here is now the rail network.

As you can see it, the Station Central of Train and located in the downtown area haussmanien of Port Royal. There are 2 other additional stations of average size downtown + 1 large station in the CBD of the City + 1 large station of stop of the airport. There are also 4 other extra stations - Port Royal.

Here now the network of ferry of Royal Port.

Finally the prices of the tickets are fixed:
1 simple gone ticket of tram/subway/drunk - > $ 2, 50
1 gone ticket - return of tram/subway/drunk - > $ 4
1 ticket 10 drunk voyages trammay/subway/- > $ 21

1 simple ticket TEU gone - > $ 3
1 gone ticket TEU - return - > $ 5
1 gone ticket simple tram/subway/TEU/drunk - > $ 5

1 gone ticket - return tram/subway/TEU/drunk - > $ 8
1 ticket 10 voyages drunk tram/subway/TEU/- > $ 44

1 drunk chart tram/subway/TEU/validates 1 month - > $ 45
1 drunk chart tram/subway/TEU/validate 3 months - > $ 130
1 drunk chart tram/subway/TEU/validates 6 months - > $ 260
1 drunk chart tram/subway/TEU/validate 12 months - > $ 530
1 drunk chart tram/subway/TEU/school time - > $ 400

Port Royal is also on line at this address:

nova vesfalo

there's some great things specialy the historic background (by the way, florida has never belong to France (the Charlesfort tentative was a complete desater back to 1560s)) Do you want to create a mini-france or trying to get a more american feeling ? After the viewieng of your zoning map, I had few questions: did you have a more formal harbour planed ? and why the "haussmanian" districk isn't neaver the bay ? I always thought that porkie bat's would be very great near the sea , the y had a bueanos aires style :)
Keep it up

Edit : SA is right , the highest point in florida is just a tiny tiny hill ^^

Shadow Assassin

Very nice maps! They're quite good, but I have one tiny, tiny problem.

Florida's flat. :P
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Looks like you enjoy planning your regions before you build, that's the way I like to work too. I think the map and the plans are great, but I am unsure that I would want to travel on the "line Excrement of Goose"!  :D It looks like you might have dropped all your native French into a translator, and that has popped out!
Looking forward to watching this develop.



A great start here, my friend! I love all the maps that you've made, and I can't wait to see how you put it all together in the game! I'll be following along!


You have made there wonderful maps! Looking forward to more...